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Diseases and Ailments

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On this page I will list various diseases, especially the popular ones and share information on those diseases.
If you actually follow the main shared information you will have a greatly reduced need of viewing this page.
Though a large majority of people tend to not be honest with themselves and convince themselves they are following something when they're not. Also, damage done before coming to better knowledge often lingers and can still need help after you change your lifestyle.

There is still much knowledge to be realized and practiced.

We all need to wake up and realize YHWH
did not design a faulty human body that kills itself violently for no reason, though we are under a curse to where we die and can not live infinitely, on our own.
So, as long as we are in line with YHWH
, and in line with what he has intended for our bodies, we will more likely die from old age, and not a modern disease.

If you do not acknowledge that YHWH
has designed our bodies, then it is very difficult to find the answers to health in this modern corporate world, and it becomes much more easy to accept disease as just a normal part of modern life, and be led in mental circles until it's too late to change much.

As a reminder, you can use Ctrl+F to find keywords on this page.


. Cancer

1st on this point, you must know a person is criminalized and also ridiculed to the point of ruin of their name if they tell you anything on cancer other than what the money hungry corporations who are making money from cancer want you to say, and that is; see a doctor - meds - chemo - surgery -  then repeat until you're out of money or dead.
These processes do not heal you, they sometimes suppress a symptom but they're wrecking your body in the process. That is not healing.

Despite what you have been influenced to believe..
Cancer is not normal, and most people who are dying from cancer, doesn't have to.

Cancer is not a normal part of living, Cancer is caused by various things.. yet the world seems to be asleep on this matter and have been brain washed to think that our bodies mysteriously and naturally develop cancer.

The simple truth that has been realized on this topic, is cancer is primarily caused by a nutritional deficiency. A weak body that is not functioning as intended due to nutritional deficiencies is one that is taken over by cancer.

The modern world would act like you need stabbed if you said that, and it is also telling people they are getting enough nutrients, when they are nowhere near proper levels.

You can view groups of people in the world who are not living the modern life style and is somewhat simple and humble in their living, and they will not be suffering with heart disease or cancer, or any of the modern diseases.
However when they are introduced into a modern world and lifestyle in the United States of America, suddenly people who have no history of diseases begin to develop deadly problems such as cancers, just like the rest of the majority of Americans..
Also when those people are contaminated by strong chemicals from people such as corporations, like them getting into their water supply and air supply, they suddenly start developing health issues..

The giant medical entity will tell you cancer is a mystery, but there is no mystery to the observable facts that show cancer is being caused by what people are doing.

If you have cancer, my first suggestion to you is to realize how serious of a situation you're in, and the consequences of you not taking care of it.
Then take caution before you go along with what the doctors are telling you to do.

I have noticed some people who appear to get used to them having cancer, and do not feel motivated to making a big change and carrying it out.
This usually happens when they have cancer it does not rapidly harm them so they get used to it like they're fine, so then their laziness influences them to keep doing what they're doing until they run out of time and it's too late then. Don't play with illnesses.

Next is learning about true health, and completely stopping anything that would cause negative health to you, and going out and collecting the most nutritious foods on the planet and eating them in abundance, multiple times daily.
I say true health, because the world will let you believe drinking sweet fruit juice you bought at your local grocery store is healthy and you're doing something positive for your health when you drink it.. When really you're attacking your good health and that drink is strengthening your illness.
Everything you do is either helping you or harming you, and if you get a deadly cancer, you're going to want to choose only habits that will help you.

The world will also lead you to think things from the grocery store that all list "healthy!" on them, is healthy eating.

Also, you may read an article on the internet claiming honey has benefits for you, so you go out and buy honey, not realizing most honey in the store can hardly be called honey, and going by definition, is not even honey!  Most honey in the store is just a sugary syrup, and many even have refined sugar added in.

Understanding these various things is key for us to wake up and get out of the false reality, and regain control on our destiny.

Seek out the truth on everything and know what you are getting into, and seek out those people who have actually cured their cancer when they were told they were going to die.

