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9) Religions and Denominations of Men

Colossians 2:8 "See that no one shall carry you away as spoil through philosophy and vain deceit, according to the tradition of men"

2 Timothy 4:3 "The time will come when men will not put up with true teachings. Instead, to please their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear, and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and shall be turned aside unto myths"

Acts 5:29 "Then Peter and the apostles said, it is necessary to obey Elohim rather than men"



This page is on the subject of the man-made denominations and "religious" organizations of the world.

This page, and page 8 False Teachers and Prophets, work together in synergy.

It's probably best to 1st view over page 8, it may help open your eyes to what the denominations of the world truly are, and who is running them, since you will understand and believe that false guides very much do exist and have been with us from the beginning and were foretold to be among us even up until the end of the modern world.
 Also beneficial for some is that you may realize more fully that the false guides naturally conduct themselves in ways that do not make it obvious that they're a false leader.
(They of course don't openly tell people they're false. Then they wouldn't be a threat, would they? The biggest threats are those who truly believe they're not false and behave accordingly.)

The false shepherds are the keepers of the false denominations, and traditions of men. They are the workers who nourish and sustain the blind denominations.
 These things are referred to as "churches" of the world, and this name they use is actually a marker.


Like I've said on page 8, there are different kinds of false leaders, so let's not generalize all into the same category.
 While there are indeed those who are aware of how false they are and put on a show of purity, it seems a lot are blinded and don't even realize what they are.

The false ones don't tell everyone that they're false, but want to appear righteous to those whom they wish to mislead and devour.
 False teachers also often mislead themselves into delusion.

Considering and understanding more about the false leaders that are infesting the Earth may help ready you to understand and see more easily the results of those false teachers and their madness.

The basic results of those false ones are groups of people separating from the Truth of YHWH, and being disconnected from the real body of Yahushua, and forming their own bodies.
Today these man-made "bodies" and various separations of teachings are known as and called by many different things such as religions, denominations, sects, "churches", cults, schools, traditions, religions, etc..

Most modern people have branched and splintered off from the truth in 1 way or another, and are trying to forcefully create a new root, their own personally designed root, that has no power to save them or anybody, but instead lead them all into a false way and destruction.

Beware of these snares and traps that are man created religions that are only based on the Scriptures.
Modern denominations are similar to the movies that claim they're "based on a true story", yet really are nothing like the true story, but just draws some inspiration from it for the benefit of their work. Many movie makers straight up lie and make use of the idea that their movie is a true story for the sake of enticing people to watch it.
 Hollywood openly admits that you don't have to have a true story to make a "true story movie".
Denominations are using pieces of scriptures to go along with their inventions to look legit, and through time the people have forgotten such things are not the actual real versions.

Devils are creating slaughter houses, and pasting smiling pictures of Biblical figures on the outside.
 Don't go inside thinking that a poorly pasted on superficial image really makes that place to be a house of Elohim and have anything to do with the Father and the truth.

As I have said before, the Truth is not a denomination, and it is not divided against itself.
 The truth is reality. You don't observe facts in the world and claim they're part of some certain group's understanding.

 The Bible never says to start a new separate "truth" and start calling it by a different name.
 Truth is truth, and all of the things that make it up are absolute and unchanging.
 Those who follow denominations are faithlessly acting like it is impossible to know the truth.
 Part of the theme of this very website is to awaken you to realize you can know the truth, His word is truth.

John 17:11 "Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one"

John 17:14 "I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world"

John 17:17 "Sanctify them through your truth, Your word is truth"

The main thing to real
ize on this subject is simple.
Many people are thinking that all of the varying and contradicting teachings and denominations of the world are all confusing and make it impossible to find the right way.
People with this belief and assumption will struggle to believe anyone has found the truth if they claim that they have.
The people end up making claims like you may as well just go wherever you want and believe what you want, as if the madness of the world is a valid excuse for them to join themselves to those ways that they want to be a part of and ignore instruction from the scriptures.

The madness and confusion of thousands of contradicting views is just an illusion to those who don't really care, those who are perishing.
Trust me when I tell you this, if you're one of those who are perishing, you want to change that immediately, and not get comfortable sitting where you are. Wasted time will only make it more difficult to change.

