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How Do I Donate To This Website     etc.. ?

You don't have to.

I am very well taken care of, thanks to YHWH, and if I lack something I am fully able to work for/towards that myself currently.

So, I have no interest in money.

I do not want to burden anyone, but rather help others with their burdens.

All that I share belongs to YHWH, I could never charge in any way for knowledge or good.

So then, if you are contacted by someone claiming to be me or anyone having to do with this website seeking you to donate to them, acting like they are in need of it, then you should know you're dealing with a scammer.
I have heard of this being done before, scammers online trying to steal the identity of website owners, hoping to take advantage of good hearts, for their selfish profit. I heard that this happened to eliyah.com even, so beware.

If you had it in your heart to help me, I thank you so very much!

Since I am not in need, let your heart freely donate and give to those who are in need, the poor, the hungry, the orphans, the oppressed(such as foreigners), the sick and disabled.

Turn your eyes to such people and see them closely, and feel for them in your heart. Feel their pains and sorrows.
Look at them as if they're you, or your family, or anyone whom you love dearly. Look at them as if they're the Messiah.

Men working for righteousness, it is of course good to help them in various ways, though this can be in the form of many things and not cash money.

For example, even something so simple as cooking for people to free that time up if they're wanting to be sharing to another soul, is a great help, and by helping them succeed at what they're doing, you also are working for righteousness.

So ways that you can help me, or help make me happy, that have nothing to do with donation of money, is;

1. Message me when you notice some sort of error on the website so that I can correct it as soon as possible.
I am far from perfect with sharing, and have to refine what I type, and I fear errors.
It pains my heart to think I have shared an error and that person leaves and I never get the chance to correct it.

2. Share the scriptures to your family and friends, this is a great desire of mine that people learn the truth and go out and share it, and what I hope to inspire people to do from this website.

3. Pray for the saints of YHWH facing trials and tribulation.

4. Pray for the evil and evil ones to be stopped, bring their sins and wrongs before YHWH, do not just accept the wrongs.

5. Pray for and also go out and save the innocent children out in this dark world, save them from evil and corrupt things being planted into their minds and hearts.

6. Message me when you have a good idea or contribution to this website, I value knowledge more than any worldly thing one could give me, and you may think what you have come up with is insignificant and not really worth sharing widely, but even the smallest things can trigger enormous changes in a person's heart and thinking.
It could be "the straw that breaks the camel's back". 
I try to add multiple points to the pages, and I am sure others could contribute helpful points that I don't have up yet, or angles that I have not touched on.

7. Something you could do that would give my heart great joy, is if you find this website useful, simply pass it on to another person for them to look over and consider.
As well if you know a foreign language, and know people who can't read the English here, please read the website to them in their native tongue to try and get them to return back to YHWH.  

May YHWH bless you and your family with love, knowledge, and a righteous spirit within all of you.

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