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The Nutrients



On this page I will list known nutrients for the body, so that it is easier for us to be aware of them and make effort to obtain them.

Modern teachings on nutrition, like most other knowledge, has been twisted and falsified.
 There is so much false and useless information saturating the internet, tv, radio, etc.. it has become difficult work to uncover simple knowledge unless you know how to ask the right questions.
 Prideful ones and their terrible mindsets are aiding the chaos.

It is of course not wise to believe that what is being taught to us today is full understanding of nutrients and how they affect our bodies.

Modern men have decided on set amounts of vitamins and minerals that they say people should get per day, which you will notice on packaging as "Daily value percentage"(DV%), or "recommended daily amount" (RDA).
Do not trust these RDAs as absolute truth.
They're easily proven to be not the best advice if you want the best health, and they're calling numerous forms of nutrient all the same thing, when some may be totally unusable by the human body, while others may be even harmful.
Many RDAs are set to the level where the harshest symptoms will not appear, and have nothing to do with optimum health and removing other lesser symptoms.

To get the nutrients, it is best to eat them in their natural form, from natural real food.
Men have created things like vitamin supplements to make profit, but those are not the same, and have negative side effects when those nutrients are taken from a fresh natural state, and often the body has trouble using them.
These supplements are missing out on the complexity of live nutrients that work together and are present together in food, they can throw our bodies out of balance.
Freshness is also another factor when dealing with supplements.
You want to eat fresh living nutrients.

Do not fall for the lie that a vitamin supplement is anything like the natural, an example, isolated vitamin C may be only 1/10th the potency of natural vitamin C. 
They can also even be bad for your health, and the versions that are sold today with nasty additives are very harmful such as ones with refined sugars. So please take the time to understand this and believe it, even though you likely from your childhood have been taught by the world to take your vitamin supplements.
Also present in supplements are many fillers and preservatives etc.. which doesn't need to be ingested by anyone.

These kind of things should mainly be used if there is an emergency and then use them only until you can replace them with what you really need.

A tip, if you buy for example a ground herb which comes in capsules, you can often open the capsule and dump the contents into your food to avoid the capsule.

The mainstream medical industry will tell you that you can get all of the nutrients you need from a strict vegetarian diet except for vitamin D and vitamin B12.
This teaching turns people away from following a vegetarian diet, and promotes animal product consumption.
Also while only D and B12 are said to be of concern if you follow a vegetarian diet, plenty of more people still act as if you're missing out on way more than just D and B12, which really turns people away from certain eating habits and promotes purchasing of toxic industrial meats from local stores.

Our bodies make Vitamin D naturally from direct sunlight on our skin, so this vitamin does not need to be present in the food we are eating, and since the natural way for us to obtain it is through sun exposure, it may be best that it is not added into our food unnaturally, of course.

Vitamin B12 that we need actually comes from bacteria.

This vitamin is found all over the world, in water, in soil, wherever these bacteria may be found.  

It is of course true that vegetarians will sometimes have a deficiency in this vitamin, but those who consume meat daily as well are coming up deficient in this vitamin, showing there is more to it.

You do not have to eat an animal to obtain vitamin B12, so do not hold to the misconceptions that you have to kill animals and consume them even if you don't want to.

They will single out unhealthy vegetarians who eat absolute garbage, still an american diet, and use them for their "proof" that a plant only diet is bad, without ever telling you the whole story, that those people are eating trash like sodas, oreo cookies, processed chips, and pharmaceutical drugs.
For some reason when many non-vegetarians think of a vegetarian, they picture them being a person who eats only delicious, fresh, vegetables, and salads, and forget that most junk food and drugs are void of meat and can be part of a vegetarian diet.

Bacteria in our own digestive systems actually produce vitamin B12 as well, though studies claim we are not absorbing it due to it being too low in our digestive system.
Some suggest that living a more natural and humble lifestyle exposes us to this nutrient, such as working in the soil, and eating plants without washing them to death.

Modern people's health has been wiped out due to drugs and habits that destroy our guts bacteria, and it is possible this is affecting B12 absorption and we may naturally produce a supply of it. 
It also appears that there may be twisted information on B12 coming from animal meat, and the active B12 they're saying you get from meat is actually due to the bad bacterial
contamination in modern meats.
The meat industry's products are heavily filthy and contaminated.
If you was to start a farm and go out and butcher your animals without caring about how clean you are, you still probably would not come close to the amount of infection and filth inside the meat sold at stores today. They can't even kill all of their germs with strong chemicals, which they by the way pass their meat through before they pass it onto your plate. 

This subject needs to be explored more, and hopefully a solid conclusion will be reached. Though we can be confident that when we are told meat is the only way to get vitamin B12, it is false.
Raw milk can be a good source of B12, but modern processing destroys this nutrient. 

Another important thing to know is cooking can alter nutrients.
This can be a positive thing, and this also can be a negative thing.
There are plenty of foods that you absolutely do not want to cook or else you're getting much less of what you could be getting, and also missing out entirely on some things. Therefore cooking your food is wasting the food, your money, resources, and time and in many cases turning healthy foods into unhealthy substances.

An interesting example, animal meat can be a source of
vitamin C, yet when you cook it, that vitamin is destroyed.

If there was only 1 thing I could choose for you to listen to and not cook it would be milk. Stay away from industrialized milk, and let your baby have uncooked breast milk.

If you have fruits and vegetables that doesn't have to be cooked try to eat them raw and work towards developing your tastes for raw vegetables.
Today I crave a big bowl of vegetables and it feels like I am eating a big meal, but 10 years ago when my tastes were screwed up from the modern diet, I probably would not have thought this was possible, and probably would not have been satisfied from vegetables as I am now. It takes time to rehab your mind and body and be able to realize the vegetables are indeed fueling your body and satisfying your hunger.
When we eat junk and we get addicted to the feelings from it, we can think those feelings are part of normal eating, and when we don't feel that from healthy foods we may get confused and think we're eating nothing, when it's really due to an addiction.