Keep in mind that in this verse, wicked can be understood as "lawless", and wickedly could be understood as "lawlessly";
Daniel 12:10 "Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand"

Consider these words carefully and seriously test yourself to see if they apply to you, modern denominations who claim to their members that they have the right and good way blow over verses such as this, and teach it's not talking about them but all the other groups, pointing fingers elsewhere;
2 Thessalonians 2:7 "For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Yahushua will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming. The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of the Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved, Therefore Elohim sends them a strong delusion so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness"

There are indeed thousands of contradicting teachings and ways of men, but all that it takes to solve this problem is actually reading the Bible and being obedient to YHWH, not being obedient to men or invented traditions of men and devils, and definitely not being obedient to pride of the flesh that tries to command you around into behaving improperly.

It's really not hard at all, it just takes heart!
 Those who have not put their heart in the right place yet however fail to see that it is actually so easy.

The wicked ones will endlessly battle it out with their pride and ways, they need to repent, truly repent.
Many may think they're repenting, but often times people are not repenting with all of their heart towards their maker in humility and with shame, and they're not really seeking the Father but are seeking worldly men and their ways, so that is what they receive.
Seek and you will find, ask and you will receive.
 Seek YHWH and his Son, ask for their truth and salvation and a heart that can understand the scriptures.

There is a difference between a child of Elohim being torn in their soul and repenting to the Father whom they love, and 1 who responds to like a "sales ad" of some denomination, who was advertising "free life"(or even something lesser like free food, friends, social activities), and you pay the denomination what they want, typically your allegiance and often times money that they claim is tithes to Elohim when the tithes do not actually belong to them. 
 I am not telling you to hate all the people in modern congregations and have nothing to do with them, but do not let them suck you into "playing congregation" with them, and converting you to "churchianity".

I don't want to invest a lot of energy and time into this subject, but rather try to focus on critical points.
 After you make it to a certain point of realization and knowledge, your eyes can see obvious things that they couldn't see before.
 When you take the time to actually learn truth and the scriptures, then you can clearly see if what you and other people are doing is in line with the truth.

This is what we should seek, to just wake up like this and learn the word of YHWH, so that this 1 simple step can dispel all of the thousands of denominations, instead of having to go over thousands of details on thousands of denominations and wasting countless hours of time.

So, I don't plan on going over all the details of every single invented denomination and confused teaching of man.
 Men and women are constantly conjuring up new denominations from misconceptions and from fleshly desires.
 With a new denomination they may get money and a position of power over some people, which sometimes can be the driving force to why they wanted to do such.
Some people also are known to get groups following them because of their fleshly lusts, and if they gain authority power and trust they can try to exploit their position to get what they want.
A well known example who has done this is Joseph Smith(even more recently is Warren Jeffs), who used his self created authority to help himself to sinful relationships, relationships that YHWH said are wickedness, and according to the Law of YHWH Joseph Smith and some of his wives would have been put to death by fire.
 Remember, the Messiah has told us we will know them by their fruits!
Going against YHWH and sinning as if it's okay or even good, and normal people trying to exalt themselves above others, are signs too loud to ignore, do not go after such people!

So, since sects are constantly trying to be born, this can be burdensome to keep up with, though I imagine they've slowed down these days due to the overwhelming amount of business competition.

I also would like to avoid appearing to single out any 1 group too much because people tie up their identity in their denominations, and think those denominations are part of who they are, when they're not really, and can be greatly tempted to become defensive when negative things are brought against their denomination.
 If people are willing to open their heart and mind and hear the Word of YHWH truly, that is going to lead to them being able to see what is right and what is wrong in the denominations.

I will try to share a little about some of the main denominations since it may help someone in 1 way or another, and hopefully can bring people back to following YHWH instead of men.

If you know the truth, then you can test everything else against that truth yourself and the worthless teachings are exposed to be useless, so I want to focus on truth with most of my efforts first, so make sure you put in time every day to study the actual truth and Word of YHWH so that you can indeed recognize it and not mistake vanity for being truth.

If you are at the stage where you are completely lost and don't know what truth is, and may be a member of one of the various religions in the world, you can focus on simple facts to lead you to truth.
You do not have to know every detail of every religion and denomination to understand if it is true or false, though you do need a certain way of thinking, and most importantly you have to actually put in the effort and time, instead of thinking about things for 1 minute out of a week, then spending the entire rest of the time pleasing yourself with amusements.

