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As I've always stated, I am not seeking monetary donations from anyone.

I want it to be clear without doubt that my service and labor is real, out of love and sincerity, with no ulterior motives such as seeking to get money and amass wealth.

YHWH has been so gracious to me and my needs have been met every month.
 I remain in constant shock at the blessings and miracles I've seen in my life.

Costs for hosting this website through "Webs.com" has been very affordable so that's not a problem at all.

I don't want to burden anyone, but rather help others with their burdens.

All that I share that is true and good belongs to YHWH, and he has blessed me with the ability and energy to do such, I've lost nothing but rather gained from my labor.
 I do not want to charge people in any way for knowledge or good.

Since I don't want you to send me donations you may wonder why bother with even creating this page, part of the reason is because of the scammer infestation on the internet.

If you're contacted by anyone claiming to be me, or someone who is claiming to be affiliated with this website and ministry, that is wanting you to donate money to them, then you now know it's most likely not true.
 Sometimes scammers try to steal the identity of website owners, targeting Christian groups hoping to take advantage of good hearts for their selfish profit, so watch out for that everywhere you go.
 If you know of eliyah.com that I've mentioned before, I've heard it has even happened to him.

So while I don't want donations, I imagine there are certain times I could possibly hope those who have extra wealth could donate towards certain causes, I will however post about that on the "info" tab where I make updates.

Now, if you had it in your heart to help me, I thank you so very much!

Since I am currently not in need, let your heart freely donate and give to those who are in need, the poor, the hungry, the orphans, the oppressed(such as foreigners), the sick and disabled, anyone you come across that could use a little help in life.
Life is not easy for so many people and even a little bit can make a huge difference for someone and turn their day from depressing to happy and full of love.
 People who do not have to go hungry all day and go to bed hungry sometimes do not realize how great it can feel to be in want and then get to sleep peacefully at night because you got a good meal.
(An example of someone likely not in need is the pastors of churchianity who are making $65,000 a year for leading a social club that hates the truth and is teaching the world to ignore the Word of YHWH. Do not let them pressure you into feeling obligated to give to them as if you are unrighteous if you do not help keep them propped up like royalty in their beautiful buildings.)

Turn your eyes to such people in need that I've mentioned and see them closely, and feel for them in your heart. Feel their pains and sorrows.
Look at them as if they're you, or your family, or anyone whom you love dearly. Look at them as if they're Yahushua the Messiah.

Even sharing small things like a bite to eat with people just out of love, even if you're not sure if they really need you to, is such a wonderful thing and has such great power to change their life, and yours.
I myself have had a lot of ups and downs in my life and people showing just small acts of kindness towards me has warmed my heart and helped me be able to go on multiple times.

Those who are laboring for righteousness, it is of course good to help them in various ways and I hope you do, though this can be in the form of many things and not cash money.

For example, even something so simple as cooking for people to free that time up if they're wanting to be sharing to another soul, is a great help, and by helping them succeed at what they're doing, you also are working for righteousness.
(Something good for spouses to keep in mind I think.)

I myself have really appreciated the times others would cook my food for me so that I could focus for many days at a time ministering to others uninterrupted and also work on this website without distraction.

You allowing me your attention is donations enough for me.

May YHWH bless you and your family with love, knowledge, and a righteous spirit within all of you.

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