Here is a decently useful tool. I put this link on my bookmark bar, and click on it when I want to quickly find the contents of a food.
After you open it, just type in the food you want to research in the search bar after the already entered "nutrtion analysis", then click on search.


There is research to show that vegetarians and natural eaters require less of certain nutrients, so they may actually be able to consume far less of certain nutrients and still have a surplus compared to a diseased individual who is trashing their natural body and taking mega doses of that nutrient.
This is thought to be due to 1 person absorbing nutrients better, and the other having trouble absorbing nutrients at all.

I don't have all of the details and research concerning that, but either way it's a subject to be mindful of and research, because absorption ability is directly linked to your health and energy.
The benefit is, you may get twice as many nutrients from the same food, or you could look at it as you only have to eat half of the food to get the same benefit as another.

So prioritize absorption, and avoid things which are known to harm absorption.
An example, many toxic diet drugs prevent nutrient absorption, so destroy such things if you own any and educate your family on the uselessness of such products.

Finally, on the subject of animal flesh again, there is not a need to eat it, there is no such thing as a "meat" deficiency.
 It is healthier to avoid animal flesh and products for acquiring a nutrient if you can, especially if the animal flesh you plan on consuming is from a company.



The Nutrients


This is a major nutrient.
 Sadly due to the careless and heartless actions of the modern world, water can, and often does, contain a mixture of harmful substances that can harm us or wear on our bodies over time, so we must be on guard.

I recommend distilled water for drinking. I use a water distiller machine to produce all that I need for drinking and cooking.

For many modern people, they don't drink water.
Learn to drink water by itself, and not by mixing things in it since it's not a good habit, and also do not think you can get health by drinking toxic sodas assuming you're getting all of the water you need from them.
There is a large amount of people today who are drinking almost entirely soda for their thirst. The same people are suffering from ailments and sickness, and feeling awful. They should forsake the soda but instead they continue drinking it and just put their hope in toxic medications to ease their symptoms, which is a horrible cycle of misery and stress on your body that will surely age you far before your time.
Trying to get water from things like sodas which are toxic and wreck your body will prevent health.

You may need to retrain your mind to enjoy water as much as, and more than, the junk you used to consume like soda and processed juice, but it will happen if you clean up your diet and remove the foods that are designed to overstimulate your taste and craving circuits.

If you do not like the taste of a certain water, then try a different source. Waters carry different tastes determined by what is in them.
Beware of tap water that is full of toxic chemicals and should not be consumed, inhaled in the shower, or even touched with bare skin.
The bottled water industry is also adding in weird and unnatural things into their water to change the taste, and some even just dump water from the tap into a bottle and sell it. This industry has few regulations governing it, so really beware of this industry, and don't waste your money if you can help it.

There are suggestions that distilled water may not be healthy, but in reality it could be the healthiest water for us to consume.
With distilled water you do not have to worry about any contaminant or germ.


There are numerous positive health effects that come from ingesting certain kinds of beneficial bacteria that populate your guts, and also keeping what populates your guts healthy and well populated.

Some refer to the gut flora as the "forgotten organ".

Modern people due to their trust in untrustworthy fraudulent people of the world, are killing and damaging these crucial things that are part of our body and design, that help us fulfill our potential and sustain our bodies.

Not only are people killing off these things that are keeping them alive and healthy, but they're allowing the bad ones and bad parasites to take over and multiply freely and out of control.

You want to be thankful to and help the "good guys" and increase their numbers, they wage war on the "bad guys" within you and they overcome them.
 Modern people have become obsessed with ideas of sterile environments, and they may hate being aware of the gut flora, but I find it can help to think of it like this, the good vs bad, and the good being your ally.

The gut flora is 1 major part of the health puzzle, because if you've destroyed your guts, and keep in mind a lot of people have since the modern world aggressively teaches everyone to do this with anti-biotics, then exercise and eating right will not yet have the same effect on you as someone who has a healthier and better gut flora.
 You may need time to heal your guts and restore them before your body can utilize your efforts, not to mention the bad parasitic organisms that take over can produce harmful effects and toxins just adding to the issues.

Your gut flora will also change and be populated with different things based on what you eat, those who eat the American diet, and a lot of animal products, have a different gut flora than a vegetarian. Eating meat for example will multiply bacteria that feeds on it in your guts.
 This can be another reason it takes various people different amounts of time to adjust to new diets and habits, and may mistakenly think a new diet plan is bad for them when they have seemingly negative reactions to it.
 Take for example, those who have been vegetarians for awhile can eat many foods and not experience problem, but someone who is not used to eating like that may get some tummy issues because they have the wrong sets of bacteria in them.

It has become clear that a healthy gut flora is critical for a healthy immune system, and on the flip-side an unhealthy gut flora causes an unhealthy immune system.

There are known cases where people have damaged their gut flora so much that they constantly have poor health with terrible symptoms that can't seem to improve.
 Being in that situation, the person may have symptoms but can't figure out why because it doesn't appear that they have any sickness, so it can be frustrating not knowing what is wrong, and not feeling like you've just caught a simple virus you can recover from.
 The medical industry as well may only add to the confusion by not knowing what to tell those people, and instead giving them false information such as maybe it was some infection they caught.
 I myself know of multiple people who was ill and went to hospitals only to be given more questions and confusion, and doses of strong anti-biotics.
 If those people's issues are indeed stemming from gut-flora, them ignorantly giving out anti-biotics adds to that issue!

The entire medical industry is not blind to this issue however, and those in the know have found a remedy that appears to help enough to get people back on track.
 This is not a pharmaceutical remedy, in fact the pharmaceuticals play a part in this condition, but may be considered a "natural" remedy, though it is disturbing and you want to avoid it.
 This being a disturbing topic may be part of why people don't spread the information as much as other things.