Of great benefit is to learn the power of the question.
Ask the right questions and you will find your way moving forward far quicker and easier.

Any denomination or religion I may go over, I am talking on the general ideas of the denominations.
So just because someone may call them self a Christian for example, does not mean they are anything like the typical Christian or another person who may call them self a Christian.
Or, someone who may call them self a Catholic, it does not mean they're identical to another person who also claims they're Catholic.

The world is really following whatever way they feel like, and not sticking to any one way tightly.
So, be careful with your judgments and assumptions, though it is clear if people are placing themselves in denominations like this that they're looking over the obvious fact that we do not belong in denominations of men and it's contrary to the truth.

It seems to me denominations like to prey on those who do not yet hold the knowledge of the Bible, and that is their customer base, and this is how they succeed at taking root in their minds, they are unaware that they are nesting with evil.

However, you can't simply run up to someone and reveal this plainly to them before they have been unplugged from that false reality.
Since they likely may be confusing the words of men for words of Elohim, they probably will just become offended at you and try to prevent you from speaking with them any longer.
We need to read the bible uncensored, not read it through one of the thousands denominational censors that alters the text through implanting.

We tend to be blind to this obvious fact since we are now seeing so much of denominations and are taught to think and see in this way, it's normal to modern people.
What a denomination is, what makes it work, and what it is accomplishing, is completely invisible.

A denomination is like taking a human and where they are currently at in their understanding, and then locking in that understanding, locking it in place, and then turning it into the master and teacher, a denomination's doctrine.

Now we should know people need to be constantly growing, and they are likely far from being at a point where they know everything about everything, and likely have not grown in understanding in all subjects.
For example there may be 100 subjects, and that person may increase one subject up to 50% efficiency, but has yet to get anywhere on the others, why lock that understanding position in place?
The man made denomination/sect becomes the master of the people, where they then learn of it as their teacher, and you know you won't be above your teacher, but a good student will be like it, so you will be stuck, and storing a man's understanding in your head as ultimate truth, instead of the Word.

Luke 6:40 "A student is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher"

Let us free ourselves from a denominational lock, so we no longer have a limiter attached to us, but can grow and mature freely as we should.
Make YHWH and Yahushua your teacher.

Treat everyone as an individual and get to know them, and not just label them before you know them.
The point of this website is not to give you ammo to use against people you don't know to fulfill a dark heart's selfish pleasure of attacking others.

One can call them self whatever they want and that doesn't really mean much, but actions of the people does mean much, and the fruitless and pointless attack of others shows greatly what is in the heart of a person.

There are plenty who like to claim they're doing good by attacking, such as those who love Proverbs, Psalms, and Paul's writings, since they're full of things that can be taken out of context and used against people to just abuse them, then the people claim they're doing good by attacking others for the very same things they're doing as well.

Use the scriptures rightly, not as a way and excuse to express hate.

Just as the Messiah warned about the leaven of the Pharisees(a man formed denomination that the Messiah rebuked and they wanted him put to death without cause), beware of leaven from all men, because just as a small amount of leaven infects the entire lump of dough, causing the entire thing to be affected, so can corrupt teachings do to your understanding of the truth of the word, even tiny amounts.
If you are hanging onto even the smallest amount of corruption, try to realize it, and work towards letting it go.
The problem with those who carry leaven though, they have trouble realizing, and if someone tries to help open their eyes then their pride or an evil heart may get in the way of them realizing.
Return to being unleavened and pure, just as the Messiah was his whole life.
Don't settle and say you're perfect or that you've arrived exactly where you should be, the proper mindset is to constantly be refining yourself all the days you're given.

Today, men are loving their religion, traditions, and habits, more than their heavenly Father.

While you may see many different denominations, for a large amount of people these are just "social clubs", and for this reason it can promote people to start their own social club.
A place someone joins for entertainment or to feel good.

Also people may want to start up their own "club" and make it different than the other "clubs" for the sake of attracting business, just like the typical businesses may make their choice in business a little different so they can succeed financially.

Understand that this is probably one of the biggest drives behind the modern denomination/religion problem, it is now a business that has the potential to make you rich, give you friends and love interests, free stuff, and this business takes up so little of your time it's just like a simple part time job, leaving you with enough time to sit around relaxing like a king all day, or even be able to also keep other typical jobs.
So this "business" of playing "church" can be very alluring to those who realize the profits they can make from selling what they claim to be the knowledge of Elohim.
These businesses are also exempt from taxes, which help make  modern "pastors" and "rabbis" some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world.