You will find MANY witnesses testifying to this fact, and they're all very happy. Keep in mind, these people who are telling you to eat organic garden food, are not going to make any profit from you doing that! They have nothing to sell you, they're only sharing their experience with you to HELP YOU because they have a heart.
Those are the people you should give a little of your time to, not a puppet doctor who likes to play god because shadowy figures higher up than him told him what to think and do and then allowed him to be called a doctor and then sell their products to you that gives them immense money and power in the world.

The modern cancer treatments of drugs, chemo, and radiation actually destroy your health, and side effects are...CANCER.
So usually people gain a host of new symptoms, and then still end up with the problem they were hoping to get rid of.
It is a nightmare.

Seek health and let your body heal itself, I can not recommend to anyone that they destroy their health.
It is illegal for me to tell people to avoid those methods of treatment, so on that subject I will simply say, seek knowledge and come to your own conclusions, and put your faith in the father, not in arrogant men pretending to know a lot.

When you look at all of those who have cured themselves, they all have something in common.. which is mainly a radical and instant lifestyle change of rejecting man's toxic drugs and chemicals, and eating the foods that our creator has blessed us with.
However they choose only the organic food that was not grown in heavily tainted soil, that is not soaked in literal poison(man made in a laboratory toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides), eat  more of their food in its raw form when possible, and choose the food that is not genetically tampered with to the point it is not the same food that YHWH
our Elohim created for us to eat.
We eat so much literal poison, yet we never stop to realize it may be affecting us, and many of the people who do start to realize, prefer to stop thinking about it since it is easier for them and more convenient.. So they think.

Refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup should never go into your body.   

Some groups have shared that they think they have realized cancer is a fungus, and that they have even totally removed cancer spots they've been able to gain access to in just a matter of days, by simply spraying a sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) solution on the cancer.
This is interesting because sodium bicarbonate is the most powerful fungicide, killing it on contact, and the fungus can never adapt to it and resist it.

I am not saying this is true or false, though we do know from evidence that it's true diet change cures cancer, and it may help us understand what is going on in our body when we change our lifestyle.
The modern diet and junk foods, toxic chemicals, and all things which stress our bodies, create an acidic environment inside of your body and this allows fungus and yeast to grow and live, and as well our immune system is weakened to where it can not devour the countless things it normally does, which includes invading fungi, so this combination can cause our immune system to fail and us start to literally be ate alive by micro-organisms.
Alkalinity which is the opposite of acidity, kills fungus and yeast and creates an uninhabitable environment for the fungus, and helps your body thrive.

More on the specific subject of sodium bicarbonate and cancer, a lot of people jump to the conclusion that they should run out and eat baking soda, please do not do that, as it's a misunderstanding, and some people even took the misunderstanding and restated the information and shared it on facebook to where people thought they were supposed to eat sodium bicarbonate to gain health.
Baking soda may kill fungus, but consuming it will weaken your digestive system, and the alkalinity is dispersed in you, and a concentration is not hitting any cancer in your body, so that is useless and harmful.
We shouldn't be shouting for joy saying this is the cure and all we need to know, but we should take the information to help understand the cancer, and let the cure be a nutritious and alkalizing diet and lifestyle and a focus on immune function.

Mental Stress as well turns your body acidic and degenerative, so get happy.
As well be careful not to stress other people for no reason.
Stress is like a poison.

Follow all of the points on the main page. They all play a significant role in alkalinity and health.

Do not avoid sunlight if you are seeking health and a strong immune system. I mention sunlight since most people are brainwashed to think it kills them even though you repeatedly tell them otherwise.
Too much shade and not going outdoors kills us, Elohim designed us to be in the sunlight constantly, and vitamin D empowers our immune system to function as intended.

Water does play a part in health and alkalinity, granted it is healthy water, chemical contaminated water does have an acidifying effect on the body and wreaks havoc on your health and body. Avoid municipal ("city") water which came from sewage and is laced with drugs and chemicals, that water by itself could be a cause of modern cancers rates being so high. You may think you're avoiding it, but ask yourself how many food products you are buying that have used that nasty water, or how many vegetables have you bought at the supermarket that have been sprayed with those constant sprayers.