I am not saying this remedy is good, and I am not praising it, though it can be useful to show just how big an impact gut flora can have on an individual.
 The remedy has brought some people's health back, some people who would describe it as being "brought back from the grave", now they don't mean that literally, they didn't actually die, but is meant to get across just how greatly it had affected their health and how greatly recovery from the issue affected them.

The remedy is to basically feed the person with the destroyed gut flora stool from a healthy donor.
 Just like how people collect blood from donors to use in the medical industry, some also collect stool for the purpose of putting it into capsules to give to patients.

So, if you want to avoid such a disgusting thing, then become aware of your gut flora and care for it like you would any other system of your body.

Ancient people not only didn't consume things that annihilated their gut flora like modern people do such as anti-biotics and junk foods, but they actually consumed many fermented foods that were major sources of pro-biotics.

It is the people of modern times who have cast away the preparation methods of food that use true fermentation, and they're thinking of these methods of preparation as merely something one does for personal preference and enjoyment of food(modern people have this mindset of food is for pleasure not health, so that is how they now interpret information), when in reality true fermentation can be necessary for us to even be able to digest a food and use it.

The health of your digestive system is important for absorbing vitamins and minerals properly, so supporting your digestive system will reduce allergies and increase nutrients received from your diet.

Further, non-fermented foods can damage your guts, causing you to have absorption issues, a well known thing that can cause this is gluten. Humans can not digest gluten but they're ingesting it daily. Fermenting a food that contains gluten breaks down the gluten and you're able to absorb the nutrients.

Modern americans and other countries that eat processed and unnatural foods, are consuming a very sterile diet, and taking mass amounts of anti-biotics on top of it.
They're suffering from infections of bad bacteria overpopulating their guts, and these bacteria are going unchallenged.
Introducing a host of other natural bacteria into your guts can rebalance what is living inside of you, and start healing unwanted symptoms.

Example source: Fermented foods such as sourdough bread,

Take with:

Avoid taking with: Anything that will kill the bacteria you're trying to get into your digestive system,


Air quality falls, and disease/death climbs.

This has been shown by historical data, and in addition to the data, today we can see some of the most toxic cities on earth and the cancer rates are soaring in those locations.

We have made a terrible mistake by accepting and using toxin producing gasoline engines as if there is no consequence.

However, it does appear we're not allowed by the evil powers of this world to switch to very cheap non-polluting solutions, so don't think there have not been many people trying to fix this problem, they just all mysteriously turn up dead and their work confiscated after making break-throughs.

Preflood air is thought to be one of the reasons why humans lived hundreds of years instead of only 120 and less.
There is evidence that the atmospheric pressure was much different then, and the air had a much different, let's say, "nutrient" ratio.

It is also thought to be why some creatures grew to be so large.
More oxygen causes things to grow larger, and as well, many creatures grow larger the longer they live,
so combined those 2 factors can potentially create giant creatures. 

In modern times the air quality is at scary levels, and we also tend to live shut up inside poorly ventilated houses full of toxins and irritants.

Not only is the air outside polluted and contaminated,
indoor air pollution is a problem too.

Invest in your health and surround yourself with high quality breathing air. Quit sitting in moldy toxin laced house air year after year.

Example Source: The middle of a forest hundreds of miles away from the insanity known as modern civilization where people run death machines that pour out toxic air all day long, and even aim their tail pipes into your nostrils.

Take with: Other critical gases that make up the natural air we breathe, pure oxygen is destructive to your body, proper ratios are important, this is why you can't just put someone in pure oxygen and expect to get the same pre-flood results and super health.
Hospitals giving out pure oxygen for people may be harming them in the long run.

Avoid taking with:


Vitamin A/Carotenoids (Precursor to Vitamin A, not really Vitamin A)

The Vitamin A listed on plant foods is not really Vitamin A, but is a precursor, a substance that our body has to convert into the real Vitamin A.

Modern people are not eating proper diets that include much of this precursor, and also they're not in optimum health which can cause them to produce less Vitamin A until they improve their health, further poor health can also make it harder to even absorb certain nutrients.

Source example: Carrot, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Kale, Squash, Spinach, Lettuce.

Take with:
Avoid taking with: Smoking(Rather, stop smoking! Do not stop ingesting Carotenoids because you want to smoke.)

Vitamin A/Retinoids (Final Form Vitamin A)

There are food sources of already formed Vitamin A that is easily absorbed and used.
The food sources are animal products such as milk, butter, and eggs.
The modern world living in heavily industrialized areas are consuming unnatural versions of these foods, and are actually consuming unhealthy/junk food versions.

Sources example: Raw grass fed goat's milk, raw grass fed cow's milk, naturally raised chicken eggs.

Take with:

Avoid taking with:

(NOTE: There are officially a total of 8 vitamins bearing the name "vitamin b". This is due to it initially being thought they were all the same vitamin, but then it was realized they were totally different vitamins..)

Vitamin B1/Thiamine

Vitamin B2/Riboflavin

Vitamin B3/Niacin

Vitamin B5/Pantothenic Acid


Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine, Pyridoxal, Pyridoxamine, or Pyridoxine hydrochloride


Vitamin B7/Biotin

Vitamin B9/Folic Acid, Folate

Vitamin B12/Cobalamin

I have been a vegetarian for a big portion of my life now and people who love eating flesh often like to take jabs at vegetarian diets and also spread false information to validate their choice to consume the flesh of creatures.

B12 is a common topic and a lot of people will say a vegetarian who does not want to consume flesh can not obtain this crucial to life nutrient and this is evidence that something is wrong with the vegetarian diet.
B12 is not only in flesh, it is also in things like eggs and milk which someone can consume without consuming the animal.

