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22) The World..  An Illusion

Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent who is called the devil and the satan, who is leading astray the whole world, he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him"


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Dreams feel real while we're in them, and it is only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange..

This page is dedicated to the illusion, the illusion that has been put before all of mankind.
This illusion is built up of lies and liars, liars who have tried to master the art of lying and deception.

When you are blind to the illusion, you have no clue that it exists and has even been in your life the whole time.

We are living in a fake world and when one tries to dispel this illusion for others, they are most often attacked for it.
Those under it's spell, don't want to be woke up from it, and they've been programmed to prevent being woken up.

The illusion has been carefully designed to accomplish this, and our flesh and worldly desires help enslave us.

This sort of information is one of the few things I have found to be targeted and censored from the internet, and those who do too good of a job at sharing are at risk, so I don't plan on doing too good of a job and would like this website to not face any trouble, as my main goal with this website is to open the eyes of people to get them to accept the true words of the Father with their heart, and turn away from Lawlessness, trinity confusion, and the serving of wicked men over the Father and his Son.

I will just try to keep it basic and simple, and get you started, and onto the realization that something hasn't been right with the world you know and you've probably actually felt it already, and then you can learn more on your own.
(Though you have to be aware of disinformation, and levels a little further but are also part of the lie, to satisfy those who start to seek and see, and then they stop seeking further thinking they have it all.)

The truth is right in front of our eyes, but sometimes when things are so close to our eyes we have trouble focusing in on them.

We don't have to luck up to uncover such things, but those who seek the Truth and the Father, and read the Scriptures with an open heart are able to see this sort of thing is happening.

We should also be aware that the satan and his servants are at work in our world.
The satan is an evil watcher/angel, and from the scriptures we even see he has other watchers fall with him from the heavens.
In addition to this, there are demons/unclean spirits who may submit to satan, and further we have wicked men who join themselves to the ways of the satan.
The illusion is built up on lies, and the satan is called the father of lies.

Though today, people among all major groups, are acting as if there is no such being known as the satan, and/or they act like he is no threat, and a weak joke that any of them can make flee from them with ease while they laugh at him, though the scary thing is they're being slowly dragged towards the opening of hell by him while they're laughing and unaware of his actions.(figuratively.)

Don't be mislead, evil IS at work, and it's working hard, rebelling against YHWH.

Seeing the illusion instead of being a victim to it, helps you to understand the end time prophecies, and also see how such events could unfold and take place.
Many think the end time events are far off, possibly even the majority of people, because they're only seeing the illusion and not caring to see things as they really are.
What they may think is "obviously" thousands of years off, may already be among us and they're even a participant.

I do not want you to become unhealthily obsessed with this topic, most of it is secret and it's pointless in taking it too far, simply use this to help you and your family see more clearly, and strengthen your faith in YHWH.

There are countless instances where we have been told to our faces information that is creepily accurate to what is going on around us, yet we still are not accepting that our reality is actually anything other than what we are told it is, and what we hope it is.

I'll show a few examples if you would like, I'm not promoting Hollywood, it's part of the system. Beware of Hollywood.




The man who acts in this movie, before his death, called this a "documentary";
JI8AMRbqY6w(If you noticed on the back of the magazine he picked up, it said "Honor Apathy".
Apathy - lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of concern.)

Now, this page was added to enlighten others to the fact that the world we think we know and see, is largely a calculated lie, where men without us being aware, are going through various processes to manipulate us into doing what they want.

What does not help in this matter is the fact that people support and defend the illusions, and may even lie to themselves for the sake of the illusions and as well the things they gain from the illusions.

The people who are wondering and keeping a look out for corruption in the world, because many know from history it's something you must watch out for because it repeats and repeats, they're being called "conspiracy theorists".

Today the label "conspiracy theorist" can have negative connotations, and the world and media is programming the people to feel these ways towards conspiracy "theorists" and those who are questioning the world and it's actions.

Those who are involved in the conspiracies, would of course want you to think such people are crazy, and to not listen to them.

