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1 Corinthians 1:10 "I appeal to you brothers, by the name of our Lord Yahushua the Messiah, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment"



I avoid getting involved on this topic too much, I've condensed this project down and will try to just share simple things concerning groups people are curious about.

I ask that you try and see that there is no point in going over every denomination, because if you truly seek YHWH, repent in humility, and begin to read the scriptures for yourself, and write the Word of YHWH on your heart, then you will start to see the denominations for what they really are, and will know when something is right or wrong.
 Falsehoods will offend your heart without much thought, if your heart has YHWH and truth written on it.

The denominations follow men and tradition over YHWH, solve the problem by refusing to follow men and tradition over YHWH.

2 Timothy 3:7 "Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth"

Join the body of Messiah, not the body of worldly groups.



"Messianic Judaism"

And all groups that claim to obey the Law and serve Yahushua the Messiah as their master, but, still hold to commandments and traditions of men as if they're part of the truth of YHWH.

I have placed this one 1st because I find it important for everyone to consider;


Rabbinical Judaism - Babylonian Talmud - The Pharisees




Catholicism is a great evil among us.

The Catholic denomination is the entity greatly responsible for introducing many of the strange doctrines and practices into what is modern Christianity.

Through this group, "modern" Christianity has come about and taken root.

Most all other denominations and "congregations" have doctrines tied to Catholicism, and have simply came from this "mother" denomination.
They may have taken slightly different paths, and deny their "mother", yet they're still of her.

Those other denominations may insult and criticize the catholic congregation, all while holding to doctrines of Catholicism, such as their man-made instructions concerning the 7th day Sabbath and the revering of the 1st day of the week "SUNday".
The basic error of the denominations is rejecting and discarding the truth for doctrines of men.

The denomination eerily lines up with the title "the mother of whores".

This denomination has grown through multiple means, some of which include forcing conversion through murder and torture.

When I speak on Catholicism I am talking on it generally like the other groups.
I'm not attacking individuals joined to it, I am thinking about the leaders and the families who shape what Catholicism is and teach it to the world when I speak about it.


Islam - the Quran/Koran - Hadiths

Islam today is a dangerous denomination, dangerous for it's participants.

The leaders of Islam has led people away from the scriptures, and taught the people to reject the Bible and never study it.

Doctrines and traditions of men are being taught.

The Quran does not line up to the ancient scriptures found inside of the Bible, and it seduces away people from the salvation of YHWH, teaching them to deny the new covenant from the Messiah, and the perfect ways of our heavenly father.

Islamic teachings may accomplish this by saying things that sound good to the typical person of the world, and may sound logical at 1st especially to one who is not familiar with the scriptures yet, and they accept the false teachings without ever seeking out the bible to study for themselves.


"Black Hebrew Israelites"
(Note, I personally do not use terms such as "black" & "white" to describe people, this is something this group calls itself.)

This is another denomination that I find important to mention, much like "Messianic Judaism".

This denomination of men is snaring souls and placing stumbling blocks out before them, teaching obsession on flesh rather than spirit and love.

Hate has come forth from their doctrines, doctrines based on assumptions and desires rather than on the solid ground of truth.


"Modern" Christianity

The "modern" version of Christianity.. is nothing like the original.

The modern version is not even really Christianity, it has just taken the name of Christianity and then told people they're good Christians if they do what they're told by modern Christian teachers.




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