1st off, all of the claims that B12 is exclusive to animal flesh and products, is a lie.
It's not true that there are no plants that contain B12, 1 example that I myself like to eat is nori seaweed.
You can buy big sheets of it that have no added ingredients and add it into your food, I like to add it into my meals.

There are multiple theories on B12 and it doesn't seem that the common scientific knowledge has it right yet and they're just sticking with outdated sayings with little interest in investing more into the topic and proving themselves wrong with new information.

Humans actually have bacteria in their digestive system that produce B12, though it is claimed humans do not absorb it because it's produced too late in the system.

As I have said before, human food is bread, and if bread is prepared the way it should be, leavening it naturally, B12 will be present in the dough, leaving no reason for a person to have to rely on animal flesh to obtain this vitamin.
There are multiple foods at the store that are not animal products that test positive for B12.

If someone is deficient in B12 it is likely due to poor diet and lifestyle choices and unnatural health that is preventing all systems to work and flow as they should.

Example Sources: Eggs, cow milk, naturally leavened bread, seaweed

Vitamin C

You should aim to ingest Vitamin C daily, and it has been proven to have powerful effects within the body.

While most people have learned this by now about vitamin C, and they think they're taking a lot of it, they're actually not ingesting a proper form of vitamin C and the modern world has been given a false vitamin C.

Most vitamin C contents on food are from added in man-produced synthetic vitamin C, it is not the same thing as the natural real vitamin C that occurs in many plants.

Vitamin supplements are not natural and should not be consumed, and this goes for vitamin C supplements as well, they're not even real naturally occurring C

There is a big difference between the supposed vitamin C in supplements and real naturally occurring vitamin C in real whole foods. They simply are not the same thing, and they do not have the same effect.

100mg of real vitamin C is far more effective and potent than 100mg of synthetic and unnatural vitamin C.

Something to be aware of for this vitamin is that vitamin C is destroyed by heat, so many things actually contain it but when they're cooked the vitamin is destroyed.

Like the other nutrients, Vitamin C's RDA appears to be questionable advice as well, because it is not based on research and knowledge for optimum health requirements, but is the minimum amount known to prevent horrible scurvy symptoms.

This vitamin as of late has proven to heal the body when sufficient amounts are supplied to the body and it looks like for most modern people they are only taking in the synthetic form.
Vitamin C is a mega anti-oxidant and is used throughout the entire body.

To my knowledge bread is not know for a vitamin C content, so for this vitamin I eat other foods known for having it such as green leafy vegetables. In my diet I actually consume camu camu fruit which has the highest amount of real vitamin C that I know of but I plan on researching it more to see if it has any drawbacks.

We have been conditioned to think of oranges when we consider vitamin C, but it is my recommendation that you avoid them if you're only after vitamin C from them.
 While they do indeed contain the real form of vitamin C, they don't actually contain as much vitamin C as we may think after being conditioned for years that this fruit = vitamin C.

For example, 100g of orange has 43mg 89%DV of vitamin C, while 100g of yellow bell pepper has 183mg 306%DV vitamin C.
I share this but peppers are a naturally poisonous plant known as a nightshade, like many that we actually consume, and can harm the health. Cooking can reduce their negative effects but cooking also destroys vitamin C.

My advice is to understand that vitamin C is in many real foods, and even if they list levels of vitamin C that look low to you, it's real vitamin C so it's actually a much much higher % if you're going to compare it to the effects of synthetic vitamin C.
 People think taking vitamin C supplements is boosting their immune systems, the same people still get sick regularly.
 In my journey I made a lot of changes and it wasn't until the day that I quit all supplements that sickness left my house and I quit getting sick even going around sick people. Lesson is, trust YAH and do what is natural and real, follow your design.

Source examples:
· Camu camu is an amazing source of vitamin C, I get it in powdered form and mix it into my meals.

· Yellow bell peppers are another source with high amounts, but they are called a nightshade and may be something you want to avoid, I do not eat nightshades.

Real wine you prepare can be a source, but not the unnatural stuff they claim is "wine" from the store.

Take with:
· Foods containing phytates(That is, IF you're ingesting them, since Vitamin C is said to offset the negative effects of phytates to some degree, make sure you're preparing your food properly to break down phytates such as natural leavening, and combining that with vitamin C may take you to new heights of nutrient acquirement, but it may not be needed if you're leavening as you should and destroying phytates.)

Avoid taking with:
· Smoking(As in don't smoke period, it depletes your body of vitamin C and other nutrients, it basically depletes your health and makes you dry up and wrinkle.)

Other notes:
· Animals make their own vitamin C within their body, large amounts of it, so they typically do not have the same need as a human of this, however if their health fails then their Vitamin C production can be impaired.
· Animal flesh can actually be a source of vitamin C, but cooking it destroys it.(I'm just sharing an interesting fact, I suggest you avoid ingesting flesh, and plant sources are far superior.)

Vitamin D - The Light

Technically vitamin D is not a vitamin but is actually a powerful hormone that is potent for strong health. Now that you know this, I will still refer to it as a vitamin since that is its common calling.

This is one of the most important nutrients you can obtain regularly, if you are seeking to radically change your health then get into the light.
 Humans die without the light.
 Yes, I am drawing connections between this and the light of YHWH, righteousness. Many of us are deficient in the light.

To obtain this crucial nutrient, simply get sunlight exposure directly on your skin, daily if possible.
Even if it is cloudy, going outside is still supposed to offer you some of this healing nutrient so don't avoid healthy outdoor activities just because there are too many clouds that day, it will still help you feel better.

I personally have a sun spot at my house where 1 day I will lay on my back for a short period to let sunlight produce vitamin D on my skin, and the next day I will lay on my stomach alternating sides.
 It is that simple, and on a good day you will naturally produce far more vitamin D than you likely will ever be able to eat in a day.