While some people are certainly over the top and unrestrained and will share wild made up stories, this does not mean everyone is like that, and people in many circles are like that, yet it doesn't define  every member in those circles to be the exact same way.

Let's imagine an example, if one is a witness to a murder, yet the police investigation concluded something totally off from what they witnessed either by mistake or intentional, and they told the world through the media that conclusion.
Is that true witness a bad and crazy person in need of anti-psychotic drugs because they tell the truth as a normal human would and should?
Are the non-witnesses more worthy of being listened to than the actual witness, and should they speak evil of the witness when they don't really have anything to do with the matter other than hearing it from someone else?
What if what he said went against the official conclusion, yet when looking at the photographic evidence, what he is saying is what really fits to the crime scene, and not the official conclusion.
That would bear witness to him being a true witness, and be worthy of investigating into, not blindly ridiculing and dismissing, yes?

Though know, if such a situation indeed did exist, this modern world, that is the majority, would take the side of the media, they trust it, they trust it because they have been told to trust it, and the media would speak so much louder than that single person.
Then since the majority of people would take the side of the media, they then enter a loop where people gain confidence in their side because there are so many on their side and take it to be a sign they are the obvious correct side, then this increases the amount on their side even more and more.

If you're blind to such things, then you're in danger of being led around however the satan sees fit.
I just want to wake people up to this, so they're not manipulated so easily into destruction and evil and cursing the innocent.

Now, when a conspiracy is able to be shown and proven, it is no longer a conspiracy "theory", but a fact that conspiracy is taking place.

If such a thing WAS happening and the world was guilty, how do you think the world would behave towards those trying to expose it?
It likely would not want you to look or be on guard for corruption and conspiracies, correct?
And it would want you to not be a "conspiracy theorist".

But to not be like one of these who are being labeled "conspiracy theorists", is to instead be like saying you blindly accept all the world says and does, and that your government is good, and you will never question anything or point out any corruption that is or may be taking place. etc..

It should be obvious if we were to act like that, then we would be blind sheep, sheep that are so blind wolves can come in and eat our members as they please without resistance. 

We are all being lied to continually in this modern World.
We have become so used to being lied to, it's becoming socially acceptable.
We turn on tvs and sit and LOVE to be lied to all day in multiple ways.
People love to be lied to and told they're special, they love to be lied to and told other people are special, they love to be lied to perpetually with invented stories that they call entertainment, they love to be lied to be corporations that are trying to trick people out of money.
Don't love lies so much, that you forget what truth is, and it's value.
Teach your children to love the truth, and hate the lies.
Don't teach your children lies, and to teach them to also be a liar.

We know, or at least sense, that so many are lying to us, yet for some reason it's treated as a horrible thing to speak up about those specific people feeding us lies.

We are expected to accept and believe fully what those in power over the world decide they want us to think and know, and if we stop or question this pushed reality, instead of being led along like sheep, then we are labeled to be bad, crazy, paranoid, terrorist, not to be trusted, and to be dismissed and ignored.
Then some may be forced to take drugs, that actually have the side effect of making people crazy..

Because of the great persecution and the rejection from society, many people keep these things to themselves and will not speak of them openly.
They do not want to be harassed and called names, and told to go put their tin foil hat on and take "crazy pills".

Also, they may fear being targeted and executed by those above the law of the land.
And, if they speak up and no one is going to appreciate it but hate them for it, what is the point of making themselves hated, and then possibly being physically harmed?

Don't assume to know all that you're talking about, if all that you know has only came out of a propaganda tool.
1st go look for the evidence, then respond.
The evidence may not be in reach much longer.

Don't be hateful and call people crazy just because you don't understand them.
Calling someone crazy is being dismissive, when you should be listening and trying to understand, to test what is shared for yourself to see if there is any truth to it.

For most people in the world, they are comfortable, and once they are comfortable they don't want to move from that comfortable spot.
They're not wanting to be told that the images they have been given about the world and it's leaders and popular organizations are akin to a Hollywood script.

If it's all fake then their false peace and comfort they may hold can quickly fall apart and terror come over them when they no longer feel like they're on a trusty solid foundation.

