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Links to Others

This page is for links to other pages and people, to help you uncover a wide source of efforts from people.

Do not ever think I don't want you to explore other sources of information, I certainly want you to explore others, as they may do a better job than I can at certain things.

Whoever you come across, be sure to test them against the Word of YHWH, and do your best to judge with wisdom.

The body of Messiah should all work together, and inspire each other.


After you learn the Truth, go out as well and spread it through simple conversations and media. If you have a certain talent, use it for the work of righteousness to help others.


Also keep in mind, if me or any other person share the work of others to you, that doesn't mean they're flawless, or perfect.

Also, a good man today, may struggle and slip away tomorrow for a period and end up in dark things again and no longer be good company for a growing child of YHWH.


Also, 1 man may be knowledgeable on 1 subject and share good stuff on it, but is still needing to grow in another area, so if you recognize what is good, you can gain from their good sharing, and also maybe you can help them grow in what they lack. I always hope people do this for me as well.


What is good, is good, and what is bad, is bad. Just because a man says something true or good, don't start thinking all they ever say will be the same. Be on guard, and through this practice you will grow in knowledge and solidity.

(I've recently removed some links to people I no longer wanted to expose you to. Groups who grow in popularity are seemingly getting too carried away, and not growing any longer. Perhaps when a lot of people come to a group, that group grows in pride, forgetting they too are students, and instead start acting as a perfect knowledge simply because a lot of people began to pay attention to them.)