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This section of the website is for things relating more to the website itself.

The Title of the website is His Word is Truth.
 I've chosen this title because it's the foundation of this project that I have created to share with others, and what I want the hearts of others to realize and submit to, rather than men.

I've chosen the ".org" extension to go along with the spirit of this website.
 ".org" is short for the word "organization", and is primarily used for non-profit groups.
 ".com" is short for "commercial", and is meant to be used by for-profit businesses, therefore I didn't want it attached to this website.

I'm still seeking to acquire the rights to other extensions, in-case someone mistakenly types them in.

When I changed my heart and started to seek YHWH, I bought various study supplies, such as notebooks, very fine-point pens so I could write very small between notebook lines, and dictionaries.
When I read through the Bible for the 1st time, I took notes of various things that stood out to me, and those things that I thought other people should see, I had never knew such things were even in the Bible, and I felt others, even supposed "Christians", were not even going to believe me if I just told them without being able to show them all of the locations.
I took so many notes, it looked like I was rewriting the Bible.
 My writing hand was put into a lot of pain because I kept pushing it even after it felt like it couldn't take anymore. I don't even like thinking about it because it's like I can still feel the discomfort in my hand.

This website was born out of those notes.
 I had got the idea to create a note database online, so I sought out a free web host and webs.com came up and was simple, quick, and neat enough.
 They give you only 10 pages in the free version. I set out to think of 10 subjects and then create relevant scripture collections for those subjects.
 This is still the base of what this website is, a scripture collection organized out by subject.
My 3 main projects were Law keeping scripture collection, the Messiah scripture collection(showing he was the Messiah), and anti-trinity scripture collection.
 I simply decided on subjects I wanted, then went through my notes 1 at a time and copied over the verses, and I had lengthy collections right away thanks to the effort I put in with note taking and study.

I actually can't recall the exact date that this website was established, it was in 2011 when I upgraded with my host to be able to have more than 10 pages, so it had already existed for a short period before then with only 10 pages.
 Currently there are 331 pages in total.

There is of course no copyright information to share with you, the truth and good is from, and belong to, YHWH. Use it freely.
Please just do not misuse any truth and revelations.
 Do not try to tie the truth in with a denomination of man, it is my prayer that those who misuse the truth do not find success in their efforts until they repent and open their eyes to their error.
Help me and others get families out of these snares known as denominations, and back to being children of YHWH, good children that listen to their Father with innocent hearts, and do not esteem the filth of the world.

I hope that someone has gotten some benefit out of my effort here, I've shared these things from my heart, not for worldly gain.

As I've stated before, this is not a professional website, and I don't have a team that I work with, it is just I, a simple man.
 So I apologize for any lacking quality, and hope you're gentle in your understanding.



< Bulletin Board >

I occasionally post here giving updates and statements.
 I like to let people know that I am still around and that this website is still alive.;


< How I got Started in All of This >

Here I share a bit about how I got started in my journey and these projects, and how the website came to be;


< Submit Suggestion > (Anonymous)

This page is for submitting suggestions or any helpful information directly to me through this website.

If you know of, or come up with, more points or angles that can help someone wake up and realize the truth, please, share it, so that I and others can benefit from it, and I can assist in spreading it to more people!
 If others are blessed by it through me, may YHWH bless you for any good that comes of it!

Also, if you find any sort of mistake or error with what is written on this website, including grammatical errors, please bring it to attention and correct me.

This submission is fully anonymous, I will not have any information about who you are unless you choose to mention it in the message;


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This is for links to other pages and people, to help you uncover a wider source of efforts from people;


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For those seeking to donate to me, a reminder that I don't seek anything from anyone, and what to do with their blessings instead;


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