They also may prefer one version of a story better and won't allow themselves to accept anything else, for example, let's consider a modern soldier.
1 side of the story they are a heroic soldier who does what is right, risking their life for innocent people, expecting nothing in return, versus,
a prideful violent man who is a hired gun for evil men, carrying out their orders without hesitation for the progression of their dark agenda, at the cost of innocent lives and families.

Accepting the nice version of that story definitely will help people sleep at night and continue to receive honor and glory from men, but the reality sadly lies near the harsh version, though to varying degrees depending on the individual situation of course, and soldiers don't really know all of what is going on such as they're being tricked.

I do not want to branch off too far away from my focus on the scriptures and that knowledge, also there are many other sources on the internet that you can look up if you want to realize these sort of things.

Though a lot of the information that is trying to be passed around and reported on is often censored and removed from the various places on the internet.

So many random and useless things are posted on the internet every second, and so much is complete trash that would be better off removed, yet almost everything remains unhindered, except these certain subjects seem to be at risk of removal.
That should tell you something.
How many wild accusations are made all over media, even by trolls, yet it's not bothered, but when things get near the truth, they're bothered quickly.

I experienced this on a website that looked to tolerate everything, yet my simple to the point post that I tried to only point out observable facts and not state anything to be a fact from assumptions, was ripped down and it was made to look like I would be in trouble with the website if I did not change my behavior, which was really shocking as I was well mannered and followed the rules of the website, and on the same website you can view thousands of troll posts that really deserve to be removed.

It can be frustrating to try and share this stuff and maintain it on a website or in your favorites section, because if you make use of Youtube videos for example, these kind of videos that reveal the great lies in the world, they are constantly getting taken down along with the accounts connected to them, and there is nothing you can do after that other than try to reupload over and over.

You may favorite a long list of videos, and they will do an excellent job and show facts and make solid points, but then you come back later to find dead videos and links.
I've told you this now so when you see a dead video, you will know it is to be expected.
If you see something you really want to keep up with, then you can use a website that allows you to save youtube videos to your computer.

To give you an idea of some of the subjects that are being censored, it is mostly accurate information on exclusive organizations(secret), modern government activity, and media.

Waking up from the illusion is beneficial.
When you lose faith in the world, it helps you gain faith in the right things.
Waking up helps a soul realize where they should be putting their trust(not putting it in things such as those high paid actors known as politicians), also being aware of these things help us to understand the end time prophecies and being aware of what is REALLY going on in the world.

When I was younger and I heard end time prophecies, I would wonder how all the people would be so blind throughout and not be aware of the truth, and after learning of the blinding deception of the world today, it has shown me how easily the world can be  manipulated.

Some people who set out to work on uncovering this information, end up in unfortunate situations.
Such as being put in prison, or ended up dead, even in strange murders, and then everyone just carries on.
We can hope these are just strange coincidences, but there are a staggering amount of these instances.
If you can think of a political assassination, chances are you can find information showing that person was not in line with the illusion trying to be pulled over us.

This information can freak out many people, and cause them to be very distressed, but those who have learned about YHWH and know him and put their faith in him are not bothered like that.
So remember YHWH is Elohim, and he sits over his creation seeing all things.
Wicked men will be judged and come to an end, even though YHWH may allow them to reign for a period and build up false confidence in themselves.
The days of the wicked are numbered and YHWH will soon show them who is the true Elohim over the earth when judgment comes.

Inside the conspiracies, not everyone knows what is going on.
There are varying degrees of information revealed, and this helps the people at the top have power and get away with what they want.
You can't assume everyone involved knows what is really and fully going on.

Finally, something very important to bring up.
When people are hit with realizations that the world is tricking them, some mistakenly think the bible is also just part of the giant illusion.
Make sure you focus your time in studying the scriptures and seeking YHWH for yourself, so that you learn what is worthy of your trust, and not take the countless lies and traditions being followed by fake "religious" people as what is really in the bible, because that is usually where people go wrong after they realize the traditions are all pagan deception and so on.
Most of what so called "religious" people are doing is traditions and inventions of men, and not in line with the scriptures.
So do not let someone misguide you by using a man invented tradition as evidence against the bible.
The illusion works to try and discredit the Bible, it appears as if the scriptures are something it's not allowed to take out of our reach, only lie to us about it and hope we avoid them through that.



