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I'm not associated with ANY denomination of men, I read the Word and follow it. Don't mistake me for anything other than a man after the Father's heart.
 Our personal beliefs and ideals are of no value, the only value is in the Truth.

he 1st great lie told to mankind was that you will not die if you intentionally sin.
 Tell me, d
oes this same teaching of the serpent seem familiar to you today?

Genesis 3:4 "And the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die"

The time has come for you to awaken, and to no longer ignore the Father and his Messiah for false words of serpents.

!(This quick introduction page is meant to be read 1st, before you explore any other parts of this website, it is imperative.
 Otherwise, the information shared at various places will end up confusing, destructive misconceptions are likely to develop, and the very point of the shared information may be missed and not be able to be seen, but remain hidden behind a veil.
 So, please practice good discipline and refrain from clicking around for now.
To experience this website as intended, try to view it on a desktop or laptop with a mouse if you're able.)



This website is a project built to help awaken and save others from a serious danger, a threat that they're not even aware exists among them and their loved ones.

"The world" has been hijacked by shadows, and does not want us to become aware, but to remain asleep.

People are being programmed into thinking they're well informed, smart, special, better than others, and that if anyone needs to 'wake up' it's probably not them, and they're unknowingly allowing stubborn pride to shackle their minds.

You may have become aware of propaganda and manipulation of other societies by organizations, such as in Nazi Germany, or North Korea, yet, if you do not know the same deceptive programming is being done to you, and even on a much greater scale, then you are not going to see the world as it truly is, and you will not recognize the prophetic scriptures being fulfilled all around you.
 Perhaps you've looked over some of the prophecies, such as the writings of Revelation, and wondered to yourself how so many people could be going through those things and be so blind and not realize it's Biblical events being fulfilled just as they're written and so instantly repent from their actions that go against the Father.
 These events are actually happening today, even to the people who are wondering just that, they've been programmed in such a way that they don't realize they're actually wondering how they themselves could be so unaware, and want to yell at themselves to wake up, not realizing they're looking and yelling into a mirror..

Many are oblivious and thinking countless scriptures can't possibly be referring to them and this generation and that it must be referring to a time far off.
The Bible actually teaches us against this and shares to us about ancient Yisrael making the exact same mistake concerning the words from the Father, right up until the point they were destroyed by him!
Isaiah 12:27 "Son of man, look, the house of Yisrael is saying 'the vision that he sees is for many days from now, and he prophesies of times far off'."

(Hopefully you're not envisioning the inaccurate story that the "Left behind" series has created that contradicts the actual Scriptures, and was based on recently invented doctrines and assumptions of men.
 If you want a quick example to show such false teachers are not scripturally accurate, perhaps you recall how they quote the Messiah when he says 2 will be in a field, 1 taken, 1 left behind(Matthew 24:40).
 They act as if that is proof for their man-made teachings, yet in reference to that scripture, you WANT to be left behind. It is the wicked that is taken away, and the righteous that is "left behind". You must read in context, and if you don't bother to, don't expect the world to be the one to teach you in context and truth.)

Not only do modern people not have eyes to see the simple truth, but they take on a poor attitude that causes them to not care as much and not be as vigilant in doing what they need to do in this life.
 They start to act like they, and everyone, have so much time to get things in order and will do it when they finally feel like it after they're done entertaining themselves for 80 years or so, this mindset leads to ruin.


The shadows have been perfecting their manipulation techniques over thousands of years.
 They have strategically taken power in all places, and have shaped this modern world, creating systems that ensure they're in a class far above all others.
 While the general public is not entirely sure of how these evil ones control so many willing men who betray us daily, it does appear that it's a combination of it being a "family business" where they keep their family in key positions, and also that these shadows have taken control of things men desire, not allowing them to have it, unless they sell their soul to them and become obedient puppets, and then they're able to feed their lusts and desires.
With their power, influence and manipulation, they've created a false reality that the unthinking-majority aggressively clings to, and does not want to let go of.


Now, where does one even begin at to start opening the eyes of another to the realization that the world they think they know is truly a lie?

Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent who is called the devil and the satan, who is leading astray the whole world"

1 John 5:19 "And the whole world lies under the sway of the evil one"

Multiple factors are working together to blind and mislead mankind so that they fail to sense any danger or problem with the world around them.
 The world is a lie, and it is misleading us to destruction.
It is stocked full of deceivers and false leaders that people tolerate and often even praise, instead of putting effort forth to test them and expose them for what they actually are.
Deceivers are practicing identity theft, claiming to the masses to be things in which they're not, and the systems of the world support their actions by "educating" us from our youth to see the world through a blinding lens, and to think exactly how they want us to think.
 From the shadows they've created a world of willing slaves that believe they're at liberty.
 You must take away this false lens from before your eyes, and your Father in the heavens will guide you, and heal your eyesight, if you simply make the decision to make effort and seek him in humility and sincerity of heart.
 However, the truth may be painful at 1st, the world is not as pretty as it tries to appear!

2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder, for the satan transforms himself as an angel of light, it is not a great matter if also his servants transforms themselves as dispensers of righteousness, those whose end shall be according to their works"

People are also giving all of their free time and spare thoughts to their perpetual addictions, desires, and various amusements of the world, instead of setting time aside for serious effort to seek truth and uncover knowledge.
 Possibly one of the most dangerous stumbling blocks that has grown seriously out of control in modern times, almost ensuring one's deception, is pride and arrogance.
Pride blinds one and contributes to that person being sealed away in their ways, closing their mind off, hardening their heart, to where they lose the ability to receive external input and grow further.
 As you can imagine, such a thing of being sealed away in one's ways is a huge issue, especially when you factor in that the dark world has been implanting within people wrong ideas, lies, and man-made traditions, from the moment they entered life.

Proverbs 11:2 "When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom"

Matthew 23:12 "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted"

1 Corinthians 8:2 "And if any man think that he knows any thing, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know"

Matthew 18:3 "Truly I say to you, Except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of the heavens"

These days, there are few who are going to tell you these things, and I, in love for you, fear you may never stumble across another, so please take this seriously and focus your attention for a short while.
 I am not asking you to hear my words, I am asking you to hear the words of your heavenly Father, and the words of his Messiah, not only with your ears, but with your heart.

If you're willing to humble yourself before your true Father, and receive and learn about things trying to be kept far from our thoughts, please continue on.

(This site was initially made for modern Christians, and at 1st follows a format as if that's who I am speaking towards, but it is actually meant for all to see and consider, so please do not be deterred if you're not sure if it's relevant to you, because these things are relevant to all people, and will come together.)

Do not hesitate to take a moment to pray about these things, and ask him to reveal to you anything that you need to know.
 Then, do not allow pride of the flesh to betray your soul if your prayer is answered, and you're blessed with that information and it falls right into your lap.
 The truth is almost never how one imagines or expects it to be.

2 Timothy 4:3 "The time will come when men will not tolerate true teachings"

Always remember, the truth isn't important just for you, it's important for all of those you care about as well, humble yourself and yield to the truth for your sake, and theirs.

My awakening and journey began once I started to seek and draw near to the Father, and got to a point where I decided to separate myself from the world around me for as long as I needed and read the Bible for myself from beginning to end.
 I set my goal to read the books in order, and in context, so that I would have understanding for all parts of the Bible, and not have any form of confusion or lacking information.

I have always had a pet peeve about starting any kind of movie, game, book, etc.. anywhere but from the intended beginning, and ever being interrupted from the experience through it.
 So, this usually means for the 1st time through the things I am interested in, I will isolate myself from others who may give any kind of distraction and break my immersion.

I was the same way when I set my heart to learn the Bible, and even didn't want "spoilers" to a certain extent from anybody until after I was finished for myself, as "spoilers" can alter how you interpret what you're hearing and experiencing.
 I knew I would never sit down to watch a movie out of order if I wanted to understand all of it, and also go through the proper character and atmosphere progression that the author intended.

You also typically wouldn't sit down and write your autobiography completely out of order.
   (I say "completely" because it is indeed an entertainment style to at the start give a quick taste of something that is far ahead in the story, then go back to the beginning and work back towards the end, though this is done thoughtfully and planned.)

