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Recently I mentioned to someone how relationships have a poor chance of surviving in good health and being full of happiness Unless both people fear and obey YHWH.

One only has to look around them to see this fact, that it is a rare sight to see a truly happy couple living a fulfilling life, and divorce rates in some countries are so high that no one expects a new marriage to last more than a number of years, if even a year.

It is also evident that those who obey YHWH and have faith in his son the Messiah, are not plagued by the same relationship problems.
Even though they may go through troubles their bond grows deeper and they can survive it.

Modern Christians are lawless and aggressive towards the thought of being obedient to something.
So I would encourage you to not rush into a relationship with someone like that, but someone who is obedient to YHWH and understands the importance of doing what is right, and loving others.
You don't have to count such people out of a possible candidate for you, but the thing you offer to them 1st should be YHWH's Truth, not your body.

YHWH has actually said he would bless people in these things, and he has also said they would be cursed if they did not obey his commandments. So if you do not want to be cursed and possibly killed, and the one whom your heart burns for to go to another, I suggest you study the words of Elohim and obey. 

fter I mentioned this topic, I started to think about some details behind why YHWH's people are successful in this area.
I started populating a list that is still growing.


YAH and the scriptures have taught the man and woman;

o have a heart.

To love each other as they love themselves.

To become one with each other.

For the man to protect his woman and provide her with her needs.
(Real needs)

To be a partner and helper, not a hurter/enemy.

To never abandon each other.

To die for each other.

To not judge the other by appearance, but by their inner beauty.

And on the outside appearance, they interpret it differently than what the world sees, they can see the beauty in all things, and all things are perfect because YAH has made them.

To forgive the other when they make a mistake and is truly sorry, and not hold a grudge.
(Do not take this the wrong way though however and think this applies to things like adultery, sins like that break the bond)

To make wise judgments for situations.

To overlook minor screw ups, and not make a big deal out of it.

To be patient with all people, including children.

To raise children in the right way, and teach them all that they need to know.

To appreciate the other, to appreciate every good thing they do and notice it.

To be quick to listen and understand.

To not be deceitful or tell a single lie to the other.(This is significant in keeping the relationship alive. Just think about all of the scenarios of modern relationships that can not happen when no one is deceiving the other. And as well this keeps everything out in the open to be worked out quickly.)

To love the other's parents as if they are their own parents, because they truly are when the 2 become 1.

To love the foreigner as themself, so problems from couples who are not from the same race are minimized, and the problems are non-existent if the couples parents and siblings obey this as well.

To not love riches or the wealth of the world, to not be rich in those, but be rich in good works and store up in the heavens.

For the man to be diligent in the things in his life, knowing what is going on around him, not being oblivious.
(I don't know if I have the best words for this)

Knowledge and wisdom in all things, which effect every part of their lives in a positive way, enhancing the relationship.

For them to be happy/content with only their daily bread and bare needs. This alone dispels so many modern marriage problems.

To not be a stumbling block, or teach lawlessness.

To not look at pornography or other people lustfully, people who do this give their passion away to strangers, and do not give it to their mate. We are not allowed to sin with lust against our mates in that way, and other peoples mates.
This also leads peoples heart away to other people.

Now think about other relationships compared to this one I have mentioned.
They are selfish, greedy, always taking-taking-taking and not giving, they're of the flesh, not thoughtful, not sensitive to others thoughts and feelings, unloving.
Do your best to not get involved in such "relationships", if you can even really call them a relationship.



YAH is
not bound by the laws of existence since he is the one who commanded them to be, and he can bless you both and your relationship without anything stopping him, nothing can hold back his hand.

People dream of these perfect fairy tale, happy ending, what many call unrealistic relationships that they they see in stories and television.
While for the average people those are mostly pretty unrealistic, they're not so unrealistic when YAH is blessing you, and serving him is the best chance of those becoming a reality.

You see in many movies a man being practically invincible, and going to save his woman, which is highly unrealistic. And When men watch those movies it tends to cause them to be puffed up with pride and wanting to be just like that-by their own power- which takes them away from YAH.
However the
righteous really can become like that.
A good example is when King David returned to his city with his men and found that the whole city had been robbed and burned and the mens women and children had been stolen and carried away, including King David's wives. King David inquired of YHWH and chased them down and utterly destroyed them returning everything back.

1 Samuel 30:3

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