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5)  Biblical Archaeology  (Forbidden Archaeology)

Matthew 7:7 "Seek, and you will find"



Here I will share various information concerning Biblical archaeology and physical artifacts recovered that relate to the Bible.

There are so many amazing things in our world that have survived unbothered throughout even thousands of years, and are suddenly being revealed to this final generation. It does not look like a mere coincidence!
 Let me give a well known example so you get an idea of what I mean, the Dead Sea Scrolls, they sat hidden away for around 2000 years, no one found them or bothered them, then within just months of Yisrael being restored as a nation again around 1947, they were then discovered by accident and eventually ended up in the nation's possession and now serve as an amazing testimony to modern people.

The modern world wants Biblical evidences and testimonies to be destroyed, buried, and not spoken of.
 Things such as these that threaten the deception have come to be known as "forbidden archaeology".

For many people, these sort of things are what motivated them to start seriously judging the modern world that they had been accepting and going along with all of their life, and eventually wake up from the false reality and repent.

There are quite a few things to share, and you may wonder why you've never heard of them, but such things have been hidden away from us, and one has to seek them to see them.
 So, if you've made no effort to seek, and just relied on the evil world to provide you with such things in the correct light, that may explain why you've been under the impression that nothing like this even existed that supports the actual history of mankind and the world.

Any sort of information that goes against or condemns the modern world is not published and headlined, but it is buried.
 This is why you must seek for yourself and go off the lazy path, rather than sitting around waiting on the world to bring before you and display the very things that would condemn itself.

You likely do not expect a common criminal to tell all of the truth that would condemn them, but know that they rather keep it within as best as possible and usually try to put on an act to convince everyone that the truth is not the truth, in other words they would speak deceit for their benefit to prevent people from seeing the truth, so likewise do not expect the dark world to be open about all that it is doing!

Consider also those who quickly choose blindness not due to facts but because the innocence of that criminal gives benefit to them in some way, and they may lose something if the person is actually proven to be false.
 Perhaps it's a family member and they would be shamed terribly if it was proven true.

Additionally, consider about how many people are successfully swayed by criminals and end up feeling sorry for and believing them, even rallying in their support, but then later it's proven and admitted they were actually a lying selfish heartless criminal all along just doing what they had to do to get away with their actions.
 Humans tend to want to believe the best, these people are sometimes even very likable and charming, we must use good judgment and not allow devils to control us so easily.

Like a good investigator, investigate for yourself, both sides.
 Test the world and see if it behaves how you would expect a criminal to behave.
 1 such sign is trying to silence others who would turn them in. There are actually innumerable instances of people whistle blowing or making claims against the world, and then strangely ending up dead!

There are various groups such as political groups, religious groups, and as well as modern science, trying to blind people from seeing the simple truth, making false claims like Yisrael never even existed, that it's a complete fabrication, and that the Hebrew nation was never even in the land of the Canaanites around Jerusalem.
 People are following these false leaders, despite the countless contradictions, finds, and evidences, proving their words false.
(The Hebrew people themselves are even an evidence not to be overlooked!)
There is a constant stream of evidence recovered, though the opposition carries on as if it is invisible and doesn't exist, showing that they're not adjusting their views based on what is observed but just sticking to their devilish agenda to have the world thinking a certain way.
One of the main techniques in getting people to instantly go along with their desires is to insult intelligence.
 Modern people can't stand the thought of others thinking they're unintelligent or stupid, and the evils have learned to use this technique of insulting intelligence to get their way, it's a powerful tool for evil.
 People are not seeking truth or speaking out due to fear of someone thinking they're foolish.
I tell you it does not take much intelligence however to know right from wrong, and small children can understand it.
 Pride is actually a foolish behavior, and those who think they're intelligent sabotage themselves into under-performance.
 Due to the influence of the world, people today think they're the smartest, they often do not hesitate to speak on subjects that they actually have no experience with other than a quick google search, but thinking so highly of themselves they actually believe their words have to be valuable, as if what they speak becomes reality.
 These are the ones who deserve shame, and the day is coming that they will be repaid and shamed according to their works.
I truly hope everyone is able to wake up and repent from their bad ways, so that they can be pardoned and not have to go through the shame and destruction that awaits the wicked.
 I imagine the eternal shame to come will be far greater than any shame they would face today from some random jerk that doesn't even have a part in their life.