Study this kind of information, here is a list which shows you how to eat based on alkalinity and acidity information.
Here is a list of alkalizing and acidifying foods so you know which to eat and which to limit and also which to avoid;

On the list I shared, to help you find certain foods, you can use your browsers search function by pressing Ctrl+F and then typing in something you're looking for like "watermelon", and it will highlight all of those words and you can quickly see where it is located on the list.

Alkalinity is strongly about quantity, and vegetables can be ate in mass amounts without any worry of becoming fat.

A side note, For me some vegetables I find it much work to chew up such as carrots and celery, so I have found to just put them in a blender and blend them up to take the hard work out of them, and to be able to consume even more during the day.

There are more important points for optimum health, so just stick to the main page. That is all I have to share about cancer and I suppose I didn't have to write this much, just "get healthy".

Below I will share various links I come across that may be interesting on this subject.




. Heart and Circulatory Diseases

There is ample evidence that shows a major contributing factor of Heart disease and circulatory diseases is over consumption of simple and refined carbohydrates, such as refined sugar, which leads to insulin and leptin resistance.
An obvious link is observed when considering diabetics, these people especially suffer from heart and circulatory diseases.

There are other factors, which I will try to jot down, but let it be known, eating the macro nutrient fat does not clog you up and give you heart disease.
This is another of the lies spread, and information on this topic is never updated anymore.
The "theories" on cancer and heart disease have seemingly been set in stone as truth and refuse to change.

Consumption of the macro-nutrient Fat is blamed by the medical industry for these diseases, though the actual evidence would suggest it is not to blame for the root cause as the modern medical world is leading people to believe, and this false information is causing countless people to have decreased health from not consuming enough Fat and buying the supposed "healthy" versions of food with no Fat, or strange fats that really harm the body compared to natural fats.

There are so many different kinds of dietary "fat", some good, some bad, some pure poison.

Cholesterol is another nutrient which is demonized by the medical industry, yet evidence again shows this having nothing to do with these diseases.
A lot of money is made from the bad cholesterol information.

Our bodies literally die from not enough cholesterol, not too much, so cholesterol is surely not evil, as we have so much of it in us. Though the question is if dietary cholesterol affects us negatively, and the studies show it is not having the huge effects like we've been led to believe.

Again we can look at foreign groups of people who survive on mostly fat and cholesterol rich foods, and they're not suffering from the american diseases and they don't have the symptoms our text books are saying they should have, so we can see there is more to it than being taught.

For circulatory health, the points covered on the main page all play a role, for example earthing will alter how well your blood flows from an increase of magnetism, and hydration levels will control if your blood is closer to goo that is hard to be pressed through tunnels, or if it is very fluid like.
So with some of the health points, even if you are suffering from the diseases, they will make them less of a problem.

Some of the things we are eating are traveling through our circulatory system and causing irritation and injuries, so we need to be careful what we consume as this scarring could play a role in reduced blood flow.
One such report talks about refined salts damaging the interior of our circulatory system.

I will get into this more, there are of course more points to cover, but I addressed the one which appears to be most important.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay away from drugs(such as steroids), and heart disease will not be of much worry to you if you are striving to be natural and healthy.



. Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

Every year during summer time I have to see media and people teaching that warm days are bad for you and kill you, and them suggesting people stay inside out of sunlight and keep their cooling units on full blast.

This is false and bad information, and the temperatures in the USA that they are teaching are so dangerously high... often are not even stressful on a healthy body, but are refreshing, invigorating and therapeutic, granted the person has not spent too much time in sunlight before building up the tolerance to it so that it does not bother them(modern people are bad for not going into the sun, then going into it for a long time all at once which is not smart, then they act like the sun is bad when it's really their actions, the sun will stress you if your body is not adjusted to handle it, just like a trained weight lifter may bench press 250lbs with no stress or strain, but if someone tried to lift that even just 1 time on their 1st day training ever, they could seriously injure themself).

The biggest reason out of a hand full that people are so strongly affected by moderate heat, is due to them not drinking enough water.
Modern people act disgusted by the thought of drinking water, and even when they do drink it, they do not drink enough.
Time after time people who are saying they drink plenty of water and actually believe they drink plenty of water, only drink a fraction of what they should have to maintain their hydration and bodily functions.