Interestingly, if we look at a 10 hour or more series that is broken up into 20 minute shows, and at the ending area of this series there is a certain event, if we was to show a person that certain event before anything else, they may think nothing of it, feel nothing about it, and basically just behave numb towards it.

Now let's go back and not show that person the event, then they sit through the 10 hour+ series, that masterfully and slowly builds up the anticipation to that event, along the way it forms deep meaning to that event that the person deep in their heart wants to happen, and they find themself wanting this event to happen so much it is affecting them physically, they bond to the characters, they feel and understand the characters, then so on until that climax event happens.
This time they are going to take that event in an immeasurably different way when it finally happens.
It will be in context to them, something meaningful, and the amount of feelings they experience may be enough to bring them to tears and great joy..

I hope to get across to everyone the importance of proper focus on knowledge and the Bible, because it does make a difference in your heart, just as it would with these other things, and even more so.

If you completely mixed up all of the information in your autobiography, no one would align well to that in the same way, and neither would their heart feel the same thing you felt.
When someone truly has heart for something, it helps, and almost forces them, to progress at a passionate and rapid rate.

This habit gives me the deepest immersion, and gaining mastery on subjects comes far quicker when you are so immersed into something that it becomes a reality to you as you're going through it, and it is like you're experiencing it 1st hand for yourself.

I focused my heart on the Bible so intently, that I forgot and brushed aside my usual habits and hobbies during that period.

I filled pages with notes I wrote all along the way, as what I was reading was so shocking and amazing to me compared to anything I had heard before that I couldn't stand to pass through without taking notes for study, and I also felt I may need it for proof later if I tried to tell others about what the Bible had written inside of it.
Yes, so exotic were the things in the Bible to me, despite me growing up around "religious" people, I actually thought early on that if I couldn't take others to the proof, that they would tell me I was in error and possibly shun me.
I'm glad I went to those extents now, because this actually happens, so I am able to show them this is what is written in the Bible, and it's not from me.

After I read and learned what was contained in the Bible, and then I started to be exposed to the outside world again, I realized there was no going back at this point because a veil of false reality had fallen from before my eyes, I had never imagined I would be in such a position, prior to that I didn't know that such a position even existed, I had assumed that what the world was feeding us was at least close to reality.
I am not sure how to describe such a feeling(it's not a pleasant feeling, though it is good), and think you may just have to experience it for yourself.
A well known movie quote that comes to mind, "Unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself";
I am just sharing that for an example, not promoting that movie or for you to watch movies, as they're a part of the problem, but many movies contain in them things that are eerily accurate.

I immediately began to perceive that truth and knowledge is not what is pouring forth from congregation buildings, denominations, television, radio, or the internet, but more of what people want to hear, or more of what the enemy wants them to hear and believe.

When I started to simply share in friendly conversation about the things I had read, even to people who had proclaimed to be a Christian for many decades, many did not know what I was talking about, and my speech seemed foreign and like a strange thing to them, confusing them.

Hosea 8:12 "I wrote for them the many things of my Law, but they regarded them as something strange"

They even sometimes would assume and jump to the conclusion that I had been recently taught things from some "cult" even though all I had learned from was the Father and the Bible, and they also thought that I was quoting from and following books that were not the Bible, people would ask about "my book", and I would reply, "It's.. the Bible..."
 Getting these sort of reactions from people who had been carrying a Bible around for all of their lives, was a shock to my system.
This is why it's important to be humble, the prideful heart rejects and ridicules, while the humble heart would show kindness and investigate the matters, weighing them out.
 The blind practice condemnation without investigation.

