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Staying Close To YAH, and not "backsliding"

In modern times, we may have the best access to knowledge than people in the past, yet it also may be the absolute most dangerous time for a human soul in history.

While so few are repenting today truly, even fewer are able to "finish the race" as they should.

Once we seek YHWH and get close to him, we have to be aware that the world and darkness is trying to stealthily sneak between you and YHWH and lead you and your heart far away from him without you realizing until it's too late and at that point you are so far away you are not sure how to get back to where you was.
This is a horrible position to be in, and it is a common one today.

We must be aware that this is something that happens, and we need to know the consequences and stay on guard to keep it from happening.

The moment you sense you're being carried away, you need to refuse to tolerate it and fix the issue immediately, or else you may never find the way back to your father, get locked in a battle with your flesh, and you will perish in unholiness.

Now, the modern world is a hard place to walk the right path in for a few reasons, one is false and lying teachings.

Yet one of the supreme monster of the reasons, is amusements.

People are keeping themselves in a constant state of trying to be amused, this keeps their mind from thinking very efficiently and they are basically distracted from the moment they are able to think until the moment they breathe their last breath and start to return to the Earth.
Is is amusements and the spirit they are putting in humans that keeps them from studying the scriptures and investing any amount of time into knowledge and truth.

Those who have read the entire bible are still in danger, don't think you are safe for sure just because you know YHWH(ha'satan knows him and even would speak with him before his throne in the heavens).
Such people who feel they are very well safe, may even be more susceptible to being carried away.
Even if you read the entire bible, you must continue staying in the scriptures or else other spirits will beat at the doors of your heart trying to break in.
Some may read and feel like they have finished and done enough, and because of that they stop spending time thinking about right things and instead turn to worldly things that take over their mind and body.

Amusement is a weapon being used against you to control you.
Amusement is a diversion of your attention, and most people are addicts to amusement. The result is the modern world, and has even gotten worse even in just the last 20 years.

Amuse actually means "without thought/thinking", and amusements will keep you from deep thinking.

Amusements for us are fine and an awesome part of life, if they're acceptable and in healthy amounts of course,
though people are still carried away by what starts out as just occasional hobbies and then they turn into addictions and the time spent on them and thinking about them continues to grow more and more.

So one simple way to spot a problem developing is to see if you're spending less and less time with YHWH or even no time at all.
Stay solid in the amount of time you spend in the holy spirit.

Today some of the biggest offenders are cell phones, computers, tablets, games, sports, world news, politics, and facebook.
If you are having addictions to these things and use them constantly, you need to fix this issue.
You can't do your best at anything if you constantly stop to play with your phone or facebook and constantly dump your train of thought for addictions.

Children are also being brought up to be amusement addicts to where they can't function without them, and it's all they can think about. All play, no work or thought ever.
Parents are very much responsible for this happening, and often they cause such amusement addictions because the amusements babysit their children, such as putting a kid in front of the tv for hours so the parent can do whatever they want, now often what the parent wants is the kid to leave them alone so they themselves can go be alone with their amusement addictions.

Mankind is stuck in a terrible situation and loop that is spiraling downward.
It seems as these distractions and addictions grow larger, human hearts are doing the opposite and shrinking.

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Amusements, distractions, addictions. Beware.

Spending time in fantasy land carries you away, limit your time there.

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