If you have adequate fluid levels in your body, and as well your body's thermal regulation functions are working normally and not inhibited by some poor habit, the heat can barely be noticed.

Even when indoors, I personally know I have not drank enough water within just a matter of 1 or 2 hours if my body starts to get this hot-like uncomfortable feeling in it, water is very important for feeling comfortable.
Drinking a glass of water is much healthier, efficient, and even gives more comfort, than having to use A/C and lower the temperature around you by 20-30 degrees to obtain comfort from having inhibited thermal regulation, and the lower temperature actually brings on other discomforts in your body, not to mention you're teaching your body that you're in a climate that is 30 degrees colder than it really is, so when you step outside of your house, you can really tell.
Most people don't realize that feeling is from them not being used to it, and even think going outside is really that hard.
Though to those who have played in snow and very cold climates in Winter, then went inside and ran water over their hands that normally feels cold to them, but when their hand is ice cold, that cold water can feel like it's extremely hot and too hot, it is about the same thing.

It is more than just hydration, total Health is what controls your thermal regulation, if you have been eating poorly, then you will have an over heated and uncomfortable feeling more likely.
Diseased and sick bodies may be so broken down they can no longer work as efficiently, actually causing heat to be more dangerous to them than others, so this is why it's important for us to take care of ourselves sooner rather than later, and we get to points of no return.

Also some things such as caffeine cause your body to dehydrate.

So if health and nutrition is good, tolerance is the other factor at play.
The body needs a little time to adjust to temperature changes, and a lot of people are staying inside too much so it is stress on their body when they finally decide to go outside into a summer day after living in a dark cold cave(their house) for years.
They also are behind on sun radiation resistance if they have not been exposing themselves regularly since spring or since the start of their life, so the sun's radiation will feel like it is extremely dangerous, when it's just that they are not used to it.

Using a lot of A/C actually makes you feel hotter. When you go into a cool temperature, your bodies natural thermal regulation will produce more heat, so then if you go outside into warmth, your body for a period will think you stepped into a extra hot place, and it as well is still in a mode of producing heat, so realize your body needs time to adjust, and it is best to avoid low A/C temperatures. A useful trick to feel even cold outside on a hot day is to expose yourself to very warm temperatures for a period.

Most American people think there is something wrong with me during the Summer because they simply don't believe I can tolerate heat and it's so strange to them, so be warned that something as simple as this can cause an over-reaction from others.

As a side note, warm temperatures are healthy, and sweating is healthy. It also increases your energy/metabolism. In warm temperatures, thermal regulation will release fluid(sweat) and water is the main method of cooling you, which does not eat up your energy stores but only uses stored water. In cool temperatures your body takes stored energy to create heat.
Also if your body is taught it doesn't have to worry about constantly heating itself to survive, you will get smaller and may lose weight, as certain amounts of body-fat stores are no longer needed.

Clothing and make-up can as well play a part in over heating. If you wear certain clothes, they can prevent your body from being able to cool and maintain itself, which can be dangerous even at cold temperatures outside.

Over-Exposure to sunlight is a concern for all times of the year however, but almost all bodies are designed to build up resilience and darken, so if we regularly are outside as we should be for a healthy body, we shouldn't have to worry about being incinerated by the sun's radiation.
Covering the skin will prevent rapid sun burning as well, and to those people who have wonderfully unique bodies such as albino people, convenient skin covering could be a big thing for you to look into so that you're able to experience the outside real world.

Think about those people in the world who live in areas where it can get up to 120F and they don't even own an A/C device, yet they live their lives normally during those times because it's what they're used to.
Sure, I agree that such a temperature is not ideal for a comfortable and happy fun life, though the point to focus on is our bodies are not as fragile as we're being terrorized to believe these days in certain countries, an we're being made to be blind to health awareness and the fact we are the ones causing a lot of our issues and we simply only need to make smart changes, and not give other people mass amounts of money.

A good example on this subject is the israeli military, they can march in the blazing hot desert all day with military gear on them and not a single person become ill because they have a well thought out water drinking schedule and they know to drink water well before they ever feel a thirst feeling and the accompanying weakness.


. Hair Loss

Hair loss appears to be a modern disease.

I have researched this topic to find the fix and have not came up with much solid findings yet.

