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To contact me, e-mail me at:

I keep everything private and confidential.
 If there is something on your mind or something you want to talk about but you think it may be inappropriate to say or is embarrassing, you don't have to worry, I am very understanding and know how life really is and what can take place in it.

So if you feel like it would help you in any way don't be afraid to reach out and I can pray for you.

If you're at a point where you're desperate for prayer though please make sure you use it as motivation to fully repent and return to YHWH with all of your heart, soul, and mind.
Go through your life and get rid of everything that is not good, pure, and wholesome, including pride and unclean thoughts so that you can be transformed and confident in your repentance. Good repentance is a daily work that must not be neglected.
I know what it feels like to be in a bad state and have feelings of hopelessness and fear tormenting you and it makes me really sad to think of anyone else having to feel that but it is sometimes essential in our life for us to be broken down so that we will finally become malleable again to continue our growth and be perfected.

I prefer to be contacted by e-mail but if you just want to quickly reach me or prefer to be fully anonymous, you can also just use the submit suggestion page but I can't get back with you through that method unless you leave me a way to contact you back.

Also if you're seeking guidance there are also others you can make use of such as Tom at EliYah.com, he is one I know of that is happy to share to those seeking assistance and devotes a lot of his time to helping others in their growth and journey.
(I'm not associated with EliYah.com, other than we are all part of the body of Messiah and part of YAH's family. So, realize that we are indeed 2 separate witnesses to what the Bible says.)

I try to read and consider all messages sent to me, putting value on the people and loving them even though I only know them from an E-mail message.

I may not reply speedily due to distractions, and as well I can be a bit shy, but, I will hear what you have to share.

I enjoy suggestions and corrections, and I love information that helps better me.

A portion of those contacting me are people who are harboring doctrines that are contradicted by what is shared on this website so they jump to contact me with the usual common misconceptions, without really 1st reading or considering what was even shared by me already.
They then may proceed to write a long mixed up message just to tell me that I am wrong, or suggest me to join myself to some denomination of Churchianity.
Sometimes they accuse me of being something that I am not that the introduction page even made it clear I was not if they had bothered to read even that much.

So to those who want to say things toward me and reply to what I shared without even hearing what I actually said in the 1st place, please take the time to actually read a few of the main pages here.
 I have shared these in love, even for you.

It does not take that long, and you may see that what you're bringing to me to use against me, is already covered, and not really evidence that supports what Churchianity may claim it does.

Often some are triggered and jump to accuse me of being wrong when I've just repeating exactly what the Bible says, it's not even what I said, they behave contradictory.

I certainly am not immune to mistakes on any subject, and appreciate those being pointed out so I can correct them, as I want to be corrected if I make a mistake anywhere.
 Sometimes I say the wrong things, not even being what I was actually meaning or thinking.

Though if you're offended at what I shared and it was just a Bible quote that bothers you, then you're not really trying to correct me, but the Bible.
 If you don't like what the Bible says, then it's not me who you're resisting, but the one who gave us the scriptures, you should do some reflection if you realize you're resisting any scriptures.

Again, I am never asking anyone to submit to me or esteem me, but to submit to the Word of YHWH and esteem him and his son, for their benefit, not mine, that's what all of this is about.

Thank you to all who have contacted me over the years, I've been blessed by so many of you.

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