The opposition is literally shoveling finds into the garbage so people never see them, Palestinians for example are caught doing this with priceless artifacts uncovered in the dirt of Jerusalem around what they call the temple-mount.
 People are going through
the discarded trash of certain groups and pulling out artifacts from the 1st temple period with ancient Hebrew writing on them.

I am very thankful for those who selflessly work to share such information for the benefit of others, despite being harassed and assaulted constantly for even just making mention of such things.



This page has embedded videos, however sometimes they may not load correctly and be invisible when internet speeds are low, to fix this simply refresh the page, you can refresh by hitting the F5 key.

Please make time every now and then to study into and witness the evidences and testimonies such as the ones contained on this page.

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus  Documentary

This group has been studying into Biblical archaeology for awhile and wanted to bring to the world a new high quality documentary showcasing their realizations.

Their 1st project has finally made it out as a 2 hour long documentary, and they're still working on more.
 The next part of their project will be in smaller videos so it's easier to digest.
I'm unable to share this documentary publicly for free at this time.
 If you act quickly, it's still up on Netflix, in the U.S. and Canada at least.
(If you have Netflix in another country that does not have this documentary, there are ways to log into Netflix with it thinking you're in a different area such as the U.S., and it showing you a different selection for that area.)

In this particular documentary they may not undo the illusion of modern science, but they do bring to attention the weak arguments from modern archaeologists for their dating and quick rejection of the scriptures.
 The modern archaeologists are wanting to hang onto certain dates and not question them for when all of the Biblical events took place, causing these men to be blind to any possible evidence even when it's right in front of them for years.

Here is a link to the Patterns of Evidence website;


Here is a trailer for this documentary from their YouTube channel;


Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the days of Abraham these cities were destroyed by YHWH for their wicked behavior.
 All of the inhabitants, and everything of their cities too, were burnt to the point that it was as if they never existed and the areas are a desolate wasteland.

It was all reduced to ash, even the very stones that the cities were built with combusted and became ashes!
The Bible tells us that it rained brimstone and fire from the heavens from YHWH onto the cities that he was angry with.
 Brimstone is another word for sulfur. Sulfur can burn very hot.
An interesting side note, many may picture in their head it raining orange fire, but burning brimstone(sulfur) actually looks blue or purple. 
 Here is a video example from Indonesia showing the eerie flame of brimstone;


The remains of these destroyed cities are still there today as a pile of ashes.

This is yet another thing which YHWH allowed Ron Wyatt to rediscover and bring back to the public as a testimony.
The Bible gives good indication of the general area the cities were destroyed in, also looking at an aerial view of the area, there are some areas that stand out like blank spots on the ground.
 You're fully able to see this on Google maps.

In the area there are many rocks and terrain, and then suddenly at the spots of the cities, the color of the ground changes, the terrain is much different, and it's nothing but ashes.

These places obviously stand out as unusual and when calibrating how we look at the area, suddenly we can perceive an ancient Canaanite town reduced to ashes.
There was enough evidence in these points alone to see we've most likely found the remains, and the most amazing evidence had not even been realized yet.
Ron Wyatt 1st prayed for amazing evidence to really show that he found the remains of the cities, and afterward it rained in the area.  
 Realize that rain in that area is very rare, and it's thought that is part of the reason why these remains have lasted for thousands of years.
After the small rain, it caused something to be revealed in the ashes, there were millions of chunks of brimstone within the ashen remains!
 Furthermore, the brimstone(sulfur) we find at these locations is the purest sulfur found on Earth, this fact causes the sites to stand out even more as amazing evidence.

Not only does the ashen remains show the place was burning and reached extremely high temperatures, but the brimstone pieces as well show evidence that they were burning and were smothered out from all the ash blocking out oxygen.
These remains are a testimony for us today, an example of the fate that awaits those who will not obey YHWH and who refuse to walk the path of righteousness.
2 Peter 2:6 "And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly"

Here is a documentary from "Revealing God's Treasures", showing the remains of the cities as a pile of ashes and millions of chunks of brimstone in the ashes.;



Michael Rood's documentary on the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah.

 Let me say, Michael Rood right away starts saying things which are not found in the Bible, but are theory and assumptions. Do not absorb information from videos and people as doctrinal truth until you've tested to see if it's from the scriptures, otherwise understand it as what it is, theory and assumption. Do the same with all of the videos out there since it is hard to find a video that doesn't add in non-Biblical information. Such information can be true, but a lot of it likely turns out to be incorrect and out of line with the truth.


