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This page will be used to share what's going on recently. Sort of like Patch Notes.
 Also, I like to let others know that I am still here, and to try and remind of upcoming events.




I'm catching back up on where I left off on my website update.
 Please if you're willing, pray for my success and that I am strong enough to overcome the distractions in my life that I keep allowing to hinder me in my work.
 A big distraction for me is certain people from my daily life that will not repent from being a curse to me, and I also am trying to manage my life for me and my children without any helper.
For those of you who are becoming lukewarm and grey, please rebel against your flesh, fight to restore the fire within you and let your heart burn for YHWH, and seek righteousness as you once did.



I've not been online much in awhile, I've been trying to move my living arrangements around, and was in need of a work space.
 I hope to get situated next week and give the website a big update for the new year.

This new year coming up, I'm fully leaving behind the tradition of lunar calendar, and returning to the real calendar of YHWH, which is an exact 364 day solar calendar, with the new year starting at the time of the Spring Equinox.
(Do not trust NASA for giving you the actual exact time of the Equinox, they're one of the groups working to keep us blind to so many simple truths.)

For years I had been motivated to seek out solid answers about YHWH's actual calendar, because the lunar calendar tradition always seemed incorrect to me, for 1 example the idea that you would need to add a 13th month always bothered me and stood out as a red flag, though keeping this tradition along with the Pharisees was the best I could do until I learned more so I kept it for that reason, until I learned more.
 The actual calendar has been restored to us now, and I would like to assist in bringing it back to YHWH's people. It hasn't really ever been out of our reach or lost, it has survived among some people all of these years yet the rulers of the dark world have done their best to minimize the knowledge of it, but we have testimonies and evidence to support it to convince modern thinking people that it's legit.



My contact information has changed today.
 To reach me my E-mail is now Levi@HisWordisTruth.org

Feel free to send me a message.


I've realized some weaknesses in the website, mainly from failing to fully update after my change to a new format.

I am currently working to better interlink the pages and information, and apply better tags, so that the information one may seek is able to be found.
If you ever come across something that is not able to be located from a certain perspective, please share that weakness to me.


I've updated the domain name to match the title of the website finally. 

The new address is HisWordisTruth.org

I had hesitated to do this for awhile due to concerns over possibly breaking the website's many links, but Webs has it set up to not break because the old addresses still work alongside the new.
 It has worked out and over the next few weeks I'll work at updating the links on the website to the new address.
HallowedGround.webs.com still works and directs to this website, and that is what I wanted since that address has been shared for years and is on people's favorites bars.
If you help share this site, please start sharing the new address HisWordisTruth.org.
 It may seem like something minor, but such a small change to this website can impact how seriously someone takes it initially, and I want to help new people along anyway that I can.
 It's a lot easier to say and remember.

If you're unfamiliar with this, I favored .org because it's intended for non-profit organizations.
The ending .com stands for commercial and is intended for those who have something to sell to you.

Do keep in mind though many non-profit people just go with .com anyway though since the average person is most familiar with it and don't know the meanings of the endings.
 Many tend to have a misconception that .com is just a top tier web ending and the others are lessers.
 Despite this misconception, I am happy to have a mark attached to this website expressing that it's not a wolf in sheep's clothing only trying to trick people out of their money.



I've updated some more parts of the site, I've caught things I've written down incorrectly, I suppose in haste, and such things I am ashamed of because I should have made sure to get the actual points down properly before someone takes something to heart that I didn't really want them to, or take something to heart without the full beneficial information.
 If you're 1 of the people who have used any of your resources copying and printing some things shared on here, please keep the info updated.
 Also please contact me and I will reimburse you for your spent resources if you need to update something like printed pages.


I'm still here updating, I am working at the unfinished pages so that they can all be opened.
 After I get all pages open I am going to "relaunch" this website, and consider it out of the beta stages.
 I hope you will help me in spreading this project or the things contained on it, even if it's only with 1 other person.
 If you do not want to share it, drop me a line to tell me why so I can try to improve this project.

I've noticed an issue lately and that is in the past I would share my project here with others more openly but now I have this idea that I should just wait to share with people and finish it 1st, which I do not like since people need to learn the scriptures as soon as possible and I need to be ready to take opportunities when they're given to me without hesitation.

I would like to make use of more visuals on the website, such as images to help understand certain hard to see altogether information.
 I have gotten the tools to help with this and hope to make use of them soon.

It is now time for the holy day Yom Kippurim (The day of Atonements), let's humble ourselves before the Father!


In addition to my general editing of the pages, I am going to try and reduce the amount of visual tabs on the sidebar, down to around 40.
I would like to bring more focus to certain topics making them less likely to get lost in the tabs.
I would also like to help make the site look a bit less intimidating and more navigable to the new visitors.
I don't plan on deleting pages if they exist, but simply placing them on page 39 "More Tabs & Pages". 



Still updating the website as I find the time.

Currently I am keeping the Festival of Unleavened Bread, so this inspired me to refine out page 11 a bit.

Abib Barley was found in Yisrael, so we're in the 1st month of the year now.

Many men are denying this, and have added a 13th month to last year and did not keep Passover yet.

The man they chose to follow, rather than the evidence, has also announced he is no longer announcing to others about abib barley reports.

Past Posts

I remove posts after they've been up for so long or when I feel they've fulfilled their purpose.

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