I will try to ease into this, to help those completely new to these things.

If you jump into very shocking things right away, you may be more likely to shrug it off as "crazy" and impossible.

But if we start with lighter things that are not so painful to accept and admit, and work up, and off of them, you then start to understand that the shocking things are not impossible, but actually likely.

Again, I am not going to try and share every falsehood in the world, my goal is to wake people up and bring them back to caring about YHWH and truth, I also suggest you not devote and make it your life work to such things, but be a laborer of righteousness.

Also important to keep in mind, just because I share something does not mean I agree with every single thing in it, and it doesn't mean everything they say is completely accurate.
I will share just so you can get a general idea of the subject.

Also beware of settling into 1 person's side of a story they may present, because these things are from secretive actions, we don't have all of the details to put the puzzle together precisely.
So there can be multiple variations to what people think is really going on.

Instead, don't settle into a story as if it's the fact when these things are secretive, but just pay attention to the useful information, and realize we are being shown evidences and parts of the picture, and we can use this knowledge to be aware of the things actually existing, and just that awareness is enough to help us in things such as not falling for the lies, and will tear down one's faith in the world and it's lies.

This page is under construction.

Planned Obsolescence Documentary.

"They don't make them like they used to" may have more truth in it than you realize.

This documentary is titled the light-bulb conspiracy, but the point is not about light bulbs, it is to shed light that business men are aware that if they make the best possible products, then that is not a good way to get very rich and hold power.
When you understand this concept, you then realize how much this practice has become part of our lives, and it also keeps us as slaves to products.

If things did not wear out and break, you would work a short period to gain the money to acquire various things, then be mostly done.
That's a strange thought for us today, to be mostly done acquiring a lot of the things we will use in our life.
But in this world, you are stuck in an endless cycle where you have to keep working, to keep buying the same things, until you die..
Slaves to possessions.

On paper some people mistakenly think this planned obsolescence is a good thing, and good for an economy, but it is the extreme opposite in the bigger picture.
It wastes time and resources, all just to make certain men rich...while making the billions of people in the world poorer.
Not only does things like this make men rich, but what really is created by things like this is a way for certain men to be able to have power over others.

It is a very selfish practice, but a modern corporation can not exist long without it. Notice I said a modern corporation meaning all of it's practices.

Even if a corporation or business got out of this, and decided to sell the best items, it would obviously put all of the other related corporations out of business, and they will not stand for that, often governments are tied into this and will take action, some instances we can see evidence of murder, upcoming business men and inventors are being silenced when they have things that would radically change the world.
It doesn't take much effort to locate a talented inventor's story where he was going to come through with something that would change our world, and then mysteriously died.. Then the story buried or negative statements about his work be thrown around like it was all bogus.
Also, corporations will try to acquire the rights to new inventions that would put them out of making millions, just so they can hold that right and no one can produce the invention.

We are lied to, and made to believe our technology is so advanced, but in reality it is very outdated, and it is being revealed and developed almost in baby steps so that maximum profits are made.

Men like Martin Luther King Jr and President John F Kennedy both showed signs of being aware of the deception, and also strangely both of those men were executed.
In fact, The U.S. government was taken to court in 1999 for being responsible for Martin Luther King Jrs assassination, and they lost! The U.S. Government was found guilty of killing him, yet you likely have never had that information make it to you because why would they put it on the media you rely on to know things, when they control the media;(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEP94AVshrs))

I may go over this more in details later, this is just a topic I thought would be easy to digest for beginners into the realization the world is not really looking out for us.


Consolidation of power and companies.

Companies grow, and then devour the others.

We started out with thousands and thousands of companies, and through a process,

This gives the richest the ability to gain absolute power, and no one has been able to stop them. 

Media providers as well have been consolidated, and then purchased by giant companies.


"They" control the money, and can create it as they wish.