Here is the same Michael Rood documentary above, but in Español(Spanish).

Sodoma y Gomorra - En Español - Michael Rood;


Website showing more of evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah from Ron Wyatt;


I'd like to share about the sins of these cities.
It's popular for modern Christians to teach these cities were burnt up for homosexual perversion as if that was the only reason and as if it actually even says that in the text when it doesn't, but them doing that alters how people understand this event.
 The people were doing many sins, the Bible does not say they were destroyed solely for homosexual behavior. Many may erroneously think they have nothing to learn from or fear from this event as long as they're not performing homosexual acts.

Ezekiel 16:49 "Behold, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy, and they were haughty, and committed abomination before me, therefore I took them away as I saw good"

The Red Sea Crossing of the Exodus.

YHWH saved his people out of the land of Egypt(Mitzrayim), and after they had left the Egyptians pursued them.
 The people became trapped in a location with the Red Sea blocking their progress. With nowhere else to go and the Egyptians closing in on them, YHWH parted the Red Sea so that his people could travel through on dry ground!
 It came to pass that after all of his people made it to the other side, that the Egyptians had also pushed forward and took the path made by YHWH for his people. While they were in the midst of the Red Sea, YHWH closed the path and the waters crashed onto them, destroying all of the enemies of his people there.

Today the mainstream throws people way off from the actual locations of these events, telling people complete lies that have no basis in truth.
 The actual locations look to have been relocated, complete with large amounts of what looks like wreckage with coral growths over it. There are even reports of gold chariot wheels being seen there.

Here is a documentary by "Revealing God's Treasures", on the location of the Red Sea crossing.
(I am not sure on the beginning of this documentary when it discusses possible record of Joseph and Moses in Egypt, it seems like the people goes from saying something is an assumption with good chances, to talking like it is fact, which I do not like and they should always specify when something is a theory or assumption.
I have not looked into these records of Moses and Joseph personally yet.
The other parts of the video appear fine though);



Further evidence of chariot wheels in the Red Sea;



A man giving another testimony concerning the chariot wheels in the Red Sea



Danny Wyatt recaps his work at Red Sea Crossing.



Website showing more of the evidence of the Red Sea crossing;


Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

After YHWH took for himself a people whom he saved out of Egypt from harsh slavery, he led them to a mountain which is known as Mount Sinai.
 It was here that YHWH came down before all of the people onto the mount, and it looked like the mount was blazing.
 Moses went up to meet YHWH there and YHWH gave him his covenant there.
 YHWH also spoke with his own voice in the hearing of all the people, he spoke what is known as "the 10 commandments", that is why there are 10 commandments on the tablets of stone. The tablets of stone were called "the testimony" and also "the covenant", written with the finger of Elohim, they were placed in the Ark of the Covenant, which is also known as the Ark of the Testimony.
 The people were actually terrified at these events and asked for it to stop and for YHWH to just speak to Moses, and they would obey. This event made sure that the people obeyed Moses and took him seriously without doubt or question.
Modern leaders point people to an obviously wrong spot claiming it's where Mount Sinai is supposed to be, it does not match the Biblical account. Don't assume Mount Sinai is in what is modernly called the "Sinai Peninsula". Indeed the modern world has replaced a lot of truths by using this technique of name usage.

Mount Sinai is thought to have been found, inside of modern day Saudi Arabia, and the Bible also supports this, not only the Bible but the evidence and logic.
 Sure many are assuming Mount Sinai is on the "Sinai Peninsula", but an unreliable person just gave that area that name.
 Deciding to name your yard "Mount Sinai" wouldn't mean it's located in your yard, right? Neither will it magically move there because you just really want it to be there.

While this location is thought to be found, there are some hurdles that prevent us from exploring it freely for more interesting evidences.
 The Saudi government has fenced the area off with guards nearby, does not talk about it, and does not allow people to go there.