I came to painfully realize that it is common practice for people to never actually read the Bible entirely for themselves, and common practice for them to read scriptures in mixed up orders, even misleading themselves into thinking they read more than they actually do.
 Many are even carrying around a false teaching that you can't read it and make sense out of it, and this gains power from assumptions and lies, not facts, because they see so many people in the world behaving contradictory, yet they're basing their thoughts on what other people are doing, and not actually the Bible that they didn't bother to read and find out for themselves.
 Or, they may jump into the Bible and start reading it mixed up and out of order, and when something doesn't make easy sense to them, they jump to the conclusion it is hard to understand, when that should actually be expected!
For an example, please imagine if you was to just jump into the middle of strangers' conversation, and it's even a conversation about things you've never heard of before with it's own lingo, you should expect to not understand instantly the moment you 1st start trying to listen.
 Further imagine they're quite a bit foreign to you and maybe speaking a different dialect than you're used to, or, even speaking a fully foreign language that shares similarities to your own and you mistakenly assume you know the meanings of what they say basing it on what you know about your own language.
 Finally, imagine and factor in a person who may or may not really care about the scriptures being the one to dive into the text like that and then relate or translate such things to you and others.
 We should expect confusion and misconceptions.

I may be taking the example too far, but I really want to stress this point to you, and also that the modern prideful mindset of people where they assume they know everything, without really having understanding yet, is creating major issues in the body of Messiah and the whole world.

Actually read the Bible with an open heart, seeking the Father, and you will learn these figurative "dialects".
 The spirits and contexts of the scriptures will no longer be foreign and hidden to you.
 They will however remain foreign to you if you ignore the Father and his scriptures for worldly men, and only poke around in random verses your whole life deceiving yourself and others.

I witnessed how scriptures are being mixed around out of order, as if clipped and pasted together to benefit false doctrines of men.
 Again if you have a coherent and linear conversation, you are fully able to alter that conversation to where it sounds like things are being said that never actually were if you start mixing up paragraphs, sentences, words, out of their proper linear order.
 This can and does happen with the Bible when people misuse the text.
 If you apply certain scriptures mixed up and out of proper order, you can create backwards teachings that even paint an opposite picture of what was truly being said when read in the proper developmental order.
 Make sure you read the scriptures correctly.
Here is an example that says something opposite depending on which direction you read it!;

I've uncovered a lot of confusion that I simply would have never been able to have eyes for prior to seeking the Father and absorbing the scriptures as they were presented to us.

The truth is being obscured by a sea of misconceptions, lies, and misinformation, and unless someone sets their heart to seek it out and see it, they're going to suffer from blindness and actually be a part of that system, unknowingly being a puppet of corruption, that works to keep the false reality thriving and misguiding.
 One must also always remain humble, there are those who may humble themselves and seek, but when they uncover a few things due to their humility, that's enough to cause their pride and arrogance to swell back up, and blindness and stunted growth returns.

Because of all the lies and things like man-made denominations ("religious" and political) that people have gotten used to, those who are crying out to warn the people of corruption and tell them that we have strayed from the path, are appearing as invisible to those who are participating in the madness and have not truly repented to seek the Father and have their eyes healed of blindness.

Those crying out to warn others are quickly categorized like just another commoner trying to convert people to their own personal denomination and teachings of men, and modern people have been programmed to automatically filter them out, and carry on with the other things they have been programmed to do, such as only opening their heart to the teachings from and of the world, and endlessly seeking vanity and amusements instead of the Father and his Word.

Now, I've been working to put together this website, originally it was just for myself, a tool for me to use for grouping together common ideas and scriptures so that I can review the saved information and have quick access to the relevant scriptures when sharing to others.
 I created the scripture collections because I wanted to more efficiently bring people to the truth that I came to know and love, and help them escape the cataclysm soon to come onto the world.

I seen the potential of just publicly sharing the website with my notes and collections to help others in their journey, and also to save them time, time they may not have left.
(speaking about time until the end)
I then formatted the website to welcome visitors, and go through important subjects and points.

I am writing from the perspective of someone living in the U.S.,
I know many of the viewers here are not from the U.S., so remember my perspective and the society I am living in as you read certain things, there may be some differences compared to things in your own area.

Before we get started, let's ask the question;

Is what you "believe", true?
Do you just believe that it is true because you have been taught that it was true, and never looked any further?

You may want to think about that an extra moment.

Now! If you're ready to change the course of your story, follow the link to continue on to the 2nd half: "Introduction continued";


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