Next subject, the modern medical industry, since it is very much related to planned obsolescence.
I touch on the subject mainly on the Tru-Health section of HallowedGround.webs.com, but will also mention it here since it's related.
If you have learned about the practice of planned obsolescence and how businesses do not deliver the best in order to make profits, apply that knowledge to everything to do with the "health and medicine industry"...
You must realize doctors and hospitals are a business, if they truly healed everybody, they would lose so much money, and what we know as the medical industry today could not even exist any longer without the huge profits.

Of course, do not assume that all doctors, nurses, and pharmacists know this information and are in on it, they're not, and part of what controls their loyalty to the medical industy is being blinded by pride, that and false information they were taught in their corporation controlled medical schools.
They went to school to learn to be salesmen and representitives of these corporations, so it shouldn't surprise us that they have been taught to ignore the truly healthy things such as organic foods and only be able to think in terms of drugs and surgical techniques using expensive technology to treat symptoms rather than looking at the root causes and preventing symptoms ever occurring.

Many doctors truly believe in their modern medicine, and their hearts may be sincere to an extent... Though so many are carrying out things which should be considered crimes against humanity.

Also remember, drug companies can not patent and make money off of naturally occurring things which YHWH our Father has created for us, therefore this is why you will never see any natural thing FDA approved, and neither will your doctor prescribe you green leafy vegetables over the cancer medications which will cost you thousands of dollars and also give you the side effect of less health, more cancer, and even death..
(Though sadly men HAVE figured out how to patent foods and seeds and have legal rights to them, they accomplish this by genetically altering them, then patenting them. Then if they can corrupt all of the real sources with their version, they will then control all of that food source legally. Beware of GMOs, they're not natural, and can wreck your health)

Concerning the above points, many people wrongfully use:
"but so many people will lose their jobs!"
as if it was a valid point to defend these wicked practices.
Maybe later I will go over the details as to why this is a nonsensical point
when really processing the facts.
Surely every human can understand in the example of the medical industry, that it does not make sense to murder and torture people in order for people to have jobs?! What was the point of the job again? Wasn't it to help people?
It's like saying if everyone is dead that will solve all problems so that's a good idea..
We humans can easily be carried away by statements that sound like they make sense, and the people saying them behave confidently as if they know what they're talking about, if we don't take the time to analyze what is really being said.


On September 11th 2001, on U.S. soil, the world trade center buildings were attacked and over 3000 innocent people were murdered in a horrific and terrifying manner.

The official reports and the media reported 1 thing, yet, the evidence did not add up, and it contradicted those official reports.

So the question comes up, why would the truth be hidden and covered up, and what such an act could mean when considering how many different people and agencies had to be involved to pull off such a cover up.

Exploring this subject may help lead you into realizing how things are really working around you.





Furthermore, Food has become a huge business, and due to this, companies are sacrificing their customers health for huge profits. Foods that are not healthy are being marketed as healthy.

Food Inc. Documentary.


Falsification of history and events in the past.

This is a critical subject that will cause you to look at a large portion of the claimed knowledge sitting out there in the world much differently.

This is a common tactic used by groups and governments to achieve various results, and sometimes it's just to keep their skeletons in the closet.
For example, someone may think a fact may harm them or affect them in some way negatively, they simply omit it or rewrite it to where it is either neutral or benefits them.
There is also the technique of them rewriting the facts but still making it bad but on a lesser level.
While rewriting it to be bad still brings bad on your image, it does however cause people to more likely believe it and accept it, and not look for the truth.
People may think to themselves, "well if they were going to lie then why would it still be bad about them?", causing them to be blinded.

Knowledge of psychology is a powerful weapon against humanity.

Most countries have their own version of history, and so many significant events are being buried.

A major point to address is modern Media. I'll likely cover this major point later as well.

(Not sure why the things I posted below are now missing)

.Exposing conspiracies between the world governments, and how we're being led to believe they're against each other and don't get along, yet behind the curtains we see evidence of them working together as if they're in some sort of alliance.

Atheism, Darwinian evolution.
This point will be covered on page 22.

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