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This page is for quickly mentioning things to avoid for health that the average person may not be aware of yet.

It pains my heart that so many people out there are suffering and sick, and the world will not let them see what is harming them and killing them.
 As you will come to learn, the medical industry is supposed to be helping sick people, yet it continues to give them the things which are killing them.

I haven't worked on this page yet other than jotting down a few things to remember.
 If you know of any points to add, please E-mail them to HallowedGround7@live.com




1st up, avoid stress.
Stress is one of the most destructive things on our human bodies.
 When we experience prolonged stress, our body is in a constant state of destruction.

It is important to make changes to where you are rid of unwanted stress.

Stress can be linked to just about every bodily ailment you can imagine, even if stress isn't the direct cause, it is adding to the problem.
For example, if someone falls and breaks their leg, they may not blame stress or think it's related, however stress affects the health and strength of your bones, it weakens your bones, and has had an effect on making that bone easier to break.
Then also after the fact, stress will prevent that bone from healing as quickly as it should.

Stress is a normal feeling and can't be avoided totally, but modern people, male&female, young&old, are having exceedingly high levels of stress on their bodies, to the point it is keeping us all in a degenerative state. Our bodies are actually destroying themselves.

A healthy body that is getting all of the needed nutrients, also with a positive mind, can counter the negative side effects of a normal amount of stress, though not only is modern people not getting enough nutrients or positive mind energy, they're also adding in too much stress.

The degenerative and catabolic hormones that our bodies dump into us when we are stressed are actually a good thing when we truly need them in a stressful situation, they put our bodies into "high gear".
Now, with any modern day machine, higher performance means more wear and tear and a need for more maintenance and resources.
If you run an engine too hard without the needed maintenance, it may work great at 1st, but over time the system of the vehicle wears down and may not even be capable of that same initial performance as parts have become damaged and broken, you may even end up with less performance than your engine had when running at normal levels.

If you want to recover yourself, then take an extended break from the stress, while performing maintenance on your body! It will heal as long as you give it the chance and provide the resources it needs.

Some causes of stress;
Burdens of modern life, school, sleep habits, sickness, video games, physically exciting movies like horror or action, intense exercise, job, relationships, etc..

We are bringing most of the stress we feel on ourselves with our bad choices, so please be honest with yourself and not evil towards someone else by casting blame on things other than yourself for your problems. That in itself will bring you more stress, and it also stresses other people, harming them with this problem.
Take responsibility for your actions, few people do..
If you have the common wicked attitude to not take responsibility for your own actions and blaming anything and everything else you can, then you're always going to have problems and stress, since to you everyone and everything else is the problem.

Don't try to avoid stress 100% for the rest of your life, it's okay to try to avoid 100% if you decided to do something like a "cleanse" for a set amount of time, but just get rid of the unwanted and excessive stress.
If there is something exciting or something you would enjoy that will give you a little stress, then go for it as long as you're mindful of how much you're putting yourself through. Don't miss out on life and memories with your loved ones, a little stress for such things can actually repay you with health and happiness in the long run, and you may gain needed experience and intelligence from such things.


Fluoride is poison to humans, it is rat poison.
 This stuff is being spiked into foods and additives and forced upon populations.
 Most people do not know they're being drugged and never question fluoride, but you need to become aware of this "drug" to protect your health and mind.

This drug is toxic and kills your body, and a side effect we should most be concerned with is it destroys the brain and nerves.
 Fluoride is well known to interfere with our brains and lower intelligence.
 This drug has mind altering effects and will make people more passive.

Do not let the devils poison your mind and body, and help make it harder for you to realize the truth of the world.

Fluoride is sold to you under the lie that it protects your teeth, yet ingestion of fluoride kills teeth.

It does not look like any coincidence that Jews in camps were drugged with fluoride in their water, and now the entire world is being drugged with it.
 Avoid "city water", and be aware that some countries put it into salt to reach the population.


Aluminum is toxic to humans, yet it is finding it's way into us through multiple paths.

Fluoride and Aluminum have a synergetic effect and work together to poison us.

There are countless foods and products being consumed in the 1st world that contain aluminum and fluoride.

BPA / Plastics


Multiple reasons, including our lack of ability to absorb nutrients from it very well.
 Also most soy in the U.S. is genetically modified, which is not fit for human consumption and should be destroyed. Both for the insult to human health, and for the insult to the design of our Elohim that is perfect.