I will quickly share Ronny Wyatt talking about how certain men don't want others to know about this area;



Next is a documentary on the area where Yisrael came out of Egypt, crossed the Red sea, and where YHWH came down from the Heavens in the sight of all to see and spoke where everyone could hear him.
It also shows the cave of EliYahu("Elijah"), the altar that the golden calf was placed on when the children of Yisrael sinned with it, also the 12 pillars, and the altar at the base of the mount Moses built, and the rock that split in two and water gushed out of it when the children of Yisrael said they were dying of thirst.
(I would like to mention, Ron Wyatt found this before the people in the documentary, he snuck into Saudi Arabia and gathered evidence to bring out, but due to him worried with his physical condition he wouldn't make it back out the way he came in, he tried to exit casually through the controlled border, but was quickly arrested by the Saudi Arabia government and lost his evidence.);

Galatians 4:25 "Now Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, she corresponds to the present Yerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children"



If you would like to see the general area of this find on a map, here is the link;  https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Jebel+al+Lawz,+Tabuk+Province+49882,+Saudi+Arabia&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48705608,d.eWU&biw=1366&bih=653&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl  )

Website showing evidence of Mount Sinai;


Amazing testimony from Dr. David Kim who got to visit Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia


Noah's Ark and The Worldwide Flood.

Not many people expect there to be a trace left of Noah's ancient boat for us to observe today, but that hasn't stopped some from searching for something.

In their search men have claimed to find very unusual sites, some of which show ancient remains of many animals that do not live in the region today.

Here is a Documentary by "Phenomenon Archives" on Ron Wyatt's work on a boat shaped object in eastern Turkey that was hoped to be the remains of Noah's Giant Ark.
 This find is 6375 feet above sea level nowhere near water, with giant anchor stones nearby(biggest known in the world);



(Note: If you would like to see the general location of this find in Turkey on a map, here is a link;


A different documentary on the same find from "Revealing God's Treasures", showing the work of Ron Wyatt on this possible candidate.
This documentary on Noah's Ark in Turkey from "Revealing God's Treasures" seems to sometimes teach assumptions and possibilities as if they are known facts, so don't repeat all of the details they say unless you research it yourself to confirm, I am talking about the details which they do not clearly confirm for you in their videos;

(The video went down, I will have to find another link)

Ronny Wyatt talking about Noah's Ark in Turkey;


•  "Ark Discovery" is a website that shows more of the claimed evidence for the find in Turkey by Ron Wyatt;


Evidences that suggest large amounts of water is inside the Earth.



Fossils are an amazing testimony that can be found worldwide, these are evidence to a worldwide cataclysmic flood.
While blind modern science may lead young school children into illogically believing things die then turn into fossils, that is not the case and is ridiculous in explaining the extremely large amount of fossils.
Using your Elohim given common sense, what actually happens if something dies outside?
 Do you say it turns into a fossil?
Or do you realize it 1 way or another turns back to dust and it's remains do not last, as if it never existed?
The fossils of our world show many things were buried in mud to form fossils, many things even being preserved as if they were in the middle of their lives then sudden disaster struck.
 For example, there are things such as animals in the middle of eating, birthing, mating, and so on.

I am a fossil hunter and when I go to a new area it's 1 of the 1st things I like to do. I've witnessed ancient remains of sea creatures in high altitudes, on mountains! This is a worldwide spectacle too, you may be able to view this in your area too.
 I ask that you please be careful and do not destroy any such evidences though for they are priceless and irreplaceable, also to not horde up priceless evidences for yourself hiding them from the rest of the world.

Another false teaching of the world is that a fossil takes a very long time to form, this false teaching is used to alter how people interpret fossils.
 This is not true, modern people have observed fossils forming. The observable evidence should alter modern science if it was actually science, but that is not the case.
 Modern people with modern clothes on have been fossilized after being trapped in mud. Unless they were time traveling, we've got the evidence to show fossils form rapidly with the proper environment. 

Messiah's Tomb.

Again, most are under the impression that the tomb of the Messiah where he was laid to rest but then rose from death 3 days later, doesn't exist anymore for us to see today, after all, modern Christians for whatever reason are not big on sharing such things.
 However we are able to see this site of interest.

The tomb of the Messiah;



The Ark of the Covenant.

Many have searched for this under the impression that it was lost, however, it has never been lost, but hidden.
Ancient scriptures detail how the Ark was hidden within the land of Yisrael before it was captured and destroyed by Babylon, when the children of Yisrael turned away from YHWH and quit obeying him and he brought a foreign nation upon them to destroy them and take the survivors into captivity.