A common question that is aimed towards me is what religion/denomination do I belong to.

I take no offense to this question when it is asked in innocence.

Some people may think I am, like many others, targeting their personal religion/denomination, and implying they should leave it and join the one I am in.
Also they may ask simply to see if I am inside of their denomination or not, since they have been trained up to not esteem and even ignore those who are not inside their denominational circle.

I am not part of a religion, sect, or denomination of man.

Though I do hope to bring others out of their denominations of men, but not into another denomination of man, but to come out and return to looking to YHWH to uncover His ways that we should follow, instead of placing their soul in the middle of a flock of strange sheep, and looking at each other for what they are doing to decide how they should be, all the while making sure they stay cool and non offensive to current world views(That is not being set-apart from the world, now is it?).

Men calling themself pastor and rabbi, setting their self above others, are really just fellow brothers and sisters to you, they're not any more worthy of being idolized than you, we are not worthy to be set up in positions higher than our siblings like this, we are fellow students who do not have all of the answers, and we all have 1 rabbi, the lamb of YHWH, who is also known as the living Word of YHWH.

The Messiah of YHWH told us we have ONE teacher.
Now, how many teachers does the world say we have? and how many teachers does the world tolerate and fail to mention we were told that we truly have one teacher?

Matthew 23:8 "But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers"

Truth and "what is", is not a religion, denomination, sect, or any sort of separation like that.
Lies and deceit are separating themselves from reality.

The mass amount of modern denominations and such are separations, that is from truth, reality, and "what is".
Having the truth in you will certainly separate you from others, but going to the roots, you can see the falsehoods are the separations.

We are to be set apart(holy), and YHWH's people are set apart from the others of the world.
Yet these separations have nothing to do with men invented denominations and businesses.

What "religion" would you say Adam and Eve were part of?
If you were in their shoes, what would you call your religion?
Would you even call it a religion if you knew YHWH and talked face to face with him in his garden?
Would you even have trouble referring to it as a "religion" since you had perfect faith and knew YHWH personally, and knew the exact way in which to walk according to the design and plan of existence?

The masses have a blindness over them to where they can't see what a religion and denomination is, and these things are not natural, only natural in the sense that humans tend to go off on their own path and create separations where they shouldn't, and also want to and enjoy fighting with others in pride.

So you can see why I won't be one to point a finger at some denomination and utter negative things about it, and then turn around and talk good of another one saying to join it, that would show a confusion since you are still in the same position of being confined and subject to something other than pure truth of YHWH that is available to all people willing to just accept it.

A denomination is over you in authority.
When you start a group like this, evil just can infiltrate and look identical to the members, and then here and there corrupt and alter, and infect with misinformation.
Men and dark ones have made this an art for them, and fully have the knowledge how to corrupt.
You may start your own circle today, and then pass down a denomination to your children that is far from your initial vision.
For this reason, we need to stay focused on YHWH and the Truth, because YHWH and Truth never changes.

Come out of these labels and separations, we need to become 1 in the body of Messiah, 1 in truth.
The bible does not teach this practice of separating yourself into denominations that all disagree with each other, but rather it teaches against it, and those people who were part of denominations like the Pharisees are repeatedly called out on their twisting of scripture and their keeping of wicked traditions.

Despite popular belief and teachings,
the bible does not say you have to attend anything called "church"(that is possibly a bad word) to be a good person and saved, yet this is exactly what so many modern christians are teaching that you must do.
They're actually teaching that one has to join a denomination of men to be part of the people of YHWH, and that is nonsense.
We are saved by the Messiah's sacrifice, not by some denomination claiming indirectly that you have to join it to be saved.

The bible does not even contain the word "church", only through corrupt translations, and that word if you can call it a word, has been used to replace the word congregation in modern English bibles, causing people to accept it fully.

This word and how it came to pop up in modern Christianity is odd, because you ask why did translators decide to use this word instead of translating ekklesia correctly and saying "congregation".

There was a man named William Tyndale who made an English translation of the bible in 1525, his translation is known as the 1st English bible to take directly from Hebrew and Greek texts, and the 1st English bible to make use of the printing press.
His translation was seen as a threat to the modern Christian's (Catholic congregation) power.
In 1536 he was convicted of being a heretic and executed by strangulation, then his body was burnt at the stake.
He had a dying prayer for the king of England's eyes to be opened, which seemed to come to pass.