Aspartame is poison, it is also a neuro-toxin!
 Many fatal illnesses have been linked to the consumption of this substance, beware of it and never consume it or give it to anyone.

Artificial sweeteners: ex. aspartame, stevia

Beware of all artificial sweeteners, research them.


Stevia has gained popularity as an alternative sweetener, but it has shown to causes negative effects on the body, some notable effects are damage to the reproductive system.


GMO stands for genetically modified organisms.
 Studies have shown the multiple devastating effects GMOs have on us and animals.
Men are trying to play elohim by corrupting what YHWH made and said was good, and the results are negative, not positive.

It appears men are doing this for selfish gain, not out of interest in what's best for us.


For us living in the modern world, it is very difficult to completely avoid exposure to this toxic chemical since corporations have saturated all of their products in it, but it is important that you avoid it as much as possible.

If you want perfect health, then you really need to avoid this and other toxins 100%, but sadly the modern wicked world does not want you to be able to avoid all health poisoning agents, which is why modern people are going to struggle to have the same levels of health as those in the past.

Formaldehyde fumes act as a slow poison, so it is very successful at killing you slowly, and causing your health to degenerate over time, leaving people confused as to why it seems like their health is deteriorating steadily over the months and years.

Many modern products emit toxic gases, but some of the most damaging things that emit toxic gases are things like homes and vehicles, places where we spend a lot of time.

Many people love "new car smell", and "new home smell", but the reality is that smell is deadly and attributed to mostly formaldehyde.
Imagine how bad it has become once we told companies that their products are even more desirable to us the more they smell "new".
It is strange that modern society has learned this smell and calls it "new", when it is really a smell we should be terrified of.

DO NOT purchase any home that has made use of toxic chemicals, otherwise how can you expect to have health.
If you do, then your expectation should be struggling impaired health that gets worse over time.

Mobile homes/trailers are especially guilty of poisoning people with formaldehyde.
This includes RVs and "campers" as well. 

Paying a large amount of money for what you thought was a home for life, just to find out it's a human poison trap can be very stressful and devastating.
You may use up your funds on something like this and then feel stuck and trapped with it which will add stress, harming you even more.
Also, if you are able to sell it and salvage some of that wasted money, you have to think about all the other people that would live in it, and how they're going to be entering a poison trap and dying over time.
It is best to just not put yourself in such a situation.

Deadly poisons like this that kill you over time rather than instantly can have any sort of side effect.
5 people in your family can each have their own unique manifestation based on their own body and health, and because this happens with many things that harm our bodies, we struggle to pinpoint, or even realize, something that is responsible for harming us.
Some of the common symptoms mentioned are dermatological conditions and conditions of your respiratory system.
Though don't trust the internet or medical authorities to tell you the whole story, otherwise you will be trapped in the system like the rest of the world. You have to think on your own and not let corrupt organizations think for you.

Many of the building materials sold now are saturated with this, but there are options available that do not contain it.
In fact, you can build your own house using locally harvested materials and save a fortune, AND know what has went into that structure to avoid toxins.
When I say save a fortune, I rather mean it, because I have 1 friend who was very resourceful and built his own house for his family, and if he went to a company to buy a home such as from a mobile home seller, it could have cost him up to 50+ times more.
That means he could have built up to 50+ of those homes for the same price for 1 mobile toxic home.
Though his home was very basic, which I am not saying is bad, but many others out there would rather choose to be poisoned to some degree just so they can have a modern and modern looking home and fit into what the world taught them to fit into.
He did not put a network of pipes and wiring in his house like modern homes which certainly reduced the cost. He also made use of solar power for lighting, and opted for fire to heat his home in the Winter and also for cooking his food he chose a wood burning cooking stove.

Corporations are acting like we need them and they make our lives easier, but the reality is they're making our lives harder and heartlessly working to turn them into a diseased hell when they sacrifice us and our children for the love of money.

Dealing with modern "food" corporations.

"Food Inc" documentary was placed here to give you some more ideas of what to avoid, though this particular link was removed.

It used to be on Netflix, I am not sure where you can view it now.

Instead I will just place the trailer to the documentary here;





Please wake up..
The world is going down fast up until YHWH our father intervenes and has to fix it himself, but we still can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others by caring about these things.
Don't be discouraged because you feel like you can't totally correct an issue.

Junk Food in general.

