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Interracial Marriage

There is a false teaching that is still inside of some modern Christian circles that interracial marriage is some sort of a sin and  must be avoided.
A lot of unrighteous attacks and judgment is also aimed at "mixed" couples.

This largely comes from racism and lack of knowledge on the scriptures.

Most people's view on race is even so small that they're only thinking about dark and light colored skin, but skin color is only 1 of the many trait differences among different races.

There is not a commandment inside of the Bible saying that you can only marry your same "race".

If there was, then it would cause mass confusion as the idea of "race" is not even solid and the use of this idea today carries with it a lot of contradictions that one has to flat out ignore to keep entertaining the idea of "races".

We all have come from the same source, YHWH.
YHWH made Adam who all humans have come from.
All humans alive today also all descend from the man Noah.

We are all humans.

We are commanded to love others as ourselves, and even specifically commanded to love the foreigner as ourselves.

Most racism involves the breaking of this commandment to love a foreigner as ourselves, and also unrighteous judgment.

For example, a person who simply looks like one who is commonly referred to as _______ being murdered by someone who looks _______, this should be viewed as a human murdering a human, but some people with wicked judgment see "race", and also proceed to wickedly condemn all others of that "race" for another man's sin.

Punishing the innocent for the sins of the evil, is very evil.

It is very foolish to say a murderer has blue skin, therefore all people with blue skin must die and pay a price when they had absolutely no part in a murder.

This spirit of racism is very blinding to those who partake in it, and they should know better that they would not want that same unrighteous judgment cast on them. To be punished for the crimes of the guilty that had nothing to do with them.

Before anyone tries to stop a relationship based on "race" alone, they should put themselves in the shoes of that other person, and ask themselves if they would want that done to them.

So while it's fine to consider the differences among different groups of people, just don't do so in an evil blind way.

When considering to marry a foreigner, it's good to discover what that person's society has taught them and brought them up to be and behave like.
If you both have been raised in the same country it will of course be less of a difference than if you're planning on marrying someone from a different far off country.

I have seen it happen with couples from different countries who are
initially drawn to each other, but after they marry and one really gets to know the other person, one of them is strongly put off by certain habits, behaviors, and ways of thinking, that are common in that group of people.
Take the time to get to know someone and their family before jumping straight into marriage so you don't have to experience any culture shocks when you're married and supposed to be growing closer to a person.
These things can also happen with the same "race" of people, living in the same area. Your family may do something 1 way, and a family next door may do it differently to where it seems strange to you. Small things even. Don't over react in these situations.

What should be considered when considering marriage with someone is not how tan or light their skin is, or the opinion of some unrelating person who acts like they know people when they don't really even know them personally, but the main thing to consider is if they're part of YHWH's people or not.
You become part of his people by obeying him and loving him.

The differences between two people also may be what makes that relationship interesting for the couple and is something that suits their personal preferences, and is fine and should not be insulted just because another person may have different preferences.

Some may make the choice to only be involved with their own people and race, that is perfectly fine too, and does not have to be offensive.
So respect people and allow them to have their preferences, only rebuke them if they're sinning and/or showing unrighteous hate towards others.
Attacking a person because they are interested in preserving their current blood line, or seem to only be attracted to their own people, is unrighteous judgment.
Psychologically, humans tend to be attracted to mates that are similar to them in appearance and behavior, so it is not strange for this to occur in a large portion of a people.

I will update and add the scriptures concerning marriage and race/people. There were a few restrictions and things to consider for the children of Yisrael, and I will add that soon.

There is possibly an example in the bible related to this where Moses takes to wife a Cush'i.
(Cush'i is often translated to "Ethiopian" since historians and scholars link the Cush'i with living in a place near Ethiopia, but they do not know for sure.)

Moses the one whom YHWH gave his Law through and talked with face to face married a girl that was a foreigner.
Moses was rebuked and attacked for doing this, but YHWH himself stepped in and stood up for Moses.

Some people think the translation may not be right and it's not about marriage but just about Moses bringing along a foreigner, though looking at the greater context it can lean towards it actually being about marriage, and plenty of foreigners are said to have went with the children of Yisrael when they left Egypt.

Now if someone has a problem with "mixed race" children like it is a sin, then they are very ignorant, and they themselves are most likely a result of mixing. I've never met a "pure race" person before but only people who are a result of mixing of people previously.

The Messiah's line even has the mixing of foreigners in it.
Maybe that fact can be shared to stop someone from blurting out negative things without thinking.

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