However I have listed this high up since it's a very common issue today and a warning needs to be given about common drugs.

I suggest that no one ever use the common drugs which are made to help stop or reverse hair loss, they can destroy a man's body and cause permanent irreversible hormonal damage.

I have found promising facts however which would suggest a proper diet that covers all of the nutrients plentifully, and also includes sunlight, and most critically a highly alkalizing diet will cause you not to have this disease as your body heals from inflammation.
It is easy to observe certain groups of people suffering from this more rapidly than others.
Though it looks that if your hair is too far gone, you may not be able to revive some of the hair follicles.

It is falsely said that DHT, the most powerful male hormone, is the cause of this problem, but that should be an obvious misconception/lie even before you look deeper in.

It appears to be true that if you take a modern man and give him a lot of DHT, he will bald heavily, and much quicker the more DHT he has...however so called "studies" should not have stopped there with that information and proceeded to tell the world DHT is the cause.. That is bad research.
The cause of the problem more specifically appears to be inflammation and plenty of studies plainly say that but the conclusion ignores it and tells people what they want to hear.
They suggest DHT has an effect which works with this inflammation that results in the scalp becoming unhealthy. So DHT would only cause hair loss indirectly compared to the root cause, and in fact many things contribute indirectly.

Okay, the modern medical industry, I call it an industry because it is a huge business that is out to take your money and keep you sick so you continue giving them money.. Will not give you a cure for inflammation and claim there is no cure, but there is a free cure that they are unable to patent/copy right, and it comes from having a healthy body. The points on the main page goes over some discovered key points.


. Diabetes

There is some information available being suppressed which I will try to cover.

Type 2 diabetes is totally preventable, and sometimes reversible. People eating modern junk food are ruining their body and bringing this on themselves, and even when they know this, they don't change much and just opt for taking prescribed drugs.
You have got to change your lifestyle because having diabetes is a sign you have a lot of health disasters in store for you as you continue on.

Real foods, and healthy foods, do not spike your sugar levels anywhere near what modern junk is doing, and people are over dosing on the modern junk. Not only does this poison their insides, but it is causing circulatory diseases, and people lose the ability to be as slim(naturally and healthfully).

Type 1 diabetes is quite a bit more serious and I have yet to review the studies and witnesses sharing information on this ailment.

There is talk of type 3 diabetes, but that will be covered in the point below.


. Alzheimer's and Dimentia

These diseases in the latest research (which will probably not be made too public) have been revealed to be a form of Diabetes, and some have suggested they should be renamed Type 3 Diabetes.

The modern diet is thought to be the cause of these diseases, specifically the over consumption of simple sugars, though other links have also been observed.

So if you feel like you are losing your mental abilities then there may be hope to reverse the damage you have done by fixing your diet and allowing your body to heal. 

Also toxic food additives have been shown to destroy our minds such as artificial sweeteners, and also all toxins, so avoid them.

Another possibly critical link that has been found to Alzheimer's is improper sleeping habits. Take sleep seriously.

Simply focus on being the most healthy and no one should have to worry about this, and will increase in wisdom as they age as YAH intended, instead of going insane unable to remember anything and behaving like an animal.


. Loss of Sex Drive

This topic is sex related so please do not read it unless it is relevant to you, and you will not be offended.
If you are a child, please do not read this, I'd rather you not think about these things at all until you become an adult, so skip to number 8 below. 

Sex drive is dependent on many different factors so a poor diet of course results in poor payback in everything, so diet should obviously be changed to 100% nourishing with plenty of saturated and monounsaturated fats and cholesterol, as well things which are high in polyunsaturated fat should be used minimally and if it is pure polyunsaturated fat with little or no benefit it should be replaced with something else, one example is replacing safflower oil or "vegetable"(soy) oil with olive oil.

Another crucial component which has been forgotten is sunlight, our sex drives are directly influenced by how much sunlight we get on our skin, I personally am not certain on all of the actions in which this boosts the sex drive but one of the reasons seems to be that sunlight increases our production of sex hormones like testosterone.
Some suggest the vitamin D also boosts sex drive, and something of interest is drugs which have been developed which cause the effects of tanning without exposure to sunlight has a side effect of increased libido apart from sex hormones.

