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There isn't a chat room specifically for this website yet, as I don't see the need since there are already others, such as EliYah's.

I will give links to "Messianic" chat rooms for those who would like to chat with other servants of
YHWH and members of the body of Messiah.

Now, You must watch out for those who will teach many things based on their opinions and assumptions, just because you find someone involved with biblical and world truths, that doesn't mean that they're perfect and mature in understanding all things.

Most humans love to teach and share their thoughts and opinions, this is bad since the great majority have no interest in seeking true knowledge and fail to show that they care about the great consequences that a few careless words can have. 

YHWH and his Word over what any man says, whether it is me, a friend, your family, or a seemingly nice person you meet in a chat room or online forum!

Test everything against the Word of YHWH to know if it's good or not, or if you should throw it out of your memory banks.



EliYah.com's Chat Room


This is a very clean and simple in-browser chat that gets the job done.

This is EliYah's Chat Room, it is not part of this website, so the people may know nothing about HallowedGround.webs.com if you ask them questions concerning this specific website.

Please follow the rules of the chat room, do not fight or argue with other people and behave kindly and respectfully.

Lately some may be having issues with the chat and I haven't contacted EliYah yet to mention it, I had a registered account before but lately would not recognize me as if it was deleted, and the methods of registering were missing and not showing up, so I was unable to post in the chat room.

If this is the case for you as well, you can still register by using irc commands.

Go to the chatroom like normal, and when a box pops up asking for your nickname and password, enter in a nickname you want, and leave the password field blank.

Once you get into the chat room, type this command;

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword youremail@youremail.com

In this command though, replace the underlined parts with your information.

For "yourpassword", type the password you want with your registered name.

For "youremail@youremail.com", type your email address in and you will get emailed a passcode.
Open that email, it may be in your Junk Mail Folder.
It will tell you the final command to type into the chat to finish the registration.

You can usually always catch some people in the Chat Room, granted it's all working as intended, and there are many people who visit the Chat Room on the 7th day Sabbath of
YHWH, as well as on all of the festival days.

You can sometimes catch Eliyah online in the chat room, he is good at sharing the scriptures and will likely be there for you if you are needing some specific informational help.

For a bit of side information, after you have registered a nickname, you also have the option to download programs such as "irc messenger" for Windows or Mac and link it to EliYah's chat server.
You may prefer and enjoy using the chat program over the in-browser chat.

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