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This section of the website holds various things relating more to the website itself and me.

This website project "His Word is Truth" was started around 2011, though it appeared under the name "Hallowed Ground" for a period somewhat unintentionally.  

There is of course no copyright information to share with you, the truth and revelations, the wisdom, and the good, belongs to and is from YHWH. Use it freely, for good. 
I ask however to please just do not misuse any truth or revelation.
 For example, do not try to tie or interlace the truth in with a denomination of man or any "church".
 It is my prayer that those who are misusing knowledge and truth, and any interesting information that should be leading people to YHWH and not men and their doctrines, to not find success in their efforts until they repent from their error, and to be disciplined to help their eyes be opened to the vanity.
(Discipline of love, I am not wishing destruction on them but for them to improve and grow.)

Help me in getting souls out of these snares known as denominations, "churches", and religions, and back to being pure children of YHWH, good children that listen to their Father with innocent hearts, and do not esteem the filth of the world, and understands to follow truth and not "beliefs" or pride.

It is 1 of my greatest hopes that someone has gotten some benefit out of my efforts and came out of the world to be joined to YHWH.
 Though if that be the case, certainly give the thanks and credit to YHWH.

May YHWH bless you and keep you my brothers and sisters.

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I occasionally post here giving updates and statements.
 I like to let people know that I am still around and that this website is still alive.;


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About me and how I got started in my journey;


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This page is for submitting suggestions or any helpful information directly to me through this website.

If you know of, or come up with, more points or angles that can help someone wake up and realize the truth, please, share it, so that I and others can benefit from it, and I can assist in spreading it to more people!
 If others are blessed by it through me, may YHWH bless you for any good that comes of it!

Also, if you find any sort of mistake or error with what is written on this website, including grammatical errors, please bring it to attention and correct me;


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