There are multiple versions of D you need to be aware of, just like other nutrients, D has a false version that the world would rather you take in than the real deal that YAH designed for you.

There are 2 methods of getting D.
 1st is the natural way that is according to our design, sunlight on your skin hitting natural oils that turn into an important hormone which you then absorb through the skin into your blood.
 2nd is you can consume this hormone and supposedly your body can still absorb it and use it.

I personally do not think consuming it is a replacement for sunlight, the sunlight engages multiple systems and produces multiple results in the body naturally, do not avoid sunlight, and try to avoid sunglasses.

Vitamin D supplements are synthetic vitamin D. Also many foods you see that list vitamin D as being in them, actually do not contain vitamin D naturally and has just been added in by a supplement.

Some research suggests that this synthetic vitamin D may do the OPPOSITE of what vitamin D should be doing in your body to bless it, and actually harm you, preventing health.
 This synthetic vitamin D is what you will find added into toxic store-bought milks that no one should consume and think they're doing their body a favor.

Sunlight exposure leads to your body creating one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known.
This process actually is said to take around 10 days, so it can be over a week before your body is being fed with a supply of super nutrient
Even then, it takes time for nutrients to heal piled up damage, so this requires people to be consistent, and modern people are more likely to go outside into the sun for either a too short amount and claim they did enough, or go out and stay way too long before they've built up a tolerance and burn their body.

I know a few people who don't go outside and are under the impression a few minutes of sunlight on their arm, through a glass window, is enough.
 I'm not sure who taught them that, however the available information suggests we may want to avoid sunlight through glasses or anything like that, since this is known to alter the light energy.

For me I think of sunlight that has passed through glass and such as a refined junk-food.
 The healthiest foods are made up of many different things working together, yet if you was to refine out just 1 of the substances in it, and take large amounts of it by itself, it can prove to be harmful despite coming from a super healthy food initially.
Just like today people do with sugars, and destroy their health and hormones.

There are some special glasses that claim to not ruin the energy, I don't know how true those claims are though, but it's worth looking into if this can't be avoided, like through car windows, but if you are able to get into the light, then simply do that.

Stay away from the typical sunlight alternatives such as tanning beds, such things are not an exact replication of the sun's energies, and tanning beds are said to have dangerous ratios of these energies promoting damage to the body.
Tanning bulbs are said to not have the UVB light that makes vitamin D like the sun does. There are special UVB bulbs but again I'd suggest you not trust them, when man tries to do better than YAH or avoid his design, they usually create trouble.

The Father's design is perfect, so stick to naturally obtaining vitamins for best blessed results.

The modern RDA taught to people is very low, and leads many people to believe they can supplement with a little unnatural vitamin D, and then be fine and concerns over vitamin D levels can slip from their mind.
 This is how it is for many people, and they stay in their toxic homes and offices year after year and only get out to enjoy the world maybe once a year during a week long vacation to a beach town, and while they're there they often start to notice they feel a lot better than usual.
(Sunlight, fresher air, earthing, more physical activity, less stress, more happy moods and laughter, positive social interactions, more variety in diet, etc, can all be things playing into this and we should seek to have these things every day and not just a few times a year.)

The RDA has been based on what is enough vitamin D to prevent the worst obvious symptoms such as rickets.
 When they base RDAs on things like that, it leads to misconceptions and wrong teachings, and has nothing to do with how much you really need to thrive and have longevity with health.

They successfully hide the harsh symptoms, while masking the slow degeneration.
This is like fast poison vs slow poison.
Slow poison's are in a way more dangerous, since a fast poison kills you harshly instantly and everyone can see oh that's poison, but if you give people slow poison they don't notice it, and don't relate the growing symptoms to anything, and may think they're normal.

While there is plenty of information to show the benefit of eating foods that naturally contain vitamin D, it appears you should never choose to avoid sunlight.

Sun exposure as I said appears to trigger more bodily processes than just ingesting vitamin D.
 Sun exposure may trigger parts of the reproduction system for example, that ingesting D does not activate.
Another benefit is sunlight kills germs and parasites, and may be critical in controlling these things on your body so they don't get out of control.

Good health actually is important for helping your body produce vitamin D. If you get unhealthy you will not make as much as a healthy person, and this will lead to you becoming even less healthy.
You want to watch your metabolism and keep it running at full speed, if you kill your metabolism, your body produces less oils.

Overwashing your skin will impair your vitamin D production, and is actually terrible for your skin, and in a way washing too much actually makes you dirty and prone to infections and dry skin.
Females are real bad for stripping the oils out of their skins and hair and over the years if you compare their skin to a same-aged male who does not habitually strip oils out of the skin, the female will look very sick and unhealthy, today you may know this as being seen without make-up.
Let your health and vibrance be your make-up. Avoid applying things to the skin when possible especially things that will require you to wash them off daily.
Try to have natural oils on your skin when sunbathing, and try to avoid washing them off for a period until you absorb the hormone from them.

A final point I'd like to bring up is Vitamin D is another nutrient where flesh-eaters may lead you to believe you have to consume animal products to get it in the diet.
 No one has to ingest vitamin D, we are like solar panels that just need to be exposed to the light, but if you want to ingest it mushrooms naturally produce it as well just like humans do.
 Mushrooms need sun-exposure for them to contain it just like we do. I get mushrooms and lay them out in the sun on sunny days.
Modern people do eat a lot of mushrooms but they don't actually contain any real vitamin D, they are usually grown in nasty conditions, in fecal matter in buildings where they do not see sunlight.
 This is something to be aware of because if you're like me, I don't want to eat anything that people have spread dung on, and also, you may think the mushrooms you've been eating are giving you vitamin D when they often do not contain any due to how they were produced, harvested, stored, and prepared.

