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This page is used to share what's going on recently, remind others of upcoming events, and occasionally share information similar to patch notes relating to the development of the site.

I also like to let others know that I am still around and that this is a living site despite my current conditions in life slowing my progress currently.




The opportunity for me to return to working on this website and put in the amount of hours needed is finally returning to me.
I am not yet fully back to the situation I would like and have had in the past, but by the grace of YHWH I will find my way back to it.
Some issues are that I see my website host is not updating my pages with the changes I want, with no clear solution yet.
Also, some things have been updated/altered, like Youtube embedding, which has broken all of my embedded videos on the site to where I will have to go through and manually redo them all.
If anyone out there is reading this, please let some of your prayers be with me for my effort to share the truth with others and reach my potential, and for me to overcome the dark spirits that are interested in subduing and pacifying me to sabotage my works.
 The projects that I work on are for the sake of all those who are still walking around in the dark, not for me.


I am still around, though I have still not been able to sit down yet in my study where I work from, for the amount of time I need to focus on completing this site and correcting its problems such as not being clear and concise to the point.

It is my hope that this opportunity returns for me very soon within the next few months and I can update this site from the draft form to the more final ideal form.

I am working here and there on correcting some typos and grammar mistakes, I am not perfect with spelling and grammar, and I also often edit pages when I am in need of sleep so I may more easily look over when I've typed a completely different word than intended.
 Please use the submit suggestion box to quickly mention any typos if you want.

An incoming update will make the site more useful for understanding the creator's calendar and also as a source to come to when you need to check what day it is within the real calendar, and know when to observe the days of YHWH.
 Like with most things I've shared, this topic will stir up controversy because I do not observe the pagan calendar referred to as the Gregorian, and neither do I observe the tradition of the Pharisees that they've apparently picked up in Babylon to watch the moon to determine the creator's calendar.

Today as I write this I am observing Sukkot and me and my family are dwelling in tents, I hope that others have tracked the time the best they can and put forth effort to celebrate Sukkot and praise and bless YHWH and remember what all he has done for his people.

As I have said before, for those of you who are becoming lukewarm and grey, please fight against your flesh, seek to restore the fire within you and let your heart burn for YHWH, and look for righteousness as you once did, with the heart of an innocent child.

As always, despite my failure to speedily form this site into its full potential, I pray that others were still able to be blessed by it and get an idea of the truth that leads to their eyes being opened.

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I remove posts after they've been up for so long or when I feel they've fulfilled their purpose.

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