I suppose this one should be obvious, since we should understand junk food to mean food that does not benefit us but harms us.
Though make sure you know what is junk food and don't let junk food salesmen trick you into thinking their product is not junk.

This stuff is killing you, and does not care about you.
It has no intention on giving you health but rather making men rich as the expense of your health and self control.

It is painful to see souls out there suffering and struggling because they're addicted to these lies.
There is an addiction loop with junk foods, actually many loops all working together in different ways. These loops make this stuff very potent at hooking us.

1 of which includes it can make you feel comforted falsely at the time you're eating it, and you was seeking comfort due to what that same food did to your body, so you get stuck in a loop of insanity and likely will blame other things for your state, not the food you think you love. Humans are bad for defending things they like and allowing themselves to be blind to evils they are doing.
Be honest with yourself.
If you want free from junk food, you must hate the junk food, not tell yourself you love it.
People are willing to die for things they love.
You don't really love junk food if you weigh out everything, and also realize it's just lying to you and tricking you, see it for what it is, see the evil men that have put that in front of you.
Humans seem to be good at "hating", so turn hate towards bad things, such as junk food(drugs) and sin.

The "juicing" fad.

Unless you know of some knowledge where a certain food has a benefit for you that the whole version doesn't, then do not waste the solids of your fruits and vegetables by running them through expensive juicing machines that expel them as if they're useless.
Not to mention the money  spent on the food is mostly being wasted when you throw away the solids.
Some of these will tell you how to use the solids, but most people are turned off by the solids since they become less appetizing, so this is why it's best to jsut eat the foods as they are, or at least blend it all together with the solids and not use juicing machines.

Consume them as naturally as possible.

You can use a blender, and a little water if necessary, to make a puree or drink, if you feel you need to do this or decide you want to try it.
I personally do this with things like celery, as I find this makes consuming them easier and saves a lot of chewing.
Though something to possibly be aware of, some blenders can create a lot of heat, which cooks nutrients, altering them from their raw state.
Some blenders are said to avoid this but I can't confirm any certain product as being best.


This is an important topic to share. I will work on it later.

The habit of breathing smoke will bring down every part of your body.
Also depending on what is being smoked, things can alter your body like a drug.

In the specific case of "pot" and marijuana smoking, this smoke has a few additional things that will harm your well being, and the one thing observed to be most terrified of is lowered intelligence.

If you choose to smoke, then please do it away from people who do not want to smoke, and keep it away from children.
Also know if your children and family see you smoking, they're much more likely to be conditioned into thinking it's okay and fine to do, and will often take up the habit since to them it's normal in life.

There are hormonal consequences to absorbing tobacco and marijuana smoke.

The effects are said to alter the hormones you need to be a healthy male or healthy female, and even negatively impacts things such as luteinizing hormone.

So this is another harmful thing that can create a host of different side effects in a person that they may not link to their smoking habit.
Again if you read the junk food point above, if people love smoking, they're going to be especially blind to what that love is doing, and let it get away with a lot. 

Smoking, especially for females, can transform a person into looking unattractive with prolonged use, such as dried out and old wrinkly looking skin, and bad mouth health and appearance, not to mention a different voice than the natural one you used to have.

These are things that are a big part of the female form, so this is why I said especially for females.
Female smokers not only will seem more masculine in appearance, but even in their actions because altered hormone levels affect how you act and think as well.
I mention this because if a person's self esteem is harmed or ruined, then you bring a lot of stress and misery on yourself, which also affects your health.

You can also face relationship troubles when your husband is struggling to be drawn to you because his preference is feminine qualities, or when you are struggling to gain a mate.
It surely sounds shallow, but this is in our design.
If a male is attracted to females and attracted to health, then you should expect this issue to occur when you decide to chemically alter your body changing your state, you shouldn't expect them to suddenly become attracted to things contrary to nature, and should not attribute evil to them if they have any ounce of this happening in them, while giving your cigarettes love and understanding..
Be natural and healthy, and that is all it takes to be attractive. You do not have to look like a barbie doll, but just be yourself. You on cigarettes is not yourself. You on junk food, is not yourself. You have to be natural to be yourself, the world is trying to alter you.

Cigarettes will make you feel bad, and create the temptation to behave poorly, spewing out hate rather than love.
Sick individuals are much more likely to mistreat others, keep yourself from such temptations and keep your family from them.