Source examples:
The light, mushrooms that have sunbathed,

Take with:
· Water, to ensure you are well hydrated and can handle the heat comfortably

Avoid taking with:

Other Notes:
 If you do not get sunlight, your body can't pick up the calcium you're ingesting in your diet.

Vitamin E

Source Example
· Olive oil
· Sunflower Seeds

Vitamin K1

This vitamin is most well known for it's requirement in the blood clotting process.
 Those eating a poor diet may become deficient in Vitamin K1 and run the risk of bleeding to death. I imagine this risk is greatest for those living in poverty and are starving and may be living off of 1 insufficient food.
 Another terrible issue with not getting enough K1 is your body will not produce K2 if you do not have sufficient levels, and K2 is just as important for health.

Source Example:
· Dandelion, yes, those very healthy plants that grow in your yard and people often ruin by spraying poison on them.
· Celery, this is 1 of my favorite sources since celery contains a lot of nutrients. Celery can be blended up and added into your food, and is decently cheap and common.

Take with:
· Fats

Avoid taking with:

Vitamin K2/"Activator X", MK4, MK7, (also MK5, etc.)

Vitamin K2 is not the same thing as K1, and they perform different jobs in your body, both of which are critical to good health.

Your body produces K2 MK4 from K1, however you need the proper situation for it to create enough K2 to provide optimum health, such as having an abundance of K1 in your diet, which so many people today do not.

This works together with other nutrients in your body to play a part in your overall body, if you're missing this link then your bone and teeth health, brain, and cardiovascular health, will suffer.

There are different subtypes/versions of Vitamin K2 appearing in different foods, you will see these called mainly MK4, and MK7.

MK4 is the subtype your body produces itself from Vitamin K1.

MK7 is a subtype found in certain foods.

Research indicates the different subtypes may have varying benefits.

Vitamin K2 deficiency appears to be 1 of the reasons Americans are suffering from circulatory issues and bone/tooth loss.
 Americans eat mass amounts of calcium, yet they suffer from calcium not being placed in the body where it's supposed to be, and have it deposited in places it should not be in their body.
 You should avoid calcium supplements, they do not work like people think and they are harmful.

Vitamin K2 is needed in the process to control Calcium in your body and put it where it is supposed to be, and clean it out of the places it should not be like your arteries.

Source Examples:
· K1 foods in abundance will allow you to produce K2 naturally
· Fermented foods

Take with:
· Fats(This is said to increase absorption of Vitamin K)

Avoid taking with:

Vitamin P - bioflavonoids

Years ago, there was something discovered and named Vitamin P, today we're not very aware of this discovery and thus are not very aware of the health benefits that may come with it.

Today this thing discovered is known as bioflavonoids.

Source Examples:



Looking at the evidence, we may want to avoid any calcium supplements.
 People are brainwashed into thinking they need to ingest a lot of calcium but it has negative effects, and it is obvious there is a gap in the understanding when Americans are some of the biggest consumers of calcium yet have some of the worst issues with lacking calcium in the structures of the body.

Organic unprocessed grassfed raw milk is a great source of calcium.
 Due to research and information, I would advise you stay away from any extra unnatural calcium supplementation pills, and throw them away as if they're a hazard.
 The supposed calcium deficient ailments seem to be caused from lacking other things, not calcium, causing the calcium to not be picked up, and not to be used properly in the body.

There is interesting research one should look into that is titled "death from calcium" which looks at the links between calcium and health problems, though it looks like the calcium sources the people were using was the processed and unhealthy versions of foods like modern toxic store bought milk, and may not have taken into account how people are loading up on calcium and are deficient in the nutrients that control calcium in the body.

Calcium is dangerous if you're missing the other nutrients your body uses to control and make use of that calcium you flooded your blood stream with.
 You don't want to ingest more calcium than you are taking in of magnesium, because magnesium also plays a part in controlling calcium.
 According to these understandings, the RDA is actually set to a dangerous ratio level of 2:1 based on a man's statement where he said whatever you do you do not want to go over the 2calcium:1magnesium ratio, as in you will really have issues, and then the RDA was set based on that to 2:1 so all the supplements containing calcium and magnesium are arranged that way, and some calcium supplements don't even include magnesium.

K2 is important to control calcium.
 Instead of teaching us a bad ratio with this vitamin like they do with calcium to magnesium, the medical industry doesn't even really tell us about this vitamin at all, and the American diet is deficient in K2.

Also critical is sunlight exposure, it's needed for the processing of Calcium, so sun exposure is a crucial part of this nutrient.
 The medical industry is telling people to get dangerously low amounts of sun exposure, and trying to terrorize them into avoiding getting any. For good health, get out and labor, and play, in the sun.

Take with:
Sun exposure(Vitamin D)

Avoid taking with:


In the modern diet, this nutrient is praised as very important, and Americans ingest a lot of it.
 There is research to suggest it's not as good in high quantities as we're led to believe, and we're being poisoned by it.

Something you may find bizarre, people used to bleed themselves in order to get rid of iron out of their body, believing it helped them be healthier. Barber shops were some places that practiced this bleeding or "bloodletting"!

Natural diets tend to contain good amounts of iron, lentils for example contain high natural amounts.
 There is absolutely no reason to believe you have to eat an animal in order to acquire iron.
 Realize most people diagnosed as having low iron and also anemic, are not vegetarian, but are meat eaters.

Allow me to share 1 important thing that I want you to remember concerning this, companies are poisoning us with unnatural vitamins and minerals just so they can add onto labels their food has a lot of specific "nutrients" for a selling point.
Check your labels, if you see "reduced iron", I recommend you avoid that product.
 Your food may be kosher and even certified kosher, but that doesn't mean it's free of toxic components.
"Reduce iron" is basically metal shavings dumped in your food.
 People are realizing a lot of their foods are actually magnetic and can be manipulated with magnets from all of the iron shavings.
 You can look up video examples of this.


