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You may have noticed I've made use of Circumcise Your Heart media channels to assist in sharing various videos of interest.

One main reason I've done this is the channel tries to maintain a less hostile environment since these sort of topics act as a beacon that summons in nasty disrespectful folk, much like a bright light at night attracts all of the bugs in the neighborhood.

Having no desire for selfish self-gain from truth and knowledge is very important to me, and it is a sign to others that the person is not just trying to trick people for a quick buck, but is being real and sincere, not acting.

The channel is also non-profit and only wants to share information with you and not distract or waste your time with ads in order to make a profit.
(However others try to make money on the content any way possible, and may force ads onto some of the videos that sends revenue back to them. They can do this if they claim a right to anything occurring in the video, it could be just a 3 second long melody that doesn't really have anything to do with the video but they will quickly claim copyright and enable advertisements on that video.)
I'll share a screenshot for evidence, showing that the channel itself has never taken any profit.

These stats are set to the Lifetime of the channel, covering it's entire existence, and under revenue it says $0.00 showing that no attempt at self-profit has been made;

Link to the Youtube channel;


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