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Beauty/appearance can play a role in health, happiness, and well being. We are wired that way.

I thought it should be included in this section due to the great impact it can have, and to share how beauty is not bad and sinful like some groups are teaching to their congregations and children.

Though this is actually a risky subject because of the mindset of most people today, as they are behaving in very poor ways with wrong impressions about beauty, and if I talk a lot about beauty it may cause them to care about the wrong things way too much and then jump back into following their own ways.

There are indeed a lot of evils going on due to an obsession with beauty and crossing of moral boundaries to try and get ahead of others, but taking care of your natural beauty, grooming yourself,  is of course not evil.
Unless of course you're doing it for the sake of sinning, and to use it to gain power to cause someone to stumble in what they should be doing.

I have not been able to refine the writing yet to where I am not sounding shallow and vain, and to not appear to be saying something I am not and promoting worship of vanity.

I actually hoped that the people who visited the beauty page would be more aware and able to care less for vanity, and be happier with themselves instead of stressing out over thoughts that are not near reality.
However at this time I am just not comfortable with the current state of the information that I wrote out.

I like to focus on many different points to "overkill" issues, and on the subject of beauty that may not be such a good thing with the current generation.

So due to me not being able to find a final form of that writing yet, I took it away for now.

I will just leave you with a few statements.

Do not think real natural beauty is bad, and maintenance of a human body is even natural for us.
It would be unnatural if we were animals, but we are not.

Health is one of the greatest factors in your personal beauty, so keep it and you will be vibrant and glow.
Stay far away from modern drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, and do not trust the medical industry to actually tell you how to become healthy.

Don't fall for modern beauty products that just want your money and may actually perpetuate problems and impact health.

Hygiene is critical.
In attraction, it downright outranks natural beauty. A naturally very beautiful person with terrible hygiene becomes someone who repels others.
Focus on hygiene daily as part of your habits, not only on special occasions.
I would include in your hygiene the state of your surrounding environment, like your house and property, not just your body.
You can work on yourself all day, but it will not be as good if you live with like 300 dogs. Not only will the environment rub off on you, but you will be associated with your environment.

Above all, a good heart is the most beautiful thing a person can have.
Truly nice people are rare, and attractive.


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