Green plants are rich in Magnesium. This mineral is crucial in having healthy teeth and bones, yet the world is telling you it's all about calcium.
Magnesium does not get as much attention as it should, and is worth more focus than iron in my opinion.

Modern people are low on magnesium, and certain habits, and stress, actually deplete it from your body!

Adequate magnesium intake will make you feel healthy, and is critical for thriving.


This is another mineral crucial in healthy teeth and bones. We often tend to ingest plenty of phosphorus, but other habits appear to alter the usage of phosphorus such as the love for junk food.


Potassium is very crucial in hydration of the body, and works together with sodium to make proper use of ingested water.

Looking at a natural and ancient diet, humans would take in much higher amounts of potassium compared to sodium intake, and research also backs this observation up saying this is indeed ideal for health, so this is what should be aimed for.

The modern diet however seems to try and flip this to where people ingest as much as or even more sodium than potassium, and this will harm the body.

Men may take these examples of side effects from high sodium and no potassium to try and cause you to assume sodium is bad and the cause, but sodium without adequate potassium is actually the main cause of the negative effects.


There are some who are leading us to believe sodium is bad for you and kills you, but in reality sodium is very important for our health, and it looks like sodium is being wrongly targeted for multiple things.

People generally blur a false salt and a good salt together as one, so let's clarify.

The common refined salt that is being used by corporations, that they're filling up all the processed junk in the world with, is indeed bad and should never be consumed.
 Some report it's even behaving like shards of glass inside the body causing inflammation.

Just like with many other things, there is a good and bad version, actually more like a false impostor version, and the real version.
We've been taught the false version is what "salt" and sodium is, but it's not what ancient people were using, but a tampered with version of it.

Sodium is actually needed for healthy hydration, and is known to provide many physiological benefits as long as potassium is there to work with it.

There are also those who like to go overboard with salt seasoning and defend it by saying things such as we need to dump salt into our food or we will die, when we need to focus on balance.
 I would like to point out, many natural people in the past didn't add any salt seasoning to their food, obviously proving it's not a necessity for survival, and those records of societies using salt in the past and even praising it, take note that those were natural versions of salt and not modern unhealthy salt, so do not accredit the works of real "salt" to a false salt.

For years I quit adding any salt to my food, and performance-wise I was very athletic, though in recent days I've come back to making use of natural salts to see if combined with everything else that a higher sodium saturation in my blood will offer improvements for me.

Not only is modern processed salt unnatural, it is a higher sodium chloride percentage than natural.

Natural salts actually contain less sodium chloride and the rest of the content is made up of other valuable minerals for the body and also those that are important that work with sodium.

The processed salts have these healthy aspects removed and destroyed, and instead you find with the sodium chloride toxic substances, such as anti-caking agents, and some table salts even contain fluoride a neuro-toxin that damages the brain and is known to lower IQ.
(The governments of the world are force feeding their people things like this.)

I would suggest to not even look at modern processed table salt as food, just like you wouldn't look at a cardboard box as food and think it's a good idea to consume.
You may benefit from taking a break from adding salt into your food for a period as well and focus on just getting naturally occurring sodium from natural foods, and acquiring high quality potassium, then returning to using natural salts.

A type of natural salt that I like is called "Celtic Sea Salt". There are also other high quality natural salts on the market.
 Some people enjoy Pink Himalayan Salt, though I myself avoid it, 1 reason being due to the iron content of it.

As an interesting side-note, people don't usually consider this, but sodium is actually a metal.
 It's highly reactive so it's not natural for it to be found in it's pure form.

Sodium is being blamed for health issues, but some of the real culprits could be the toxic versions of salt being used, or not enough of other needed nutrients like potassium or even vitamin D.
 Processed sugar looks to be destroying bodies, and doctors are blaming salt instead.

There are links to sodium being one of the nutrients needed for strong bones, teeth, and connective tissue. Rare research has shown sodium is part of these structures and doesn't just "accidentally" end up there, and may be needed with the other nutrients such as calcium, K2, magnesium, etc.., to form the structures.
 This is another reason to not eat a sodium-free diet but strive to ingest the most natural sodium possible.


This is a critical nutrient for us to pay attention to as well, many people are deficient in this nutrient. Soil quality has degraded, and we are ingesting many things that interfere with our iodine levels in our body.

Do not ingest "table salt" for your iodine needs, it is like a junk food version of salt. That salt is very processed and unnatural, harmful to your body unlike natural salts used in the past like sea salt.
We really are not able to get much quality iodine from processed table salt, they put very little in and also the iodine degrades quickly, and most importantly it's not natural iodine.
Sea salt naturally contains iodine and many nutrients in small amounts, though you need to purchase a sea salt prepared by the traditional methods and not by modern industrial methods.
An example of the traditional sea salt is called Celtic Sea Salt.

If you eat processed and junk foods, you may assume you're getting iodized salt in those foods when you see salt listed on the ingredients, but this is not the case.
Companies have said they must list iodine if it is indeed in the ingredients, so if the ingredients say nothing about iodine or iodized salt, it does not contain it.

Iodine RDA is not based on research for optimum health and removal of all symptoms, it is based on the lowest amount required to prevent awful goiters, so like other nutrients, do not trust modern RDA %s.

Take with:

Avoid taking with: Goitrogens?,

Source example: Sea vegetables(seaweed) such as Wakame,


Source example: Whole grains such as Rye,





example sources: cucumber, celery

[Macro Nutrients]

Stay far away from modern unnatural fats.


Humans are designed to use many carbohydrates, so I advise staying away from carb restricting eating plans.
The modern human problem is not with carbohydrates, but what kind of carbohydrates everyone is mass consuming now.

I experiment on myself often, and have tried cutting them out to see what happened with my body, and over the weeks I felt horrible, and I did not experience any positive results that some claimed, and that is what I expected to happen really.