The famous KJV came a short while after in 1611, and they took heavily from the work of William Tyndale.
It is estimated that the old testament of KJV is really 76% of Tyndale's, and the new testament of KJV is 83% of his work.

So some say Tyndale was burned at the stake basically due to him
translating the bible into the English language too correctly, and wanting people to wake up from the blindness the catholic congregation was putting on the people, and he upset those who wanted to maintain power over the people.

Now, William Tyndale translated the greek word ekklesia correctly to "congregation".
However, his translation surprisingly actually did contain "church" in it as well.. but he chose to use this word when referring to idolatrous temples, such as at Acts 19:37.

The origin of this word "church" is thought to originate from a pagan idol's name,
an idol who is told to be a female that sneaks drugged potions onto people, turning them into unclean animals..

I will let you decide for yourself if modern "church" is doing something similar to that to it's victims.

Back to separations,
the kind of separations that the bible teaches about are like these;

good and bad,
clean and unclean,
holy and unholy,
righteous and unrighteous,
godly and ungodly,
part of the people of YHWH.. and strangers to the people of YHWH.

It does not say anything like you have to be part of a modern denomination that is based on a few scriptures out of many and that you can pick out what you like and tell your children to ignore what you don't like.

The bible does not agree with the common denominational lie that the scriptures are impossible for a human to understand, and up for interpretation, and that it is perfectly normal for people to see the scriptures differently.

Do not murder.. Is that up for interpretation?
Do not steal.. Is that impossible to understand?
Rest on the 7th day of the week.. Is this a foreign language to you?

Some may spend their life sitting on excuses like these instead of actually reading the bible, but these nonsense excuses are not going to hold up at judgment day for a people who have been blessed with the ability and freedom to read the scriptures and simply was too wicked and lazy to do so for an entire lifetime, expressing their wants were more important than the creator.

I would like to give you a thought, If you knew nothing about the denomination circus going on, and had no prior knowledge of the bible, and found a bible and read it alone without influence of the world, you would not become any denomination of the world.

You would certainly not become a "catholic", neither would you become or behave like a "pentecostal", and neither would you say "I am a baptist"..

If you read the bible and kept it, you would not honor any dumb idol and would know that is worthless to do, yet you will commonly see a catholic member honoring all sorts of non-living things, things that resemble living beings, and as well they may honor other items like a stone slab or cup, which is weird, not in line with the truth given to us from up above.

I will later insert information here about the modern title "Messianic", I took it away to refine it.

Just appearing to be in another denomination, when there are thousands, may cause people to look at you just as another common thing.
It also doesn't help their mind expand to realize this blindness that we have had thrown onto us by the world that we don't have to keep subjecting ourselves to men and be at their mercy.
So be aware of these things, so the "elephant in the room" isn't ignored.

The title Messianic is good for locating other people who obey YHWH and the Messiah, since you can search them out using it, though it already may not always mean what you think.
People are trying to change the meaning of it already, which is one of the big dangers of accepting denominations, and also people who follow strange doctrines are trying to claim to be part of it.

There are already men infiltrating and moving in to steal the title "Messianic Leader", where they then corrupt the Truth.

So you may say you're Messianic and say good things about Messianics, then people go find a person who has just taken the title Messianic and suddenly all that you said is now applied to them. Also, all that this impostor Messianic leader may say will be applied to you. 

So if you want to find other groups of people like yourself, you can try to use "Messianic" in searches.
So I don't think we should be in the mindset, and telling other people that we are part of a denomination called messianic but it is just 1 of the titles people have begun using to mean their denomination is not of man but they're joining themselves to the truth from YHWH
I do make use of this title for locating friends and my true family, and find it good in this way.
So again, be part of truth, accepting the entirety of the word of YHWH.

While most denominations have strayed from what is right, we should still conduct ourselves appropriately towards the members of those groups, we have no idea who they are or how they came to be in their position.
 Many of these denominations can be a good gateway for some people, to start them down the right path and help them accept more and more truth.
 Our job should be to come along in love and peace, and share helpful things to them, and harvest .
Some denominations are rebellious towards the Father and his Messiah, yet they have managed to bring millions of pagans steps closer to Elohim, and cause them to repent from plenty of evils.

