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This page will be used to share what's going on recently. Sort of like Patch Notes.
 Also, I like to let others know that I am still here, and to try and remind of upcoming events.




Today is, according to my calculations, the very 1st day of the 6th month Elul(Elul means "search"), and an amazing and historic total solar eclipse will take place over all of the United States, the shadow will travel from coast to coast.
 These perfect eclipses have shown to be markers in the past of impending events, and this 1 has a lot of curiosities with it leading one to think there is something to it, and that this nation is right to be nervous and should consider their ways before YHWH.
 40 days after this eclipse is Yom Kippurim, in English called The Day of Atonements, a day in which we mourn on account of the sins we have committed towards YHWH.
 7 years after this eclipse is supposed to be another in the United States, with the shadow taking a different path.



I'm catching back up on where I left off on the website update.
 Please if you're willing, pray for my success and that I am strong enough to overcome the distractions in my life that I keep allowing to hinder me in my work.
For those of you who are becoming lukewarm and grey, please rebel against your flesh, fight to restore the fire within you and let your heart burn for YHWH, and seek righteousness as you once did.



I've not been online much in awhile, I've been trying to move my living arrangements around, and was in need of a work space.
 I hope to get situated next week and give the website a big update for the new year.

This new year coming up, I'm fully leaving behind the tradition of lunar calendar, and returning to the real calendar of YHWH, which is an exact 364 day solar calendar, with the new year starting at the time of the Spring Equinox.
(Do not trust NASA for giving you the actual exact time of the Equinox, they're one of the groups working to keep us blind to so many simple truths.)

For years I had been motivated to seek out solid answers about YHWH's actual calendar, because the lunar calendar tradition always seemed incorrect to me, for 1 example the idea that you would need to add a 13th month always bothered me and stood out as a red flag, though keeping this tradition along with the Pharisees was the best I could do until I learned more so I kept it for that reason, until I learned more.
 The actual calendar has been restored to us now, and I would like to assist in bringing it back to YHWH's people. It hasn't really ever been out of our reach or lost, it has survived among some people all of these years yet the rulers of the dark world have done their best to minimize the knowledge of it, but we have testimonies and evidence to support it to convince modern thinking people that it's legit.


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