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20) The Holy Spirit  & Spirits

Acts 5:32 "And we are his witnesses of these things, and so is also the Holy Spirit whom Elohim has given to them that obey him"



I can't say that I completely comprehend all of the mysteries of spirit, so continue your own studies on this subject by reading your scriptures and seeking the Father YHWH.

On this page I will mainly share scripture collections relating to Holy Spirit and also other Spirits.

I will try to separate the different contexts of spirit into their own section, but the different categories may overlap in meaning in some cases.

The word "Holy" is used often today in modern Christianity, but the exact meaning is not usually mentioned, leaving people uncertain.

The meaning of holy is along the lines of "set-apart".

Knowing the meaning rather than being clueless can be important in understanding certain scriptures more accurately.
 A holy people is a set-apart people, set-apart from the world and what is common, and set-apart from fleshly natural animalistic natures.
 It is to be special.

It takes action on our part to be set-apart, and at any moment that we decide to do certain things or behave in certain ways, we're no longer set-apart, but are common.

In Hebrew it is called Ruach Ha'Kodesh, which can be translated as "The Holy Spirit", but the literal translation can also be
"The Set Apart Breath/Wind"
In Hebrew you call the wind you feel outside "ruach", and to get a better idea of spirit for someone who finds this very foreign, all you have to do is feel the wind, or even simply blow gently onto your hand.
 This is something you can feel on your hand, but you can not see it, or hold it, yet it exists.

I would like to try and expand understanding of "spirit" with this page, so I will share about the different contexts.

I will start with "Soul Spirit" since it will be short, and once you realize it exists and has been trying to tell you what to do your whole life, it can aid you in your journey.

The sections will have their own pages for organization and scripture collections.



Spirit Heart.
(I wasn't entirely sure what else to call it to differentiate it from the other contexts).


Spirit Holy.


Living Spirits.


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