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There is another important topic for the best health that is often neglected in modern times, and that is safety!

You can have the best health and be working intensely at improving yourself, but if some sort of accident or disaster happens to you, suddenly you can be put in bad shape or even die, which is of course not a healthy shape.
So please do not be prideful or ignore this topic, it saves lives, and it may save yours and your family's life sometime.

Don't only think about yourself, think about others as well.
Love everyone as yourself.

These points could have been implemented into "Stuff to Avoid", but I think it would be more beneficial to draw attention to safety.
I will work on this page soon, for now I will just jot down some notes to work on later.


Knowledge is very powerful when it comes to safety, and great majorities of people who meet with devastating disasters could have prevented it with knowledge and awareness, and so many greatly wish they had just one chance to go back with more knowledge and do something differently, but they can't.

Also foolish pride is the cause of many accidents, which I will address later.

Realize that anything you do to improve your safety, or someone else's, is a well worth it investment.

Some safety topics to be mindful of are;

Food & Drink,
this includes a number of things to be aware of, including a reminder to not blindly trust someone else preparing and/or handling your food.
Eating at food businesses is a common way to pick up sickness and disease, especially the places that will hire anyone, and pays poorly. I have been in a number of such places known as fast food and witnessed the employees myself, you really risk having food prepared by an uncaring person who hates their job and really doesn't care what happens to the people who are eating the food.
I also personally know of a few horrible things, such as a fast food worker admitting to doing disgusting things to the food they prepared because they did not like the person who ordered it.

Animal harm,
predators land sea air, parasites, bites and stings from things such as spiders, ticks, bees, snakes, mosquitoes

storm harm,
wind damage, water/flood damage, lighting, fire



Disease harm

Criminal harm,
there are many small steps you can take to greatly lower your chances of being a target of an evil person.

Other people,
(my point here does not exactly fit to criminal harm, for example careless people doing something very foolish resulting in injury or death of someone else, or a roommate who is being very careless while cooking walks away for too long and ignites the house, or someone getting drunk and doing something foolish to harm another person, or a foolish prank being pulled on someone, selfish people playing with guns often care little about where they are sending deadly projectiles and sometimes people panic and discharge a firearm without knowing their bullet is going in the direction of other people(a recent example, I seen a case where a man had to shoot another person stabbing his wife and the bullet went through the wall and through a neighbors house and had a chance to strike the neighbors), also emotional people can be a huge hazard, I've personally lost someone due to a man in a passenger seat who had been drinking some alcohol grabbed a steering wheel in some sort of emotional distress and then it caused the vehicle to lose control and crash, totaling the vehicle and killing the driver. The man was unharmed, and he may have never actually meant to cause that death to happen, but from his emotional outburst and intoxication, his judgment was very poor and it happened, and I lost a family member and a friend.
It is very important to choose your company wisely, and do not let anyone persuade you into doing something stupid or being in a situation you're not comfortable in or want nothing to do with)

Pranks are a huge hazard and are very harmful in many cases. These should be avoided unless they're very light and not going to harm anyone physically or mentally, or their honor(it is wrong to set people up to where they look stupid and then use that to indeed make them look stupid, and then post it to social media)
Parents have accidentally killed their children over these, such as a daughter lying and saying she is going to a friends house and then acting like she leaves, only to go into a closet and try to terrify her family, and then as a family member is very freaked out they carelessly shoot into the closet(which was a bad choice on their part as well).

Structural harm

Vehicle harm
There are the obvious safety concerns with this, but also, watch out where you are backing up and so on. Too many children die from people running them over like this. Inspect around your vehicle, and the area around you before you back up, and stay alert to possible changes to that area.

There is a serious problem that has developed, and it is the addiction to cell phones and gadgets while we are doing things where we need good focus, such as driving.
Please do not be selfish like this, but when you're driving, please give 100% to driving for the sake of everybody.

Sleep walking.



Watching certain videos is actually beneficial in that they cause a person to realize they need to be more careful and act more safely. It helps show that there is a real risk, when we often naturally convince ourselves there isn't one and nothing will happen to us.
There are many videos like this you can search for, and I will share some.

WARNING, some of these videos will contain footage of things like fatal car crashes, so please if you think this will bother you greatly and that you can not handle it, just ignore this section of the site. The intention was to help others, not harm them.




(I was going to insert an animal attack video here, but it was too gruesome.. Stay away from crocodiles..)






This video contains a few words that may offend people, as the man is freaking out. HFrgSVoJi1U



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