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Lunar Sabbath?



There are some who teach others to follow a lunar 7th day sabbath, but there simply is no such command or instruction telling us to do this.
There also isn't any information given in the Bible to justify all of the claims being made.

If you've taken the time to read the entire Bible, you'll still be puzzled the 1st time you hear this teaching of lunar sabbath, and people trying to tell you that we must do it, since you seen nothing like that in the Bible.

Those keeping this may try to tell you that you're not keeping the sabbath day on it's required time.

However, you work 6 days then rest on the next day, this is what we are told to do. It is simple.

There is an actual 7th day, and we keep it on that day to the best of our knowledge, but still yet, the basic thing one should be doing is working 6 days and resting on the 7th.

This minority who will tell you that the 7th day Sabbath is to be kept according to the appearing of the new moon, do not keep the simple cycle, but the days stray from their course.
 This is because a lunar month, it's full cycle, is not exactly 28 days. It is more about 29.5 days.

A lunar month will not stay in sync with the 7th day Sabbath of YHWH, the moon is not as accurate as the sun for days, weeks, months, and years.

While there is the theory of possibility that the moon had a different course in ancient times that may have helped it line up with this, the command is to work 6 days and rest on the 7th, not make up theories and then chase them while ignoring the simple command to work 6 days and then rest on the 7th.

If you follow this teaching of lunar sabbath, then you're not going to be keeping the 7th day sabbath of YHWH on the 7th day like we are told, but may eventually work 7 days and then keep the 7th day rest on the 8th day.. which doesn't make sense, obviously.

You may also be told that a week starts with a new moon, but the new moon will fall on different days of the week since the lunar month is not perfectly aligned to do such.

Weeks are 7 days long due to the cycle YHWH made of working 6 days and resting on the 7th, and if you say the new moon says when the week starts then you're going to have weeks that are not only 7 days, and constantly shifting, and one will have to calibrate.

Since this is not in the Bible, they have to fill in their teaching with a lot of words from men, and this makes it obvious that we listen to what we know from the Bible, and simple logic, over their attempts at convincing us to follow their habits, since they do not provide real scriptural evidence to support what they're doing, but are going on many assumptions. 

I may contribute more to this page later, though over the years I've came across others who have already touched on this.

So, to put it simply, I will also quote M.R., in response to those who try and teach to break the cycle of work 6 days and rest on the 7th, due to lunar sabbath teachings;

"To find the sabbath right from creation you had to be able to count to 7, when you come to the 7th day that is the sabbath day, in order to find the feast of shavuot you have to be able to count to 7, 7 times, you have to find 7 sabbaths and the next day is going to be the 50th day which is pentecost in greek,
that is how you find shavuot, the feast of 7's, that is what shavuot means, that means you have to be able to count to 7, 7 times, and then add one, now in order to find the sabbath year you have to count 7 years, and then to find the jubilee you have to be able to count to 7 years, 7 times, and the next year the 50th year is the jubilee" - M.R.

Also you can view EliYah's page on this subject at his website;


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