So don't hesitate because you think denominations have ruined everyone, get out there, the harvest is still plentiful.

Having a few details beforehand of what you're going into, can possibly assist you in awakening someone.




The false organizations and the false leaders, are having millions of people willingly support them and help fund their work and projects.
One of the ways these people accomplish this is by using twisted teachings on "tithes", and they lead everyone to believe that they must give 10% or even more of their total monetary income to these false shepherds and to "church".



In this section I will cover various specific denominations and share information and comments on them if I have any.



Further Information


A mature person can glean the various groups and denominations.

Some have information available that is useful, even if they're filthy and abominable in other parts.

I am not saying this is always the case either way, but don't swell with pride and think others can not offer anything, and that they have no good at all in them in some way.


Modern Christian denominations love to throw ignorant accusations that anything contrary to what their fathers have taught them in their traditions is a cult.

Cult is a word that has taken on a very negative meaning, and I am using it in that context here.

It is almost laughable since so many people walk in contradicting paths, and they're all shouting "cult!" back and forth to each other, as if throwing this insult word makes them perfect and right.

It's quite similar to the technique that the modern medical industry uses against it's competition, where they try to defame someone by calling them a "quack" if they try to speak out and warn anyone about the lies inside of modern medicine and help them find true health and not become just another life-long sick client.

The word "cult" is thrown around to try and overpower competing teachings, to try and gain control, and manipulate people into avoiding a group of people.
 Many people who do not know what they're talking about and are too lazy to study knowledge may throw the word cult around as an easy way to compensate for them not really knowing what else to say.

For example, you go to the typical modern Christian group, you may encounter a false teacher in there who is talking to many people, and he may tell them of a certain people and then warn that they are a cult, and try to cause everyone to totally ignore those people, and to even cover their eyes so they don't see anything from them, to even cover their ears so they don't even hear 1 word from them, and to guard their hearts so they are not drawn to them at all to be convinced to hear and understand.

When the people should be taught to actually listen and test what they hear against the truth, and also if they're out of the truth correct them with it.
This way if you're out of truth, others can save you, and if you are in truth, you can save others.
If we all shared what we truly knew, we would all work towards perfection like we're supposed to, but alas, the world does not want perfection, and grows more corrupt and diseased, and the prideful will greatly succeed at bringing their loved ones down into hell with them.

This should be an obvious tactic used by false teachers, as it gives them great control over the people who would be suckered into this way of thinking, since they passionately avoid all input unless it is from their teachers.
I remember once I was sharing exactly what scriptures say to someone, just a cheerful bible conversation for me, and they suddenly responded to me very oddly, they told me I wasn't supposed to open the door for the people who taught me those things..
I was not taught that knowledge by men, but I learned the scriptures from the bible. Me just going over things that are written in the bible was something that person became defensive at, likely because it was strange compared to what they had heard from their teachers.
The word of YHWH is greater than men.

If you are an adult and have the truth, then there is nothing to be afraid of when something contradictory comes along, because with the truth you can see through error and know right from wrong, and work towards solving any problems that may come up(even though it can be quite a difficult test for you).
Though if you have wicked dishonest teachings diseasing your body, then the reason you would need to avoid other groups is because your false reality is in danger of being shaken and dispelled.

If the Messiah made an appearance today and people did not know it was him but just assumed it was a typical man, there would most likely be plenty of people throwing this word "cult" at him, as he would not submit to their wicked traditions and the words that he would speak would be foreign compared to the teachings from their pastors, just as he would not submit to the Pharisees false denomination and they hated him and said horrible things about him and wanted him dead and to no longer influence their followers, and some even thought it would be righteous for him to be dead since they confused their wicked traditions and teachings with the actual truth.

Now, those who actually follow the Bible today, will likely have this word thrown at them, as if they're doing something wrong by actually listening to the creator and his Messiah.

Yes, that's right, so called "christians" will say you're in a cult if you simply want to walk out and apply what is in the Bible, doing good and abhorring what is evil and crooked.

If anything should be insulted and called a cult, it is all of these denominations telling you to follow men and to disobey the Bible and YHWH and not think too much about it.

Those being unjustly accused of these things sometimes sarcastically reply,
"Yeah, I'm in a 'cult', we brainwash people into thinking for themselves".


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