Microwave ovens

Cell phones

The energy coming from and to these devices is disrupting our bodies on a microscopic level, and we can not even feel this is happening.
Best to be aware of this and avoid it when possible such as not storing your phone in your bra for an entire year.
Do not touch or hold your cell phone close to your body for longer than you have to.
Technology is awesome, but we need to be a little bit more careful with it.





Sunglasses can be a useful tool when you need them, but if you can help it, avoid them. We are designed to take in light, and wearing dark sun glasses will affect your hormones and rhythms.

Sunglasses will actually lower your metabolism, and we gain benefits from having a lot of light in our eyes, and the ultimate light for us to have daily is the sun.

Refined, processed, and unnatural sugar ingredients.


In many places in the world, there are air craft flying over regularly spraying out some sort of substance.

Toxic substances are turning up in water and ground testing and there is evidence to suggest it is coming from these air crafts.

This is something to be extremely concerned about and not sit back and look over, since these chemicals that are turning up just so happen to be substances that weaken the immune system and thus damaging health and life, preventing us from thriving.
These substances should not be contaminating all of our food, soil, and air we breath, and if we do not take action and figure out what is going on and how to prevent it, disease and death will increase.

This spraying is going on unhindered because the majority of people are refusing to acknowledge it, and they generally do not have much concern for health hazards to begin with.

When you try to spread this to try and get everyone questioning it to put an end to it, many people either act mildly interested just long enough for you to finish talking about it, and then change the subject and forget about it completely, or they mock you, may imply you're crazy, and try to say it is just a "con-trail".
Chem-trails are not con-trails, and from observation and science, you can tell it is not likely a con-trail.

Some say since this isn't on the majority's televisions coming out of the news, they don't believe it's real, which is likely a big part of the problem.

There are many who have came forth being witnesses to working on these projects, others have came forth with other evidence that is being swept under the rug that would suggest there is a secret plan taking place above us constantly in the day and night sky.
Even if there was no intentional plan, there is still evidence that is linking the presence of air-crafts with these trails to toxic particles.

This is highly frustrating, because this site is to help get others thinking about true health, and pursuing it, yet if there is toxic substances being sprayed all over us to where it enters every part of our body, killing our immune system, then we are being murdered and may not be able to obtain true health.

If you review the evidence and realize that there is indeed enough evidence to at least call for a full investigation into this to make sure if harm is coming from the sky or not, be careful who you say it to, because you will be called a fool and a crazy because you reviewed evidence instead of just ignoring it and being a good sheep that questions and complains about nothing happening in the world around us.



Electric Space Heaters, Self cleaning ovens, blow dryers

Possibly Gluten

White Rice, also White Bread, etc..

Modern Music and Sound. Out of tune.

I thought I would point this out, I don't feel we must avoid this particular point at all costs, but it's useful to be aware of if you're trying all you can to reduce stress.

Music does affect us greatly during our life.
Many of the ancients used to tune their instruments to A4=432Hz tuning, which produces a beautifully harmonious sound that human ears(and bodies) seem to respond to very well.

Our modern world however has made the standard of tuning to A4=440Hz, some believe there is a conspiracy with an agenda behind this.

So you can try avoiding radios and such like in vehicles and see if you feel better overall, you can also try out listening to A4=432Hz and see if it gives you any benefits.

I digitally re-tune songs to A4=432Hz using the audio program "Audacity", and sounds and voices that I couldn't hear well before or at all, suddenly become clearer, which I find interesting.

If you would like to re-tune your own sound files, then I recommend you download Audacity(it is free) from a safe source, I got it from here;
To re-tune using Audacity;
Once inside Audacity open your sound file, then click on "Edit > Select > All" to select all, then click on "Effect > Change Pitch"
to open up the pitch change menu.
Once inside the pitch change menu in the part that says "Frequency (Hz):"  You want to type in "from 440 to 432".
It is important you put 440 in the 1st box, or else your sound file will distort, if Audacity will not allow you to type in the 1st box which is "from", then simply write 440 anywhere and copy it and then paste it into the box, this usually works.
After you change the pitch then to save the sound file, click on "File > Export" to save the re-tuned file.

Remember though, the sound is probably best if the original recording was truly A4=432Hz, and the instruments were truly tuned to this, compared to digitally altering the sound.

As a final note, there is a misconception that some naturally develop when 1st finding out these things, and that is this means the entire song is 432Hz, which is not what it means, rather it just means the note "A4" is 432Hz. A4 is the A just above middle C.