If you're doing things like that just to try to lose weight, please know that I've had my highest energy levels, and lowest body fat % of my life complete with "ripped" abs when I experimented with a vegan diet(vegan diets do not contain any eggs meat or dairy), and vegan diets tend to be high in carbs.

A vegan diet of course is the true diet of humans, YHWH the creator told us the plants were our food in the beginning.
Though important to know, I ate almost entirely complex carbs and not any sort of junk food like plenty of modern vegetarians are doing, like eating oreo cookies thinking they're super healthy.

Protein/Amino Acids

To be more correct, the nutrient we need under this subject is actually nutrients plural.
Our bodies require us to consume certain amino acids that it does not manufacture itself.

Protein is another nutrient with a great number of lies and misconceptions that have been brainwashed into everyone living in a modern society. 

Years ago while bodybuilding, I had got up to consuming 3 pounds of meat daily for months at a time during times of dedicated training.
I did that since just about every mainstream source told me it would be smart to eat that much meat for my training due to the high protein.. so I tried it.
I hated it, and it made me feel awful, not healthy.
Now I don't think I felt so bad due to the protein, but modern meat from stores seems like it should not be treated as people food.

In more recent times after I finally realized and accepted that we are being told to get way too much protein compared to what we really need, and being told to eat the wrong things, I have body built on foods that list very little grams of protein on the package, getting a fraction of the grams of protein, yet my muscle building was not hindered...rather I made the best gains of my life, and did it twice as quickly, all without having to feel awful because someone told me I better eat a lot of toxic tainted meat.
Not only that, it appears that my strength fades far more slowly now compared to before on my new way of living/thinking.
Also I didn't lose any energy from putting less importance on protein intake, but gained it.

I always suggest avoiding animal meat if possible, especially modern store bought factory meats.
Meat actually hinders your performance, slows digestion, and wastes your resources of your body, and waste a lot of resources in the world.
It is not sin to consume kosher clean animal meat, though this does not mean it is the best choice.
People who get huffy and try to defend animal meat may say it's not sin implying to leave them alone, but that isn't the point.
Eating your own waste isn't sin either, but that doesn't mean it's in your best interest to eat it daily.
Animal meat modernly has become very toxic due to corporations being the one to provide it. So if you do eat meat, try to get a naturally raised animal, from your own flock.

I will expand on what I am talking about later, such as how your body must take the time to break down the meat to gain the nutrients it needs, when you could just choose a different option that doesn't require much work to digest.

Everything you eat will contain some of these nutrients.
Though really this nutrient is many different nutrients.


Some have suggested that alcohol is another type of macro-nutrient. Multitudes of people are under the impression that alcohol has 0 calories but that is simply an untrue myth.
So if you're consuming refined alcohols with no nutrients, you are consuming empty calories, in other words junk food that is destructive to the body.
As for if including alcohol in the diet is useful to us for health, I haven't come to a conclusion yet.

However, real wine made the old ways has been proven time and time again that it is full of life preserving nutrients so I always suggest people of all ages include a small bit in their diet, my method of consumption is to just mix it in with my meals. 

Again let me be clear, I am not talking about any modern store bought junk that tastes like a mountain of dead yeast, I am referring to wine made yourself by simply smashing up grapes and letting them sit covered at room temperature until they ferment, nothing added whatsoever, and seeds and skins left in.
I actually tend to let my wine continue fermenting until it becomes vinegar and the alcohol vanishes.


Calories -

Enough calories from foods are very important and eating too few can cause many side effects that most all people and doctors will not come close to linking to the fact you're not consuming enough calories.

Ignorance today has caused calories to have a negative image when really they're powering your body and keeping you healthy and happy, and big part of this is weight loss products that make huge profits by convincing you to pay more for less contents.

Too little calories and your body will lower your metabolism which will mean a decrease in all areas and processes in your body.

1 Calorie listed on packaging is actually 1 Kilo-Calorie, or Kcal for short.
They have just simplified it and you will usually just see Cal or Calories written.
Don't be confused if you see Kcal or something similar, it's the same thing.

For easy physical results, I recommend you monitor your calories, eat the same amount daily.
Make it a normal part of your life. Do not blindly consume foods your whole life, especially with today's modern foods.

Do not starve yourself(unless of course you're fasting for YHWH for some reason!), you're only harming yourself when you ignorantly starve yourself for hours thinking it's going to make you physically fit.
Eating more, and more often is a better way to lose body fat than starving yourself.
Starving will indeed take fat off of you, but that is if you actually plan on not eating again for a seriously long time, which most people don't, they usually starve themself for hours, then eat, so then what they eat is treated like it's a rare find and you're more likely to store it as fat, and not only that, you've told your body it has to kill it's metabolism and health because it can't afford to keep your furnace burning hot, so it's thinking you're in a situation where you don't have access to food.
Your body needs energy and nutrients constantly to work. Women have serious issues these days because of the information that is being passed around.
Starving yourself does not make you more beautiful, it makes you decay. You need nutrients to look fresh, vibrant, hydrated, shiny, fit, elastic, and full of collagen.
Your brain also decays if you starve yourself and will not function at it's potential.


Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is very important for health, fitness, and longevity.
There are multiple ways to increase its presence within your body, and there are also multiple ways to decrease it that you should avoid.

Regular cardio exercise increases Nitric Oxide levels, so perform physical activity regularly.

Good bacteria within your body, primarily the mouth, are important for healthy Nitric Oxide production. Things that harm these helpful bacteria naturally affect your Nitric Oxide levels, a very common Nitric Oxide disruptor is mouth wash.

Your diet also is important for Nitric Oxide production, eat a healthy diet. Also foods like beets and celery contains nitrates that will increase your levels.

Sunbathing is also important for increasing your levels.

Smoking is another common habit that people do that impairs Nitric Oxide production within the body, yet another reason to stay away from cigarette smoke.

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