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There is so much which we need to be aware of these days to protect developing children.

It is sad when a human never even has a chance because of things done to affect them that could have been avoided.

Now the best time to focus on your health is at the very beginning of your life, which we are not able to control this, but our parents are able to help us.


It is important that you follow healthy habits for yourself, for the best conditions for your growing baby.
Many women carry a belief that what they do doesn't affect their baby, or that the baby will develop perfect even if their body on the outside is decaying and being trashed.

When your baby is inside your tummy, it is part of your body, yet it is much more fragile than you.

Avoid vaccines both for yourself, and your children.
Research. Research. Research.
Do not just take the side of those with the biggest mouth, and definitely don't blindly take the side of those trying to force them down your throat for profit or agenda purposes.

Studies have been done linking fetal deaths to vaccinations.
Here is 1 example; .http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/press-release-cdc-covers-up-influenza-vaccine-related-fetal-deaths/.

Realize the World is going to try and poison your child with as many things as possible from the moment they are born for many years after.
For example, hospitals will tell you they're going to give your newborn vitamin K, and you may think that's fine, it's just a vitamin supplement, yet they don't tell you they're really injecting things like Polysorbate 80 and aluminum into your newborn!
Aluminum is toxic to humans. An adult should not be exposed to it, yet they're injecting it directly into your new baby.

It clearly appears like something is out to sabotage every human.

Breast feed, and do not give any sort of man concocted formula claiming to be better than the food YHWH has given to babies he designed.

Do not cook the milk, it is no longer the same thing if you heat it up aggressively or beyond it's natural temperatures.

Microwaving breast milk destroys the nutritional potential of any food, so it's a good idea to throw the microwave away so you're never tempted to use it.

Do not take milk out and then store it a long time, and then feed old milk to your baby, naturally, a baby only gets the freshest milk.
If you store your milk for some reason, favor natural containers such as glass or crystal instead of chemical laced plastics.

If your breast milk absolutely can not be obtained, then honestly the best approach would be to find another woman to nurse the child.
Store sold formulas for children are disgusting and mostly just sugar and unnatural vitamin supplements mixed in.
Also popular are soy formulas that are damaging to a developing child, and may even cause degeneration and health issues later in life. Soy is full of anti-nutrients, that cause a body to become deficient in calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Children may need far fewer of these nutrients than an adult, but they're taking in mega doses of anti-nutrients with things like soy which can easily disrupt the small amount of nutrients.
You can research what the next option should be if you can't provide the milk, giving animal milk is also popular, which if that option is followed then it's best to stick to the raw natural version of it, until human breast milk can be obtained.
Animal milk is not human milk, and a child will face development problems if they are not given the nutrients in human milk. Human milk have special nutrients that are for things such as the development of eyes and nerve health.

You may be able to find a donor, though try to find someone who is also caring about what goes through their milk to the baby. In the past this wasn't such a difficult thing to accomplish, but in modern days, women are more likely to refuse to do something like this due to inconveniences.

Milk yourself regularly and milk production will stay strong.

Find or invest in a method of allowing your baby to sleep to where it has access to your breasts, and you will not lose sleep the same way like it is claimed new parents do.

You certainly will be stressed and burdened by what was supposed to be a sweet blessing, if you put your baby far away from your bed alone, then try to go to sleep, and it wakes up lonely, uncomfortable, hungry, etc..
And you use store bought milk and bottles, and you have to get up and go get an unnatural drink that is either not proper food, or old milk, and then take all of that time to get to your baby, and then give it the milk, and then sit there holding a bottle long enough for it to have it, and then the drink not being natural for the baby which then produces unnatural symptoms in the baby making it more prone to feeling bad and crying...

You get where I am going with this. Be wise and make your life easier so you can stay healthy and happy.
Don't teach other would be parents that babies are a curse because of the choices and actions of the adults.
Many people are murdering(aborting) babies because they don't want to be "burdened" by them..

Ultrasounds can possibly be stressful on growing babies, and studies have even linked health problems to those babies who had been exposed to ultra sounds.
Research this to decide if you need to take the risk.

  Modern foods such as soy probably should not be consumed by the woman either who is pregnant.
As well as other high estrogenic or hormonal foods.
It has been shown soy alters growing children, and even causes feminization to male children, and probably reproductive system disturbances.

Don't cut that cord!
Once you have your baby, do not cut the cord right away.
Lame doctors who are looking at you and your baby like just part of their job will likely want to rush and get paid, but their rushing is harmful to both the women and children.
If you get help from some sort of doctor, choose wisely.  



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