In our modern world it is very common for a man to have erectile dysfunction, health plays a large role in this, but one of the largest modern factors is only mental.
Men who view pornography develop varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, however if a man stops viewing all pornography and "sexy" photos, he may never be as well off as someone who has never fried their male responses with pornography, but over time can heal the mental damage he has caused to himself.
If a man sees constant naked females then eventually it no longer triggers a response, it is interesting to contrast this with men who live in societies with no media and very modestly dressed women who cover all of their body, they become excited by just seeing girls arms and ankles.

So if the man turns away from these things then he will start to become more and more like the man in the modest society.

If you are a girl then do not show your naked body to your husband constantly for no reason because you are frying his response to your body. Stay somewhat shy about your body with him.

It is also beneficial for couples to control themselves and not burn themselves out on each other, limiting your interactions will increase arousal.

Certain mental stresses can cause these issues as well, examine yourselves and seek righteousness and be better and you will likely not take part in the things that can create these stresses.(I don't want to give the details.)

Another point one can watch is estrogen content in food;,http://www.encognitive.com/files/Phytoestrogen%20Content%20of%20Foods%20Consumed%20in%20Canada,%20Including%20Isoflavones,%20Lignans,%20and%20Coumestan.pdf

Men must not view pornography also because the women are married, the Messiah has taught us if we lust for married women then we are committing adultery in our hearts. So please keep yourself from this, and teach your family to avoid pornography like it's the black plague. Porn literally means whoredom.

There are more points which I am aware of that I may cover. I don't like covering these topics, but they are indeed critical for those married to be healthy and happy fully.


. Tooth Decay

No surprise, cut out things harming you, eat all the nutrients you need and get alkaline.. Be natural as you was supposed to be.. and your teeth will actually HEAL.

Fluoride which is in most toothpastes has an interesting side effect...
One of it's side effects if it is ingested is tooth decay, and it is deadly poisonous to humans and animals.
Strange that the government is dumping it in our water claiming it's for tooth health. We probably shouldn't believe that, but again, I am not going there.

Do your best to avoid fluoride and all other drugs and gimmicks that are supposed to give you healthier teeth that are obviously not the natural way.

Tooth pastes also harm mouth health, and many people found they fixed their mouth problems from stopping and only using water to brush with, and they even had better breath.
Tooth pastes destroy our natural barriers in our mouth, so you may want to come off of it slowly and hope your natural defenses restart, and they are likely to do this if you fix your diet.
Bad breath is actually caused by being unhealthy and unhealthy habits, not from forgetting to brush your teeth. It's backwards but people who brush their teeth are likely to have the nastier mouth since they have no constant natural defense.
Modern people seem like they need mouth care products because their body is failing to heal itself, and mouth health is one of the easiest indicators to know if you need to change what you are doing.

Brushing often does help your mouth stay cleaner, and my natural dentist who removed my mercury fillings taught me this.
But he taught me to brush with only water, and do it more often.

Some people like to use natural treatments for their mouth, like oil pulling, where they swish something like olive oil in their mouth for 20 minutes.

Flossing will also help with breath and cut down on germs.

A clean mouth free of debris is said to be easier to keep alkaline and less acid causing bacteria grow in it.
But the standard claim that germs is causing tooth decay is false.
They have been shown to play against perfect mouth health, but not really the cause.
Nutritional deficiencies in the modern diet have the biggest direct link to tooth decay, and what comes with nutritional deficiencies is also a weak immune system that allows germs to grow out of control.
As stated on the main page under the food section, get vitamin D, all the nutrients and minerals you need, and become aware of phytic acid.
Some studies were able to cause tooth decay in people simply from introducing phytic acid rich oatmeal to their diet, and they were also able to stop tooth decay completely and put the teeth in a healing state from cutting out phytic acid and increasing vitamin D levels along with the people eating their usual diet.

Keep a tooth brush around with you so you can brush through the day.

Also breathing through your mouth or leaving your mouth open dries it out which will promote tooth decay, so make sure to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed if you can. Our teeth are designed to be moist with our saliva.
Some people breathe through their mouth while they sleep so they should work at learning to break that habit.