Furthermore, modern day Israel admits that they know where the Ark of the Covenant is now, but they've not extracted it yet from it's location, but are hoping for a new temple to be built for it.
 They're not giving many details to the public concerning it, but are keeping it "low-key".

Here is a quick video of The Temple Institute of Israel admitting that they know where the Ark of the Covenant is, and confirms it is hidden in a chamber under the ground in Yerusalem;


This fact as well is stated on the Temple Institute's website.
 The Temple Institute is the organization that is over the rebuilding of the new temple in Yisrael.
 This is a significant statement, for multiple reasons, but it's not being spread.

 Here is a link to that page on their website;


Documentary made by "Revealing God's Treasures" going over Messiahs Tomb, Crucifixion site, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Ron Wyatt, who relocated many things, also made a major claim concerning the Ark of the Covenant.
 He made the claim he spoke about the Ark of the Covenant without him being the one speaking it, concerning it's location.
 He dug in Yisrael and claims to have found the chamber that held the Ark of the Covenant and other artifacts that were hidden away.
 Further, he claims he had an interaction with the watchers, and that the Ark of the covenant had the blood of Messiah on it, and that they figured out the Messiah was executed directly above the chamber, and when the earth split, the blood that spilled out of his side from the spear wound, ran down the crack into the earth, and poured onto the Ark of the Covenant.

If all of that is true, words can't describe how amazing that is.
 It wasn't until Ron made this claim that people started to realize such a thing amazingly fit Biblically.

Ron did not produce any solid evidence yet for this find, and he also said Israel was insisting that he not make it widely known yet for political reasons.
 He did show plenty of evidence that he was indeed working and digging in Yisrael.

Further he made the claim that he was allowed to take a sample of the blood for evidence to be tested, and in the laboratory the people were in absolute shock because the old dry blood was still alive when it should have been dead, and it showed signs of a person with only 1 parent.

The skeptics love to take jabs with the fact Ron didn't reveal any evidence yet, saying he told us lies, though this is for you to decide, until the day the evidence is released publicly for a testimony to the world.

Not only do we have the many things Ron accomplished that we can verify to give us a little more trust in him than just a random man making a claim, but Israel and the things they're saying actually are lining up with what Ron said, such as them knowing where the Ark is now and that it's in a chamber under the ground.


Adding to the list of things that happened for Ron Wyatt that seemed too amazing to just be random coincidence, the way Ron Wyatt gained the needed permit to be able to dig in Yisrael for the Ark's recovery is an interesting story I thought may be worth sharing.
 While in need of the permit, he went out swimming with his family, during his casual swim, he accidentally discovered ancient philistine artifacts in Ashkelon by bumping his foot into them while swimming at the beach..;


Website going over more information on the Ark of the Covenant;



Kent Hovind summarizing what Ron Wyatt told him about his find of the Ark.


The City of Jericho.

>ancient city of yericho ruins fit to what the bible said
>wall fell down, except one area of the wall(this is good)
>city burned after wall fell down
>gathered food lines up with biblical story saying it happened at gathering time

The city of Yericho that Yisrael conquered when they were taking the land that YHWH gave to them, is still visible today, and proves to fit to the Biblical details, even the supernatural collapsing of Yericho's walls.
The details of this site have been swept under the rug by mainstream atheist archaeologists who mindlessly accepted the words of another atheist archaeologist who worked there and hastily made negative claims about the site.
 The story of how this site has been handled by modern archaeologists is a good example at how modern fake science destroys valuable knowledge.

Jericho Documentary.



The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls were a priceless find at Qumran in Yisrael, back around 1947.

It seems too amazing to be just a coincidence, these texts slumbered, hidden away for around 2000 years, but were recovered within months of Yisrael being restored as a nation in the land again!
Around 980 different texts have been recovered so far from the caves at Qumran, in the Judaean Desert.
Many very old copies of scriptures were found along with many other writings from the Hebrew people.

Despite what some false teachers are making it sound like, the scrolls were almost entirely in Hebrew.

We don't seem to have a definite answer as to why someone hid all of these texts, 1 of the theories is that Jews in the area were about to be conquered by their enemies, so they hid their valuable texts.
Do understand, texts like these were very valuable in times past, they did not have printing presses and modern technology.
 Everything had to be carefully copied by hand!

