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Messiah being called "savior" does not mean he is  YHWH



Even further, Yahushua is called savior, so trinitarians say, Yahushua is called savior therefore he is YHWH, because YHWH is our only savior.

"Savior" is a word with a meaning and does not mean YHWH.

They may string a few verses together to convince themselves and others, and it can look like it makes sense to those unaware of what they've left out.
(What they leave out is context and the fact we need to look at the scriptures and everything as a whole.)

Additionally, the apostle Paul in his writings will switch back and forth from calling YHWH savior to calling Yahushua savior, and this likely fuels trinity confusion for those that have been indoctrinated with trinity.

This particular point is best went over after you've went over the other similar points, since it can dip into those other subjects such as "god".

Let's look at some verses, these may be mishandled by trinitarians who are trying to justify and support their non-Biblical doctrines that originated from their men.
 Again let me just mention, you will never find the trinity doctrines in the Bible, there are no verses giving the many details on it because it's not from the Bible!

Isaiah 43:10 "You are my witnesses, says YHWH, and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me, and understand that I am he, before me there was no Elohim formed and neither will there be after me, I am YHWH and besides me there is no savior"

Isaiah 45:21 "Tell and bring forth your case, Yes, let them take counsel together. Who has told it from that time? Have not I YHWH? And there is no other Elohim besides me, a just Elohim and a savior, there is none besides me. Look to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am Elohim, and there is no other. I have sworn by myself, the word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that to me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath"

1st off, this is true, of course, since YHWH is the one that spoke it!   
YHWH is the only true Elohim, and while there are other things called "elohim", such as the angels of the heavens or in some cases those in authority positions, he is the real true Elohim(power, mighty one, authority).
He is the very source of everything and all power, and nothing is above him or can ever be, and no power compares to him.
Yahushua his holy and righteous son, the beginning of the creation of YHWH, is above all except for YHWH.

Paul plainly said that YHWH is over the Messiah in authority;

1 Corinthians 11:3 "But I wish you to know, that the head of every man is Messiah, and the head of a woman is the man, and the head of Messiah is Elohim"

Paul says "it is evident", like it should be obvious!;

1 Corinthians 15:27 "For Elohim has put all things in subjection under his feet, but when it says all things are put in subjection, it is evident that he who put all things in subjection under him is not included. When all things are subjected to him then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that Elohim may be all in all"

Likewise with "elohim", while there are many things that we can consider and call a savior, it is YHWH that is the only true savior, and more specifically, the only Elohim that can save.
 The false elohim and the idols do not have such power because they're either frauds or just an invention of men.

King David was a savior to people.
 We can consider him a savior because he has saved people from trouble. Though I of course do not doubt it was by the grace of YHWH. Would David have been in such a position to help others if it wasn't for YHWH? So can David really take credit for it? Still yet, the fact remains that David went forth and was in control of his own actions, and was willing.

If you can find yourself agreeing with this point, that a person who has done something to save others can be referred to as a "savior", and you understand that this does not contradict the fact YHWH is the true savior and only Elohim able to save our souls and is indeed the very one to create our souls, then there shouldn't be any question that the trinitarians do not have a solid point to prove their ideas.

They too often are not looking at the full depth of the verses and focusing on what is actually being said, and instead are just seeing it how they'd like to see it, as a trinity teaching verse.

YHWH is talking about elohim, and he says that he is the only, and he is the only savior.

All of these saviors also came from YHWH.

Chances are, if you talk about "our savior", modern Christians will almost always think of Yahushua of Nazareth, the Messiah. This is what they themselves have taught so strongly without mention of any other saviors, that you will naturally think the same, and have trouble not linking savior to Yahushua.

There are great amounts of praises, thankings, and worship going to Yahushua the Messiah from Modern Christians, which is great, but they're leaving out the praise to YHWH his Father who provided the lamb and worked everything out for us in love.
 There should be an adjustment in vision and attitude, and by these actions of theirs they actually make the savior argument look more valid since they've taught everyone to associate the word savior with Yahushua.

I don't want to take any glory away from Yahushua, but I would like to bring people back to praising YHWH the Father too.

If you are starving and about to die, and I give you a full meal and your life is preserved, you would not turn your back to me, refuse to speak to me and ignore me, and start thanking the food that just brought you back from the edge of the grave, would you?
 It is similar to what is going on, though not exactly since in the case of Yahushua who is very good food, we can thank him.

Or say you need $100,000 immediately or else someone is going to kill you and you have no idea how you're going to come up with the money.
 Someone named Red heard about your problem and had pity on you because he had a merciful heart and he sold all of his belongings and even his house and raised exactly $100,000.
 The journey to get to you was very dangerous and hard, but his son named Blue willingly accepted to make the journey in love, so Red prepared him for a trip to deliver the money to you and save you.
 Blue sets out on the difficult and evil journey that would assuredly bring sorrow and torment onto him and shows up to you and gives you the money and your life is spared.
 So in this situation, do you only thank Blue and ignore Red as if he doesn't exist and had no part?
 Red saved you through Blue, and we would love Blue very much and thank him, but our main debt is to Red.

1 Corinthians 15:57 "But thanks be to Elohim, who gives us the victory through our Master Yahushua the Messiah"

YHWH created and prepared Yahushua and he poured out his spirit on him without measure and YHWH did mighty works through Yahushua, the words Yahushua the Messiah spoke was not even his own words but they were words given to him from YHWH, Messiah himself said he of him own self could do nothing.
 Don't get me wrong though, Messiah is our perfect king/lord and we surely love him.

The main focus I suppose I am wanting to get at is YHWH saved many people through another person all through the scriptures, even if people were not aware it came from him.
 It was YHWH saving and not the people whom he sent which probably would not have been able to do the saving on their own without YHWH being their strength and guiding everything.

Yahushua prayed to YHWH for safety and to save him, so if he even needed YHWH, why would anyone express through actions that they did not need YHWH?

Hebrews 5:7 "During the days of Yahushua's life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission"

So with all of this said, the Messiah's name Yahushua means; YHWH is savior/deliverer/salvation, so let us not forget to thank YHWH for his salvation, and providing his salvation to us!        HalleluYAH!

The "new testament" calls YHWH our savior repeatedly, many times, and most people misunderstand and think it is calling Yahushua savior at all of these places.
 I will share some of those places later with an update.

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