Bathe your teeth in saliva.

You MUST learn how to become alkaline or else your saliva will not heal your teeth but can actually be so acidic that it is trying to break down your teeth. This has been observed in people, and poor mouth health can cause a lot of stress and misery.





. Wisdom Teeth

These teeth are real, functioning teeth, and a natural part of life. Do not fall for the claims of them being so bad, because men are making much money from convincing people to let them cut them out, and convincing them this becomes much easier when these teeth create discomfort causing the person to want the discomfort to go away as soon as possible.
If you allow them to remove them, you are losing part of your body which you can not get back.
Once again this is an obvious lie if you realize Elohim designed the body.

These teeth sometimes are not straight, and that appears to be mostly the fault of our modern poor health. Healthy people have white and straight teeth, while those who have not been raised naturally and was deficient in some things develop poor tooth alignment, and decaying with discoloration.


. Lupus

Here is another disease which is said to have no cure, and that the people must rely on medical doctors to watch over them and feed them drugs.

There was some evidence which showed searching for health has cured people of Lupus, but it's possible that not everyone with lupus all actually have the same disease but are just thought to.

There are many people who have been diagnosed with lupus that completely cured themselves to where they no longer had it.
Often when these instances are brought up to the medical industry, they like to claim the person never had lupus and it was a misdiagnosis by them, just like they do with every other disease that is cured by rejecting modern medicine and accepting proper nourishment.

I have been researching this and will cover it more as I pull up interesting information.

The interesting results I mentioned above, the people were able to cure what they were told was lupus, by removing gluten from their diet, showing at least some of the people really had a gluten intolerance and immune system issue instead of some incurable disease.

So this isn't evidence to say all lupus is a gluten intolerance, but it is evidence that many different ailments causing problems on your body can be diagnosed as the same named disease lupus.

So don't give up on your hope and search for healing, because that is what your doctor likely wants you to do and just accept whatever they tell you.
Their attitudes can be, "there is no cure for you, give up and accept it".


. Movement Disorders such as parkinsons, tourettes, dystonia, torticollis, etc..

There are multiple names for various movement disorders, though they are all mostly related.
Tourettes syndrome dystonia spasmodic torticollis parkinson's disease are a few of the names.
The medical industry has said there is no cure for these conditions that often disable people physically and socially, which can leave such people depressed.
It is like being confined to an invisible prison, and what makes it so bad is those without these issues are not understanding, and often make the situation worse for the people.

Things that are often taken for granted, such as the ability to simply go into a store, or even go pay your taxes, is a huge hurdle for the people with these conditions.

I want to first mention, the people in this group especially, need to know YHWH and strive to please him since if they find a cure, they are strongly tempted to go wild for a period, kind of like they've just been set free from being tied up all of their life.

So the movement disorder could actually be a blessing to them, while the cure that they want can be a curse for them taking them away into evil and destruction.

These diseases have actually shown to be curable in many cases without toxic drugs, and the evidence points to the cause being a problem in their TMJ, that is the joint in their jaw.

Some possible causes are thought to be malnutrition, lack of sunlight, and lack of breast milk from your mother.
Also trauma could damage it and possibly bring this on, so it's a good idea to not be hit in the jaw or hit someone else in the jaw or head.

Also modern people in their poor health are in very degenerative states, their body is literally breaking down, so some people as their TMJ degenerates it can start to bring on these problems.
And the people with movement disorders already usually notice their symptoms get worse and worse each year as they age.

It can be rather difficult to find someone who has accepted this information and learned about it so they can attempt to fix your TMJ.
To many people's surprise, this information has been around for many years, but it has been ridiculed and refused to be spread publicly.
So a lot of people will say, if this actually worked, you would hear about it on the news, but sadly, the news will not spread this, and medical groups will not even take the time to review the modern research and data.
I also meet the same mindset when dealing with the truth of the scriptures, that if what I am sharing was true, you would hear more about it, or it would be spread around by now, but in reality the truth is hidden away and one has to set out on their own journey to uncover it.