This find confirms a great number of things.
 To name a few, it is yet another great find that displays the people of YHWH being in the land of Yisrael.
 Some modern people have started trying to deny entirely that the Hebrews even were there, and their false accusations are spreading to unknowing people who take it as fact and then continue spreading the lies.
The scrolls also showed us that our scriptures we have today are just as accurate as they were thousands of years ago and the scriptures we hold today are the same that people were holding in the days of the Messiah!
Something I find of interest, they also confirmed things like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees were being held as true scripture in those days.
 This point gives us insight into what the people of those days knew compared to modern people.
 Reading the "New Testament", I had thought the people in those days were knowledgeable in the things contained in those lesser known books, and this find helps confirm that the people of those days had them. 
(These books are lesser known today because men have tried to hide them from us for whatever reason. A time came where the Catholic congregation wanted them all destroyed so no one could ever read them, and they helped cause the surviving copies to be limited.)

News came out recently that the Palestinians have started claiming the Dead Sea Scrolls as theirs, and are trying to take them from the Yisraeli.
 I certainly hope that this find does not fall into the wrong hands, and that no one takes such a claim seriously.

It's thought that there are more things to find in the area, and people are sometimes caught sneaking around in the area digging illegally.

The Israeli government fears men will come in and take the priceless artifacts and mishandle them, they're about to launch an expedition to locate more finds in the area, before they're lost. 


"Archaeology: Digging for the Truth of the Bible".

Here is a video that goes over multiple Bible related finds that may interest you.;



Hebrew inscription dug up in Kursi Yisrael.


Los Lunas Mountain stone, New Mexico, United States.

The 10 Sayings (what most people call "the 10 commandments) written in Paleo-Hebrew, found on Los Lunas mountain in New Mexico, United States;

Bat Creek Inscription, Loudon County Tennessee, United States.

The "Bat Creek inscription", was found in the year 1889.

An artifact appearing to be a bracelet with an inscription in ancient Hebrew saying "For Yahuda".

This find may have never made it public if the finders actually knew what it was, but knowledge of ancient Hebrew writing was mostly unknown in those days, leaving them to state "beyond question these are letters of the Cherokee alphabet", and they assumed it was a Cherokee language.
Then someone who was familiar with paleo Hebrew happened to see a photograph of this find and recognized it as ancient Hebrew, and the photograph of it was published with the writing upside down.

Decalogue stone and keystone, Licking County Ohio, United States.

The Decalogue Stone, and keystone, was found in the year 1860.

2 Artifacts found with Hebrew inscriptions.
The Keystone had "The holy of holies", "The Law of Elohim" "The King of the Earth" and "The Word of YHWH", inscribed on it.
The Decalogue Stone is an artifact with "the 10 commandments" inscribed on it.

The City of Gath


  Testimony of Ron Wyatt's Sons and Them Revisiting the Locations of the Finds From Ron Wyatt.

    Danny and Ronny(Ron Wyatt's sons), give their testimony and thoughts on the discoveries made by Ron and also visit the site of the red sea crossing, sodom and gomorrah, and yerusalem;


Merneptah Stele.



  Evidence of the Historicity of the Bible.


The Shroud of Turin.  

The shroud of Turin is claimed to be a modern day miracle due to no one understanding how it could be created and no one being able to duplicate it.

Turin is the name of the place it has been kept.

Many claim this is a clever fake, I myself don't take either side yet, though I still uploaded so that others can view and hear the claims for themselves.

When I finally looked into it, I was interested in the data, and if everything said about it is indeed true and not a lie, then it leaves you wondering.

Please look over the "interpretations" of the scriptures mentioned a few times during this video, as it's difficult to find videos speaking cleanly.




Below here I may post a bunch of random videos without detail, just to get them up on the site and work with them later.




Official Seal of King Hezekiah. Sennacharib's Prism.

The seal of King Hezekiah has been unearthed.
Video also includes mention of Sennacharib's Prism, a witness from an enemy nation.






Further Information

My comments on Ron Wyatt.

I will give some quick comments and thoughts about Ron Wyatt, a man who you are likely to notice in some of the biblical finds.
You can skip this


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You can save these videos for future use, and also you can burn them to cds and dvds to take and watch with others.

However, honor the rights of others, and do not break any laws with these tools.

Beware of some of these sites though, they may try to scam you and infect you.

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It is best to avoid accepting anything downloadable from an unverifiable source.

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