Diet/weight loss Drugs and Supplements.


Do not buy "Baby Carrots" until you read this info. Baby Carrots sold in many grocery stores are not actual tiny carrots, but they are broken big carrots which are reshaped and then bathed in chlorine to brighten the color. Chlorine is toxic to humans.


I despise hearing that hospice has come in to "help" someone who is very sick and dying.
If you want yourself or someone else to live, then keep hospice and related organizations far away.
People who are fully capable of recovering are being killed by drugs and practices given by hospice.

Also, if you're given drugs that make you drunk and out of your mind, you have mentally died the moment you was given that.

Often an elderly person is told by a doctor they won't live much longer, then hospice is brought in to "help them die".
You may look at your loved one and notice they're not doing very well and can barely do anything, and think to yourself, "oh they don't have much time left, they're obviously dying".. though those effects are usually being caused by the drugs being forced on the person. There is a good chance the person could become more like normal, the way you remember them before the doctor told them they were dying, if you just got them off of the drugs that is making them high and drunk.

I personally have been deceived by this before with a pet cat of mine, and let a vet talk me into euthanizing my cat even though I didn't want to. The pet cat had a disease, though had been living normally with it, a neighbor gave my cat an overdose of aspirin without telling me and my cat started acting very drunk and weird. I didn't realize aspirin was causing this until after it was too late. The vet talked me into letting him euthanize my cat and was talking about how it was practically already dead... Though if I had just told the vet I will never agree to euthanizing, and let my cat recover from
the drugs in it's system, my cat would have probably returned back to it's normal sickly self, still able to live it's life and play with me, and I wouldn't have the terrible feeling of knowing the cat I cared for is dead because of my choice.
I don't mean to compare humans to animals, though this helps to put things into perspective, and honestly, people are treating people like animals by choosing when to euthanize them.

Hospice is euthanizing humans, for profit.
If someone is so sick that they are not expected to live much longer, don't go buy them a casket and put a broken spirit on them (that in itself destroys the health), take that money and buy them what they need like organic vegetables, and other health promoting things, give them a hopeful spirit, and make a radical life style change, while praying out to YHWH for help and to let his will be done.
If someone is still alive, then it's not yet too late!


These drugs are an extreme health hazard that will damage your bodily systems and they may never return to 100% healthy.
If you are able, treat these drugs like a deadly poison and avoid them, and keep your family away from them.

Human bodies are actually mostly bacteria, and need good ones to thrive and be healthy, but these drugs kill all the good bacteria that lives inside of us. These drugs are being given out extremely carelessly by "doctors", and even when they're not needed! The effects from anti-biotics is so great and severe, they should at least be 100% certain that the person is even suffering from an infection that can be killed with anti-biotics, otherwise they're just damaging people.. Though you should know by now, medical doctors will not help you actually get healthy, but rather unhealthy while they're taking payments from you.
There is ample evidence to show that when you destroy your guts with these drugs, you won't heal unless you take special care to restore your system.
When anti-biotics are taken and kill off the good bacteria that we need for health, this allows bad bacteria to quickly over populate and infect us. You can think of the good bacteria as good soldiers, and when you kill them, they get overcome by the bad soldiers, and the result is sickness that will manifest itself in thousands of different ways, appearing to be many different diseases, but the root cause was all the same..
Anyway, research these drugs before you ever think about taking one, and please do not mindlessly listen to a medical doctor trying to offer them to you or a loved one.

There are other bad effects from these drugs I will list later.


Do not let a modern vaccine come in contact with you or anyone you care about.

These are the real plagues, not what they're supposed to be treating.

There are so many lies, and so much propaganda behind these things, people are violently trying to force them onto others.

I will share the data soon.

You may say I am against vaccines, which I am in 1 context, but if they were real and actually worked, I wouldn't be against such a thing, but they're not real, not like the world is leading us to believe anyway.
I am against the modern vaccines that do not work and are an enormous health hazard and money making gimmick with possible conspiracies behind them.

There are toxins in their products that do not need to be there, yet they do not find a substitute, as well they're using dead babies from the abortion industry in these concoctions.
The idea of the vaccine sounds good in theory, but there isn't really evidence to support these.
The major evidence used to support these is flawed, and a nobel prize has been handed out for vaccines, which I will cover later.
Do your own research for now, and see it is a scam that will destroy your health, and for many people it destroys their life entirely.