I've followed the work of Brendan Stack on this subject who has devoted much work to this.
He has stated that almost every movement disorder patient he has seen, has shown their TMJ has some sort of issue, and sure enough, movement disorder patients who get a MRI are seeing their TMJ is not as it should be compared to the average person.

So there is indeed hope for patients to reduce and even get rid of their symptoms, since the TMJ can be worked on.

Brendan Stack in his approach 1st makes a mouth piece that the patient will wear for a period to take pressure off of the TMJ, and hope that it allows the TMJ to heal on it's own, then if there is still an issue, micro surgery will be done to surgically repair the TMJ.
A common question is why not just go straight to surgery, but their data shows wearing the mouth piece increases the success rates of the surgery, and may even fix the problem without surgery.

They also suggest you waste no time in repairing your TMJ, as the older you get the less success you are likely to have.

Some common signs of TMJ problems is, the mouth does not open as widely as it should, the person may experience clicking popping and grinding in the jaw, the jaw may become locked in place.

You may notice from some of his videos that he gives some patients tongue blades, and asks them to vary them up and down and try to find a spot where they feel a reduction in their symptoms. For some people, they find this can even stop all of their symptoms, that they previously thought could not be controlled.
So if you try this, then don't try to rely on the sticks, but go visit someone like Stack if possible so they can record your data and measurements, and forge a mouth piece for you.

The symptoms likely will not go away unless the root cause is corrected, and it's best to fix the cause than just control the symptoms.

You may not have these issues, but if you know someone that does, you can share my page here with them.
You also may not have these issues, but may be at risk for developing them later in life, so this is why it could be important to share to you.

Further information, please avoid DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for the treatment of these ailments.
DBS has been shared as a cure and hope for these people, but it is highly risky, problematic, expensive, and also patients are getting it done and it is not working for them, leaving them with implanted rods and wiring in their body, all done for nothing.
This makes it to where they can no longer have an MRI done on their head, and an MRI is very useful for men like Brendan Stack to do their work.
If an MRI can not be done, they instead will do a CT scan, which emits a lot of harmful radiation, while the MRI supposedly does not.
If you or someone is considering DBS, please treat the TMJ 1st, and put DBS on the back burner as a last crazy resort.

The link to Stack's website;

Here is a link to Stack's YouTube channel, this will open the 1st video in his playlist. To go to the next video he uploaded, you need to press the left arrow, as the playlist will go backwards on autoplay.
You will be able to see patients cured of conditions that the textbooks are saying are incurable;


. "Rest Room issues"

As the modern toxic diet increases around the world, more and more people are having "rest room issues".
Most people who are having one of the various issues actually think everything is normal since it's been like that for most of their life that they can remember.

There can be other causes contributing to this, but I will focus on the main one, and possibly will address other less common causes later.

Also while I will point out the main issue, all health topics apply to everything and will contribute to overall health, so apply all of the knowledge for optimum results.

There is false information floating around concerning fiber in the diet, and it is one of the latest gimmicks to get people to buy products.
I am not saying fiber is bad and not beneficial, though it can cause negative effects if taken unnaturally and in excess like many doctors are instructing patients to do.

Fiber is just being labeled as something that it is not, and like usual to help understand this to be true, you can look at creatures that omit dietary fiber from their diet, and they do not have the issues that they should be having if the medical information is true, also plenty of people can stand as evidence to this.

So the real nutrient people are looking for, is likely actually... water!

And the cure for the embarrassing issues many people don't even want to admit to having is something as simple as full and proper hydration.

As stated on the main page, the modern person considers a dehydrated state as normal, and is typically very unaware how much water is enough.

So, again remember the importance of increasing your intake of the nutrient water and sharing it to your family and friends, so we can put a stop to us being taught by business men and commercials and remaining like clueless sheep.

Some "rest room issues" may not go away as soon as you reach a higher level of hydration, such as hemorrhoids, though for most who suffer from that ailment they should notice a quick change and improvement in their suffering, and if they keep up the healthy habits, this will allow the ailment to finally start healing instead of being damaged repeatedly and seemingly getting worse.
As a side note, beware of some hemorrhoid medications, they appear to contain toxic ingredients, and also non-kosher ingredients.

I may have not even covered this topic, but people are actually dying from lacking this simple information.
Stay hydrated.


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