Meat. Mainly modern store bought meat.

I know it takes a lot of convincing to help someone even begin to see how we have been lied to and dumbed down about meat consumption, but there are benefits to avoiding meat bought from companies and super markets.

Most are infected with disease, that people ingest daily, also filled with things that you would not dare consume if you knew it was in it.. people don't realize they're eating more than animal meat when they go and buy meat, and they don't list ingredients letting you know they have added a slime that was once strictly forbidden to be given to humans, or that they're adding dyes to meat, etc..
Also, modern meat is full of parasites.
This stuff tends to be disgusting if you're not getting it fresh from your own farm, and even then you don't really need it.
There are no nutrients in meat that you can't get from plants.

Meat is rather low in nutrients and has an acidifying effect on the body. We do not need to eat it to obtain our required nutrients. For some nutrients, certain meats are helpful at gaining them, such as lamb's zinc content.

Of course, always avoid the meats that YHWH told us we shall not eat or even touch.

Avoid allowing doctors to remove parts of your body with them saying you don't need it, such as tonsils, reproductive organs, and teeth.

If you have any issue where you are tempted to let a man ruin your body, please instead make a radical change in your lifestyle, and if you can't afford it, ask others to help support you, not just a single person but many so the burden is large on any one person if possible.

Tonsils are part of your immune system, they're supposed to be in you, and doctors are removing them to remove symptoms, not remove the cause. Removing part of your immune system will cause problems for life, where as if you held off and tried to fight the root cause, you would have been cured.

Letting dentists convince you to take teeth out, just for them to make money from you, can have severe results for you, one of which being a damaged TMJ, which can give you tourettes/ parkinsons/dystonia symptoms, paralysis, misery, later in life.

Avoid anything that would negatively affect a fever.

Once again, you read that correctly.
Many modern people have been taught that a fever is a negative symptom caused from the evil sickness and they should take drugs to cure that symptom immediately.
Some may even feel this is evidence of the benefit and good of modern medicine, when it can seem like modern medicine does not cure anything for anyone.
But again this is evidence against it.
Not all people in the healthcare industry will advise you to get rid of your fever, remember it is made up of thousands of individuals that vary from eachother, some are stuck in blind pride, some nurses are closer to "playing doctor" like a child would and like to feel like a doctor and they like to give a pill and take a fever away(not saying this is bad, since these people tend to be newer and are more passionate about helping others instead of the more mature who can start to look at humans as just a job that they are numb towards instead of seeing them as humans with a heart), some are real and honest people who are going to share what they learn and may tell you to leave the fever alone and put some trust in your own body instead of telling your body to butt out while modern medicine instead works on the problem.
Don't think someone is bad for trying to get rid of your fever though, they may believe they are helping you and doing good, and you may be able to interpret their action as good towards you instead of a murder attempt. 
Just discuss with them the benefits and consequences of doing such, they may not know yet, or they may know something you don't, such as your fever is out of control and not a natural fever.

A fever is your body taking care of problems... so it should be an easy indicator that the medical industry is trying to sabotage you when it often tries to prevent your body from having a fever.
Those who are in the hospital may be given strong doses regularly of drugs that prevent the fever.
The person will feel better in a way, but typically you should not really be thankful for that relief from the minor discomfort of a fever.
A fever is good, it is your ally.
It is your body waging a war for the benefit of your health.

There are certain cases that a fever can be dangerous and this will happen when your body is out of whack.
These rare occurrences is when it can be beneficial to know how to control a fever to stop the body from harming itself when what should be happening does not happen.

However the fever should be carefully monitored and action should not be taken unless it is a real need.
If your fever is out of control, then this could mean you need to control it until you fix another problem in your body that allows your body to not have that problem.
A person who experiences a high fever, such as an oral reading of around 103f-104f, can feel very miserable and experience something they may have not felt before which is terrifying along with the misery of sickness.
This is when discipline comes into play to where they must be wise and not pop an ibuprofen or something similar that will retard their fever, so that their immune response is able to perform it's work.
Overall health is so important for recovering from these sicknesses. A fever alone is not enough.
So instead of taking fever drugs for your sickness and then laying in bed counting the minutes until you are healed from the drug you just took, focus on taking in nutrients if possible and healthy habits like resting in the sun and staying fully hydrated.

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